Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Top 10 Sexiest Women and Men in the gaming world part2

Hello Homosapiens....... So I'm back, you're back for part two of my top sexiest women and sexiest/hunkiest men. Now I must warn you, my language may get a little sexual, or maybe a lot. But you know your Rogue boy well don't you? I haven't the time to not say what's on my mind. The top 10 guys of mine, in the gaming world, really should have reality selves.... Or maybe some have been based on a few. Game on!

#10 Akuma 

Yes, he's a so called demon, but his ripped body sends chills down my spin. If only I could find a guy like Ahhhhh... Kuuuuuu.....Maaaaa. The Street Fighter series pins him down as one of the best and un-defeatable characters in the series and boy and men a like always seem to pick him when losing a battle to the like of Chun-li. It's almost homoerotic, but growing up, watching those same guys pick him was a turn on. Those big budda beads he wears round his neck make me wonder  what else is big. But then being so well pumped up, if he were a real person I'm sure his cock would be the size of a pea, that interrupted that Princess in that one story. Oh well Akuma, stuck at number ten, I wouldn't trust you in y bed, you seem to always have a fiery temper, make me wonder what flaming std you may be carrying.

#9 Sephrioth

Yet another, I think he's meant to be Oriental. Well he's an anime Character from the Final Fantasy series. Sephi, babe has that quiet, mean boy, goth look about him. His long flowing sliver hair over his grey eyes, shit fuck Christian Grey, I got a sword wielding tall and powerful sexy dude here. Not so much a sexy hunk, so that why he's at number 9.

#8 Dante

It's his name a swag the gets him a rank in my top 10(11) list, demon killer possibly the equivalent to Buffy Summers, however I feel Ms Summers could throw a beat down on him. Yay I'm borderline sexist, physically he's sexy but if Ms summers cold be him down in my VS battle mode, then he just isn't man enough for, as Tony Braxton would say. 

#7 Cloud

Clouds cute and it's was weird seeing him grow up. He became sexy, just not a hunk. Plus he defeated Sephrioth. What a mighty, big sword you have Cloud. 

#6 Jacob Taylor

When I opened up my Xbox 360 and slowly slid the disk in the tray and injected the tray back into the Xbox, the first thing I noticed that was different in Mass Effect 2, was the sexy Afro-American Hunk. Now lets recap, hunks are men that can be sexy, some men can be sexy and some men can be both. If he was such a pussy, I would be on in like white on rice, brown on chocolate. Nice thick lips to do what I'd need him to do. I must remember that all these guys are just computer generated images, or are they? >>>>>>
I think I've changed my mind, maybe push him down to 9.

#5 Ken Masters and Nathan Drake

Nathan, is that you?
I just could choose or leave these to off my list so Ken Masters first game appearance in 1987 and is (whoopi) Three-quarters Japanese (Back to the Orientals) he's very cocky and vain and comes across masculine, a hunky semi sexy guy. Nathan Drake on the other hand, nice dark brown hair, blue eyes and Yankie and knows how to handle his grave-robbing self and a funny guy is hot. Okay I lied a little the only reason why they're together is because, if by any chance they were really I could defo have a 3some. Two in one hole any one? 


#4 James Vega 

He's sexy, he's hunky, but hes a bit of a brute and thick headed. Always up for a fight. nice if you're into that thing (I'm taking this too seriously now lol) Brute me up in bed thanks then get the fuck out. Dumb dudes aren't a turn on even if they are hunky and sexy looking, operative words being SEXY LOOKING!

#3 Shepard

We are getting so close to the sexiest man, not that Shepard isn't sexy or a Hunk but there are two more that have that little bit more than him. He has a look-a-like too....
Mark Vanderloo

#2 Nicko Bellic
Nicko, oh Nico, oooh Nicko. Croatian, Russian or whatever you are, that nose alone make me think you're packing way down, thickly to your knees. You are my number 2. Rugged and very streetwise, I  would implore you to ravish me any night and day and in one of your many stolen cars. But sorry thugmysta with the sexy accent your number 2 for a reason.

#1 Chris Redfield 
All I know is a combo of the last 4-5 men, he has won this one hands down for me. Rugged, masculine, handsome and sexy and definatly a hunk, who is a quick thinker. War guy who'll stand for what's right. Chris you are a sexy fucker. Now if only you were real, I could gargle your nuts and after we'd make a banana spilt. Funny your remind me of some one just slightly. No PSL here though, back to reality as I'm no VR Trooper. 

There you have the top 10 sexiest women and men in gaming for me, who are for you? 
Oh How could I forget SHEVA ALOMAR Chris' partner, what a fucking sexy bonus end. Pitty it didn't end in a creamy, salt virtual end. 

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