Wednesday, 10 October 2012

If you love me you would say it in front of the world.

Hello Homosapiens..... L.O.V.E what is it? When do you know you are in its? And when do you know when you fallens out of it?
I started singing a melody the other day and words just started to flow along accordingly. Have you ever been in the situation where you're not completely sure if it's 'Love' or 'Infatuation'? Come on even the best of you must have been in this situatation at least once. How about, hvae you fallen out of it and yet still carrying along down the road it's made for you? Yes/No?
An idea for a post for you dudes and dudettes, has just come to mind. Inspired by the lyrics that flowed so innocently from my lips.

"If you love me you would say it in front of the world" Lil Kim

"Love is a losing game" Amy Winehouse

"My endless love" Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey 

"Put it me, maybe we could fall in love" Brandy 

A lil something for you to listen and think about. TTFN

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