Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wii U says "F U" for now, in regards to in-game voice

Hello Homosapiens....... The New Nintendo Wii U that is set to land upon us like the Mars Curiosity rover, has been considered by many in the gaming world to be Nintendo's answer to 'hardcore' gaming on a Nintendo console, after it's predecessor seemed to fail miserably at doing that job. Yes hardcore gaming will be indeed possible all thanks to Nintendo realising and producing the additional Pro controller, but right there. It's seems the developers have said a tiny voiced "F-U!" when it come to hardcore gamers who will purchase the Wii U, because one important component seems to be missing from the cookie dough mix, in regards to it's voice the Wii U's Voice chat functionality.

Gamers who spend their hours, days, weeks and months playing games such as Activison's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which will now be available on a Nintendo for the first time. As well seasoned beef jerky pros will know though, games like these are just not the same without smooth in-game chat with you clan members.

Yes it's no problem for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but I'm sure as always Nintendo Bosses have something planned in the pipeline like they usually do. Gamers of hardcore games using the in-game functionality will have to use a mic hooked up to the Wii U gamepad and not to the Pro Controller which has (Not yet) been built to provide a socket for the wired peripheral. That's right dudes and dudettes I said WIRED!!!!!!

Wired for now Homosapiens
Big whoopee, as a developer you'd develop a product as you see fit that best suits your needs and costs as well as you customers and try and meet on high middle ground. Does this affect me in any way? No not really. Could it affect the possible sales of Nintendo's new console? Hmmm I doubt it much seeing as every store I have gone into after pre-ordering mine has said they are already sold out (12 in London so far I plan to cold call a lot more over the weeks.) Will this affect hardcore gamers? Maybe, having to jack a headphone and mic into the gamepad, having it at wank distance from you can possibly become messy with some premature breakages from spillages (Us gamers love a cold drink at our sides don' we?)
Beyonce would sing out "Deja Vu"
Nintendo will possibly find a way or could possibly find a way to use the gamepad alone to have the whole desired in-game voice chat, I mean if they can do video calls a firmware update at a later date could solve all you GEEKARBIES problems, making everyone then happy.

It could work right? Seeing as video-chat does
With the addition of a better online marketplace for the Wii U like the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s crystal that Nintendo really want to close the gap in the online love-hole  with the Wii U. Has the company possibly made a machine that will become a cybernet terminator a shot them selves down over the little mess surrounding voice chat? Let Marbie know how this affects you if you are / were planning to buy the console NEXT month.

If the video Chat can work, Nintendo surely voice alone could right? Or Geekarbies, GET OVER IT!

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