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MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Aunties of Eastwick (part 2)

November 1990: After going to the shops to get some strawberries, bananas and apples, Abel and I prep for the smoothie making. Aunt Geegee and Aunt Cece go next door to a neighbor’s for a chat and whatever else adults do (Funny how back in the 90’s it was deemed okay and safe to leave children alone next door, without having to worry about them getting abducted). Pealing the banana skins back, using a potato skinner to skin the apples and taking the leaves off the strawberries we do so in silence. The kitchen isn’t exactly spotless having newspapers piled on the table next to a bowl of oranges that look like they’ve been there for months, the blinds on the windows that led out to the garden were busted and hanging in a slopped fashion, the chairs had folded clothes on them and some one really needed to sort out the cork wall as there were too many pictures and pieces of art work up there, it looked untidy even if it was a nice thing to see all of our stuff up there (My mom just put my stuff in a red leather suitcase, she never had them on show.)
“Oh my…” I beginning sing the lyrics to the song ‘Unchained melody’ as I fondle the bananas and break them up in my hands, placing them on the work top surface. Both of us aren’t even tall enough to reach properly so we’ve taken two chairs from the table that sits in the middle of the room like a casket waiting for some poor soul to fill it.

Name: Abel
Sex: Male
Description: Abel is well built, I would swear blind that he was using Elvin’s weights and those weird hard to bend hand thingy-ma-jigs. His arms were twice the size of my stick like legs and his legs were like bloody bulls thighs. I often wondered what his mum was feeding him when I wasn’t around as she cooked the foods my mum made, not so nice tasting but the same nonetheless. It’s was like she was giving him some odd magically power food to turn him into a fast sprouting man. His hair short back and sides filled with patterns mum had refused to let me have. Swirls and letters darted across his head like a shaved in hair tattoo. He was very much like Rio in the sense that girls around him, girls around the area would practically give their left leg to be in his circle. Very well know in the area not only for being Elvin’s younger brother but being who he was. Gift of the gab he could get anyone to do almost anything without hesitation. I remember once he got this little white boy on the second block of where he lived to give him his ‘Sega Master system’ and we would play Alex Kidd on it until he would buy games for it. The boy did eventually brave up to asking for it back after a few days however Abel laughed at him and called him an idiot for giving it to him in the first place and that when he had completed the game he’d get it back. Abel’s mum never did question as to where he got it though. He wasn’t a thief don’t get me wrong he hated the idea of people being labeled as bad and doing bad, I guess more fool the boy for even giving him the console that time, which Abel did give back in good condition and the games he had got his mum to buy of some junky for like £2 a game. I could go to the shops in the ghetto attitude filled area and feel safe with him, not my cousin but my sisters, but that how we’ve grown up to call each other (Funny I don’t have any extended family of my own). He was as spoilt as Ramona and me but even more so. His mother treated him like he could do no bad, little did she know, what he was like.

“Get the blending things.” He directs me to the top of the work surface on top of the cupboard. Yeah I’m tall but damn. I’m now starting to scale the mountain known as the work top surface of the kitchen, everything is a dark brown, the cupboards made from real wood. Climbing up, Abel just watches me and doesn’t even attempt to steady the chair I’m climbing off of. Feet up and standing up, I open the cupboard and look inside, yum pink wafers and other confectionaries I will be devouring later on during my stay.
“Got it.” Holding it above me head after taking it from on top of the cupboard I look down only to notice he has gone, the bastard wants me to kill myself up here I swear. The flush of the toilet unsettles me and I begin to wobble and my knees quake. The shadow growing from the passages swells and blurs. It’s him and he nods.
“Lets do it then.” He says with a grin on his face. Plugged it in, we throw the fruits in, some milk next and he throws in more than enough, half way to the top. He counts to three and turn the blender on. The noise of the blender awakens our excitement and we spinning in circles. Pinks and chunks of thick yellows stir and the black seeds of the apples say “Hello” with every spin. If only that was all. I can smell the sweet smell of strawberries in the air they overwhelm the smell of the apples and the bananas, my warm and excited skin become cool and moist. Abel has forgotten to put the lid on so the entire work surface, clothes and all had been cover with the blended colors. We are going to be in deep shit. We start to clean up using the kitchen towels on the heater, however the spinning mechanical noise is still going, dashing towards it we both bump into each other and crash to the floor, the creak of the front door stops us from continuing. Aunt Geegee walks in, he face full of shock and disbelief. Pause, stare out as if we all have guns in holsters at our side, my right hand creeps up onto the chair, and pulls my body up slowly, climbing onto the chair like a snake still watching Aunt Geegee, I turn of the blender. A pink and wet gush over the stern face amuses me but I have to control my laughter, I have to be careful not to laugh at the state of Aunt Cece’s face behind Aunt G, “God where is the house your suppose to drop on them right now?” I whisper in my head, hoping the Aunts of Eastwick won’t hear my thoughts. Aunt Cece bursts out in laughter, Aunt Geegee doesn’t. 

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MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Aunties of Eastwick (part 1)

November 1990: Orange, black, orange, black looking out of the not so clean window of the cab, finger prints and smudges and a little white grey splat at the corner of the window (What is that splat?) I fear what my mother has told Aunt Cece on the phone. Trees, orange, black trees, orange, alone in the back of the cab the driver smokes his cigarette with his window half way down. That sweet smell of cigarette smoke I really love the smell and how its untouchable form lingers in to my nostrils. The splat is bird poo. Sitting here in the fog I just remind myself of my first attempt to smoke on my mum’s cigarette. She used to leave them in the living room whilst she would go to the toilet. She left one lit once and as I was sitting in front of it, sitting in it’s glass ashtray with its hair of smoke fastidiously dancing higher and higher towards the crystal chandler, my hand tingles and I begin to stretch it out. Taking it hastily into my hands and trying to maneuver it the way she did, holding it in between my thumb and index finger of my left hand, “Up yours” fingers up, stick the butt part in between, close the legs and bring to lips. Holding it to my lips I assumed the smoke would find its way into my mouth and as I blew out, I realized I had to suck on it, I coughed and she called out “Rogue, what are you doing, you’re really quiet?” jumping up and waving my hands in the air franticly I ran out and up to my bedroom, she came out the toilet and looked at me run up the stairs, I looked back to see her at the door, the same door that looked like Greyson’s. So glad we moved from that house, no more doors to hide.
Right the cab has stopped and I see Aunt Cece and the window, she has noticed the car is out side, “Fiver, please mister.” The cab driver demands his payment, this time I didn’t pretend my mum hadn’t given it to me, I just handed it over as he honked his horn. She looks down at us, face seems solid, left eyebrow cocked right up, she begins to smile and laugh. Walking towards her doorstep seems like the longest mission, hallway light turns on and shiver runs down my spine.
“Hey Roe, come on. Giving your mum trouble again are ya?” standing in a black dress with sparkles on her shoulder she doesn’t seem as pissed off with me as she has normally done in the past, she seems merry. Getting up to her house its obvious why, have empty glasses and those white paper rolled cigarettes she smokes, litter the ashtray. She seems happy so I might as well be happy, for now. “Gonna take you to Aunt Geegee’s tomarra, you can spend the day with Abel and them lot, yeah?”
“Yeah, ok.” I whisper cautiously, just because she’s happy doesn’t mean she won’t switch on me if I’m too loud.
“Christella is upstairs, go watch a video or something.”  Holding onto the doorframe of her living room she begins to dance with her back on the frame. It’s not only her in the room two other ladies and a guy, a very handsome guy. They all say ‘Hi’ to me as I walk up the stairs I only pass a slight hand wave. Her she-devilish laugher soothes me, knowing I’m not in for the telling off of my life tonight. It’s only 7:30pm.
“Hiya Chrisy.” Slouching my body round the corner of her bedroom doorframe. I take my shoes of and place them in between her room and the passage, I have a rectangle bump in my sock no need for it now.
“Roguey!” She jumps of her bed in excitement. She takes out her hearing aid and it makes the most annoying high-pitched noise probably known to man. She adjusts it and all is normal again.  Her room is filled with the scent of flowers, flower perfume from one of her over combed, dreadlock looking baby dolls. See if I was Christella’s mum I wouldn’t let her go any where near them dolls, they would just be for show, to look pretty. I mean the way she hacked at them with her combs and brushes it was like she was taking out her anger on the poor things as she didn’t have anyone else to take it out on. Aunt Cece, used to cornrow her hair so tight, right at the back just under her hair line she would have these little white spots and sometimes when Aunt Cece hot-combed her she would get shiny bits on her fore head and around her ears. Hell I be damned if I was a girl, no one would ever be coming to me with no hot comb, straight off the cooker’s flames, sorry no, not I. I’m glad my mum cut my hair that time, I should have never gotten bubble gum caught up in it. “I got a new dolly, look it.” As she walks passed me to go to her dress where normally all her dolls are I wish, hope and pray and even dig my nails in my clutched hands for the doll not to have plaited hair. Just the thought of Aunt Cece seeing me undo another one of her beautiful, white cigarette influenced, construction made me cower. She brings the doll round and it’s a hairless doll, all plastic it has hair but it’s all made out of plastic, thank the heavens. The laughter downstairs soothes me like a baby and I climb onto the top bunk of her bed to go to sleep. Pulling the duvet over me I close my eyes and the pink hue of the light-shade makes me sleep. Stretching over to the shade I tap it lightly and looks down, Christella has already fallen asleep with her toes hanging out of the bed, please don’t snore tonight. To and fro I watch the light-shade sway towards me and back, getting slower, slower, slower. Even the bed smells like flowers.

Woken out of my sleep in the morning, not by any loud noise, but the curtains being drawn was noise enough to wake me. The smell of bacon, sausages, eggs and toast greeted my nostrils begging me to go down to devour them. “Roeroe, time to come down, breakfast is ready.” She seems chirpy, well Aunt Cece always was in the morning. I walk down the stair case, pure white paint and I’m careful not to touch the walls as I walk down. The sun fights it’s way from behind a cloud through the window piercing the glass vase with one dead flower and shines in my eye. Lucky it’s not summer I would have been blinded. Turning down to my final length of the stairs I watch the shadows of the two of them in the kitchen pass and phase through each like a ghost through walls. I notice the living room is spotless and in there right above one of the windows in the corner an incense stick is lit, giving the house that Rasta smell (It’s nice but not my fancy.) “The you go.” Placing two boiled eggs in front of me with toast, Aunt Cece give me the look, the look that adults give to children, when we’ve done something wrong. “You’re gonna have that and me and Chrisy will have the wicked breakfast. Don’t think I forgot what your mum told me on the phone. Roguey how could you mash up the teacher like that?” waving her hips and right hand finger like she’s about to Chaka Chan dance all over the place.
“He hurt me, they all did, look.” By then the bruise that the short wearing teacher had left on my arm had faded. Teachers got way with a lot when it came to darker skinned children. Never did I see three or four men, man tackle a white child to the floor, holding their legs apart and putting pressure on their chest. Maybe white kids weren’t bad. Or maybe it was just me.
“Well, I’m not saying your lying my Roe, a marble egg? Really?” Christella looks up at me from the corner of her eye, yeah she’s younger than me, but she knows what’s going on. “Any eat up, no treat breakfast for you. We’re going to Aunt Gee’s in a hour or so.” Great stuff, I can hopefully teach Abel how to make smoothies, I saw that on Blue Peter one day.
Bath time, don’t touch the Imperial Leather (That’s sacred) use the Lux, brush teeth, get ready in Christella’s room, Close door don’t want her looking and my willy. I make the bed I slept in and carefully place the box of matches behind one of Christella’s dolls on her dresser. Right we’re all the way to Aunt Geegee’s house and it’s freezing. The walk is lengthy, walking down Millfields road is so long. The houses are nice and the area is so quiet, who knew that this was the place for people to die and the hand of a screw driver, a beating up, a gun or the hand of their deranged boyfriend. Zebra crossing, cross, turn right and up toward the car tyre shop. Ooh, I hope were going to the sweet shop with that massive white Wrigleys chewing gum box at the front, penny sweets are like money around these parts and although I’m like one of these ghetto superstars, it’s quite obvious that I’m not. I still getting dressed like the Prime Minister’s son. I can’t wait till I’m 10 I can buy my own clothes then.
“Hello Aunty Gee.” I say with a smile on my face as my sister’s cousin Elvin answers the door.
“What you can’t say hello to me?” he says with a stern face, he grabs me by the head and pulls me in Christella walks be hind and then Aunt Cece. I walk in through the passage, the downstairs of the house is always dark in the day, no lights like Aunty is saving electricity, spooky much. I pass the stairs and to my right is Abel’s and my hide out place (We both hid there especially if I didn’t wan to go home yet)
“Yeah I heard about you, come in here… Now!” Aunt Geegee isn’t so happy and sounds like she has something in store for me. Chores no doubt, chores her fucking children should do, I don’t know how to wash dishes or wash clothes. Big time adult getting the kids to do what she should be doing. “So what happened huh Rogue?” as I walk into the kitchen and look at the brown cork material wall paper where all our pictures and art work was (I love this wall), she turns round from the cooker, cleaning chicken, holding the red guts from inside her hand and a small knife in the other. I like the look of guts and blood, it make me feel like I have some control of my own life.
“Well me and Georgie had a fight and the teachers all proper ganged up on me and the hand me on the floor and carried me up the stairs and Ashlley…” I stop and quickly try and deter my slip “And I was sitting in the Head teacher’s room yeah and…”
Interrupting me Aunt Geegee injects “Who’s Ashlley? Don’t matter go on.” Okay so she’s not so bothered
“Erm, well yeah then the I think I throwed, I mean threw the egg at the P.E teacher.” Aunt Cece looks at me then at Aunt Gee.
“What you mean you think you threw it at him huh?” Her voice rises, “Go in the hall way and sit down for ten minutes and then you and Abel can play upstairs or where ever.” She turns round and begins talking to Aunt Ce, I walk off with my head held down, Elvin laughs at me as he walks up the stairs but my rage would dare come out now, not ever here Aunt Geegee and Aunt Cece would demolish my Cooli arse. So I slide down the wall trying to will the clock to go faster. Thudding noises start, first like they are from outside, then getting louder and louder the pain increases and I throw my head back harder and harder. I know what I’m doing and almost don’t want to stop. I don’t want to stop, this is the only way I will get out of this blasted position if I bring pain to myself. “What’s that noise?” Aunt Gee, questions and Aunt Ce lets her know it me. The fast paced stamps start and end in front of me. “Stop, you stupid boy, you tryna hurt yourself.” I start to throw my head harder against the wall the painted white wall, the white sharply spiked iceberged shaped painted walls. The sting on my cheek flows to my eyes, I start to see quick flashes of black and rushing red. I open my eyes and continue to throw my head back. “Cece, stop the boy, look at him, he’s gone mad.” Aunt Cece gets up from the table and I stop, only because one of those spikes has got stuck in my head. Slowly placing my hand over the back of my head trying to feel for the spike Aunt Cece look behind me. “Gee he’s bleeding you know.” I take out the spike and look at it, pink and dark red no white at all.
“I want to blood you.” I say in a quiet voice looking deep into the eyes of Aunt Geegee. She grabs me by the shoulder and pushes me up towards the stairs telling me to get Abel and we could go out to play. Her face was a face I’ve never seen before, I can’t explain what she looked like, just a weird look on her face.
“Remember when he used to tease Abel when they played together saying his name wasn’t Rogue, but it was Ashlley? Do you think…?” That’s all I heard Aunt Cece say, the rest was mumbles as I ran up the first flight, second flight and lastly the top of the house the fourth flight. This house is so big but there’s only one bathroom, the size of Remo’s kennel.
Walking passed the bathroom into Abel’s bedroom Vern is there sitting down on the floor making a lego model, he loved playing with his lego.
“Abel… Abel I’m coming up.” I shout up at him, he was always the last to get out of bed in the mornings but, it was no longer morning so as to why he was still in bed I have no clue. He’s fully dressed and isn’t under the covers maybe he’s just being a little lazy.
“Come up then init.” He stretches his hands out for me to climb the bunk bed and I climb up.
“Wanna play a game?” He nods but before he interrupts I carry on with the excitement also reflected in his eyes. “Ask you mum if we can make smoothies later on today, because you know what? I learned how to make them on Blue Peter. You have a Blending thing. You know those things you put food in and it turns into like a drink?” He nods and jumps off the bed. Before I could stop him he runs down the stairs, me after him He’s on the second flight while I’m still running on the fourth. Down in the kitchen I hear him tell and ask Aunt Geegee if we can make smoothies and how it was my idea. So if it all goes wrong, guess who gets the blame? Me. But it’s his house so I’ll let him do every thing. I just remembered the box of matches behind the doll I hope Aunt Cece didn’t find them before we left. To my surprise Aunt G says yes. She’s not a bad witch I want a house to fall on after all. 

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MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Grey's Anatomy (Part 1)

November 1990:  I know I’m going to get into so much trouble for even thinking it, let alone physically doing it. I’m going to go to Greyson’s house.  It’s Friday and after school my mum has to work a little later today so I’m told that Aunt Jacky would be picking me up after play-centre. Rio doesn’t go to play centre so I see no reason why today of all days I have to. I could go home with him and wait for my mum to collect me to go to the dreaded Aunt Cece’s or even better Aunt Geegee.

Name: Aunt Cece
Sex: Adult female
Description: Short, beautiful black woman. Always in the newest fashions and sometimes seems as though she could be making up her own fashions as she goes along. Short hair that was straight (Probably from a hot comb). She had that beauty that everyone wanted, I noticed this cause men always paid her attention when she took my cousins and me out. She, always used to keep walking, she was rude like that. She never spoke a word to any of them. Maybe she likes girls.
She has A Daughter a few years younger than me, Christella. Aunty Cece was one of my dreaded Aunts, for the fact that she had a wicked temper on her. If you stepped out of line, you were bound to get punished. I remember one time Christella and I were in her bedroom playing with her dolls and horses.. One of the horses were those horses with long hair (Not ‘My little Pony), a new brand of toy that all the girls wanted and so did I. I loved anything to do with horses. The horses hair was plaited and I asked Christella if she wanted it that way, cause to me it looked stupid. She said no, and that her mum had done it. The smell of the white cigarette and that smelly brown barl and dried flowers was in the air, Aunt Cece was laughing downstairs. I began to undo the doll horses hair and as I got to the last few braids the growl of a angry woman scratch my neck, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? That took me bloody hours to do and you’ve gone and undone it in a matter of minutes pass me the fucking horses.” Enraged and me feeling scared I passed the horse to her in the doorway and scurried into the corner of the room. “Idiot” she continued. As I sat in the corner with my knees up to my chest and my arms tightly wrapped round them I lowered my head in shame and in fright. Had she been a monster or something of the sort in a nightmare (My nightmares were mostly of dying fish in a kitchen sink) her eyes would have turned different colors, her teeth would have sharpened and out grown her mouth, her hair would of stretched o the clouds becoming as black as tar and I would be dead within minutes. But no, she threw the horse on my head and I swear the coco I got in the middle stayed there for weeks.
Aunt Cece wasn’t all that bad, she used to take me to fair-grounds and parties all the time. She even said I could say the word shit, because shit is just another word for dog poo. She taught me a lot if not only to have fear in my heart from my elders. She was the Aunt though I felt much love for and would tell her things I didn’t want to tell my mum directly. She was able to translate my inner feelings to my mum.

At Rio’s house, Rio asks his mum if we can go to the corner shop to get penny sweets for after dinner. She allows use to.
“Where does Greyson live?, you said he lived near you.” Stroking his ear as we walk down the round with our arms over each other’s shoulders.
“He lives down there and stop that, not now.” Pointing down the road behind us I smile and begin to plot.
“Ok lets go there before we go back home.” Not thinking that if we go I might not want to go back to his house and also we’d be a long time. Long enough for Aunt Jacky to know that we were up to no good.
“Yeah.” Shrugging me off him as we enter the shop. I stand outside waiting for him looking down the long road, hoping it’s not too far to Greyson’s, I hated going into shops they were always so filled with things and people, so enclosed. Coming out of the shop Rio begins to walk down the road, he doesn’t say where he’s going but I just assume it’s to where I want to go. Passing a building on my left, I notice that it my old nursery I went to with that white lady, on my right across the road there’s a pub,, a pub full of people. I never understood why it was only white people in pubs and maybe, just maybe you’d see one really, really dark black person that acted white. Anyway I’m just filing this all in my memory bank for when I want to go to, if I go to Greyson’s house alone. We cross the road and Rio says that Greyson’s house is just in front of us, I am excited and want to see what the inside of his house is like. I wondered if he had lots of Bruce Lee and other Oriental things in his house like dragons and chopsticks. Opening the gate to Greayson’s house I noticed that at the end of the road is where my road is, then looking back to the house I notice two dogs in the windowed porch and his front door wide open, I can see a woman chopping something on the floor. The larger dog of the two, begins to bark wild, bearing its teeth, savage as hell, I’m scared. Rio presses the doorbell seemingly un-phased (Like the woman can’t hear her dog barking). “Is Greyson there?” he asked the short pretty lady, with wet hands, kicking the brute barking dog to one side.
“No, outside. Babyoi!!!!!” She screams out cocking her head to the corner of the house Babyoi, who is Babyoi?
“Thanks” Rio replies and turns around looking at me with a grin. As she closes the door he begins to laugh and the dog once again begins to bark at us. “She can’t speak much English, they’re Chinese” (Erm, because Chinese people can’t speak English? Idiot). I notice where the dogs are the door on my left it reminds me of something.

Leaving through the gates, Rio turns left round to the back of the houses me following still hearing the screams in my head I spot the young oriental Greyson wearing that same hideous purple jacket with a long stick in his hands. Thrashing at the walls and floor, twirling around, kicking into the air like he is one of the badly dubbed martial arts actors I’ve seen on video, I only notice that it’s a broken broom stick and the awkward movements he makes appears to be unintentional. He has no clue what he’s doing spiraling out of control like a misguided whirlwind from the heavens, and his purple jacket rising up above his waistline, seeing his skinny, even more so skinny of a body than mine, Rio runs up to him as I stop just feet away.
“Oi Greyson, we came out to play for a little bit, but we have to go back soon. Rogue is in trouble.” Gripping Greyson’s shoulder he turns to me as he speaks, Greyson looks at me and I am ready for the badly dubbed voice to come out. At my feet the large stone path is littered with crips packets and dried, white dog shit. Who knew that dog shit would turn white, or maybe there was something wrong with the dog that laid it’s messy for all to see. Greyson begins to speak, the long nail sounds begin to repeat, but then I look up at him and look into his black, shark-like, hooded eyes. His skin, although dirty from goodness knows what was a nice complexion, slightly dark than Georgie’s skin, digestive biscuit looking with hues of yellow, but the dirty marks on his face just shouted out ‘Damn this boy needs a wash’. Its not as though he looked like that in school, well I could really tell that, I always saw him from a distance or in the dungeon toilets.
“Hiya, you wanna come in?” Greyson holds onto Rio’s hand on his left shoulder and he begins to walk round the house going another left. His voice is very soft and high, he sound like one of those Chinese little girls, where is the bass in his voice? Into the back garden gate that was his, I follow across the well, paved ground and look at those ugly clothes racks that look like umbrellas (so common). He opens his back garden door, which lead into his kitchen, looking up to my right, a ‘Beware of the dogs’ sign, left a large round electrical tub thing with dried, stuck on rice round it. The cooker needs a clean thick with black shinny greasy stuff. The woman, his mother is crouching down on the floor still cutting with that huge knife as Rio and Greyson pass her I hesitate to walk passed her, what if she were to miss what ever she was chopping and got the end of me toe, it’s bad enough me getting a nail in my foot, but to loose my foot completely, no thanks.
“You go, go, go go”, she hurries me to go pass waving her knife at me like some lightweight paper fan. It’s a duck she’s hacking at, the neck now severed from the body, wings stretch out to their sides and a large jagged split down the middle of it’s white and pinked chest. Walking slowly passed her now hoping not to get any of the blood on my shoes, I think to myself that maybe the duck was alive when she started hacking at it, I mean that would explain the mass of blood right? Just passing her and at the kitchen door leading to the front of the house Rio calls out.
“Roguey, come on.” I look back and she is holding the duck’s head and shaking it at me making the most, scary quacking noise, whilst stretching out her hand even further to me, laughing. I quickly run up the stairs and just hope that dog does come out of the front way upstairs, I don’t want to get a snap.
The stair way is dark and dingy, the walls a dark yellow with smudges every where and if the cooker is to go by anything the rest of the house is going to look a right tip. Looking in front of me they turn right into a room. Shoes, clothes outside the room entrance. I walk up and look in the room cautiously. The first thing I see is a massive T.V incased in a dark carved wooden storage, it looks amazing and I know it cost a lot of money. The sofas are a pearly yellow color, the carpet patterned with squares and circles, dark blues and black, yellow spots in-between the square segments. I start to walk in-between the squares like I’m playing a game of chess with my feet. Greyson kneels down in front of the T.V and Rio plods himself on the large sofa to my right. The walls are as white as snow, with amazing ivory and jade carved pictured (I hope the elephants are still alive). “Have you seen Guyver?” Greyson asks pushing a VHS video in to the machine below.
“No, what is it.” Leaning forward placing his head in his hand Rio asks. I sit down in front of the black table filled with images of lots of long headed oriental people with these funny looking hair buns. The fruit in the table look odd as well, odd, but they do look juicy I want one, especially the red looking one and that orange thng that looks like an tomatoes made out of leather.
“It’s about this super man.” Greyson swiftly turns round with excitement
Interrupting the excitement of Greyson “We’ve seen super man, is it your Chinese one?”
“Brushing him off and carrying on Greyson continues. “No, it’s about this boy yeah, who gets this suit yeah and then he has like this bio-booster armor and like yeah, all these baddies try and kill him because, the baddies are like the aliens man, and yeah, they don’t want him to be a cyborg cause that’s what the suit did to him and all his power he can’t control so…”
Rio stands up “We have to go, come Rogue.” Greyson looks at me, those black sharks eyes seemingly turn into to the widening, tear jerking, pussy cat kind of way. Surely he isn’t going to cry. “Rogue we’ve been gone like half an hour and my mum will know we didn’t go just to the shops. Come on, we can go back and carry on…”
“Carry on what? I want to watch that Macguyver thing.”  I look at Greyson’s face and it starts to form a little crease at his mouth.
“But it’s not Mac-Guyver it’s Guyver. I Got Macguyver too wanna see it.” Greyson shoots up to his feet with a little defensive tone to his voice that blends into the sweet sound of ‘Stay’ in his carton girl voice. Had I been dreaming I would have expected rainbow to stat flying from his un-brushed mouth.
Rio grabs me by the hand pulling me up to my feet and whisper with frustration “Hurry up man, or I’m gonna get ground too and when I’m ground you can’t come to mine when your mum wants to come round for tea.” Mum always said she wanted adult conversation time with Aunty Jacky and that he was always at Aunt Leah house. So many secrets.
“Okay, okay, I’m coming.” Shrugging him of me a pass a glance at Greyson. He returns the glance.
“You can come round whenever you want to come out to play.” He projects across the living room as Rio pulls me down the stairs. “Bye!”
“Babyoi!” His mother shouts up at him. Greyson comes rushing pass us on the stairs, closes the baby gate at the bottom, turns left and opens the door where the dogs are. I hold my breath and watch the long shadow turn into a dog as it runs passed and the short fat one scurries on behind. “You can come down now.” He says. Rio says ‘Bye’ to the woman and she grunts English-second-language ‘Bye’ back., I whisper mine, she seems really rude, bitch!

Walking back to Rio’s house, I know that I will have to go to Aunt Cece’s later on I really don’t want to but hey, planning got me into all this mess. But my next plan will work. Aunt Cece will take me to Aunt Geegee’s if I play my cards right and if I play my cards right all hell will be let loose there, well more like heaven.

Rio’s mum didn’t know how long we had been gone for, she went in the bath short after we left and she was still in it. Thank god for that one, now I won’t be in too much trouble. But as we close the door to the front of the house Royley looks down at us from, arms crossed and all. Only time will tell and a short time at that, what he’ll say and do, or even worse make us do. 
Behind our back as we stand next to each other we hold each other's hands and squeeze. 

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Top 7 Things to do and have when the winter chill sets upon us

Hello Homosapiens, Winter seems to be here almost in the UK, however the weather is all over the place with October and November seeing warm phases... Bi-Marbie-zar! So I have complied a list of my top 7 things I like to see and do in the colder months. Now I'm one of those Omega that will and does walk around in T-shirts and jeans as I will often more time than non, suffer for fashion, you don't have to.

At Number 7:
Bath and shower time

A lot of homosapiens I have spoke to talk about how they love hot baths and loads of bubbles. No sapiens, don't treat your skin so bad. Warm baths are the best thing for your skin as the winter chills, give you skin that harsh slap on the cheek. And not because your all covered up, does this mean this rule does not apply to you. Warm baths and showers with baby oil or essential oils mixed into your routine are fantastic and trust me your skin will love you for not allowing it to get grossly chapped (And I've seen bad chapped feet, especially those dudettes wearing their fuck-me-pumps in night clubs forgetting this one rule)

Do you really want you skin looking like this? Really?

At Number 6:
Moisturise you largest and smallest organs

Just because summer is over does not give you the right to slack off on your body (You work so hard for) and wreak it like the Titanic and then pass of the excuse "I'm just so tired and Christmas is coming. I'll start again in the new year." Your body need moisture no matter what, you did know that your body is 61.8 percent made up of water, so replenish it. Drink as much fluids as you can, WATER included. Don't go and buy those pricey moisturises for you outer body, high street brands do and I mean do work just as well. No one has said I look bad yet (Nor will they dare). Try and get moisturisers with a little SPF in it (I love my SPF) yes there is no obvious sun, but your skin still needs protection from the UVA and UVB rays, plus SPF helps the skin to stay looking younger (My current age is 16 and trust me I'm far gone from there) or add some of your left over Suncream to your daily moisturiser, that will do the trick.

At Number 5:
Add a little more moisture to your air.

Dry air can damage the home, your pets and yes you and your family (My Hubs, Cheatara and Pythonic in my case). If you have central heating the best thing and cheapest thing you can do is place small bowls the size of those bowl thingy-ma-gigs, Ramekins!!! That's what they're called (I'm so blonde at time) , so place these underneath your heater and this will add moisture to you air. If you want to go the more 'Don't want my cat drinking the water' route get warm mist humidifier, they're are great. Not only do they cleanse the air (No bacteria, keeping the lurgies away) they are great for Asthma suffers.

At Number 4:
Vitamins, Minerals, Vitamins 

Stock up on Fruits and vegetables, preferably the seasons best as this cuts cost having to ship from all over the world. Local shops mostly get their produce from within the area or just a few mile off, better to know where you stuff is coming from right. Some Superstore Tes(No-co names) ship produce from all over the world and will oftenly to you telling you your Angus beef is from Scotland when really it was raised and killed in Portugal. Get fisherman's friend for when you have the sniffles, cod liver oil (Not my fav but has to be done) Multi Vitamins to. (Note cold weather does not make you sick, what makes you sick is the un-hygienic homosapiens that don't catch it, bin it, kill it, the virus that is). And although there is no cure for the common cold, you can still try and fight it off my keeping your immune system up to scratch. (A cure to the common cold would also possibly mean a cure for Aids, come scientist!!!)

At Number 3
Don't get Comfortable

"Faye to do you want some Rumpy-pumpy?"
So many times from friends, they say they are in a new realtionship (Don't make me laugh). In my opinion this is how realtionships and seasons work. Summer: The lovers season: Is the time a lot of homosapiens are looking for that someone to have 'Rumby-pumpy' with, in the words of Aaron Allard-Morgan (Big Brother UK 2011) (What a tosser, excuse my Charbieness). Winter: The cuddles season: The time you settle down in theose colder months with that one person you found (Some who have found one out of many). This is where you may let loose. Just because they've seen you chocha on many occasions or played the drum with your stick, that doesn't mean, all that hard work of waxing and shaving should be undone. Fuck i don't want to be seeing no George of the Jungle tangled weeds down there on me, so I expect MY significant other to me trimmed too. Where am I going with this, I'm getting there.
Spring: The break-up season: A lot of so called couples break up just after Valetines (Ironic huh) and then the deadly meat feast cycle begins again, where every one begins to hunt for their next summer wet and wild partner. So don't get comfortable keep it stoom, keep it trimed, keep the body, your temple they way it looked in Summer and you keep that one person. That is of course you want to keep them (Beware the rumors....)

At Number 2
Home Check

Pretty self explanatory, check your furnaces, pipes (No cracks), draft proof you windows and doors if you not so fortunate in having double/triple glazing. Make sure your smoke and Carbon-monoxide dectors are work properly, if not you can always go to you local DIY shop and buy a few or even go to your local Fire station. (Carbon-monoxide is a silent, scentless killer so please look after your homes and selves.

At Number 2.5
Fake tan (my personal fav)
Keeps darker skinned homosapiens look more even skin toned and lighter well tanned.

At Number 1
Don't dress like me

Wrap up warm, but not overly, you can still dehydrate yourself even in winter and if you don't follow tip number six (Drinking plenty of water) Buy a pair of snow boots as you never know what will happen, global warming is now showing us what Scientist said it would. Gloves, scarfs and hats. And Most of all keep having fun, a lot of movies, threate shows and events happen (Cultural and non-cultural) Just because it's winter Life doesn't not stop till summer, you're a homosapiens not a hibernating mammel, but i guess if you want to be then so be it.

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