Monday, 29 October 2012

Tomorrow's genteration (Change)

Hello Homosapiens..... Today whilst at work I realised that if we feed the hungry minds of today's children the world of tommorrow could be a haven and become once again fruitful. Speaking in a group with some younglings, they amazed me at the knowledge that have retained since August, just gone. They understand the need to recycle and know just why we should (enough for them to do well at home), they understand the need of respect (I don't teach tolerance unless of course it mean tolerating a ichy jumper for a couple of hours.), they have no hang ups on race or gender and what surprises me is that whenever I speak of having a husband or another woman having a wife, an eyelid is not battered and they continue to ask questuions and listen as normal. None react in the way that by niece did nor do they have any of those awkward questions she asked me in a previous post "How to answer the many gay questions of a child", which I'm glad about.
So chagne is coming, change is real and chagne is here.

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