Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Natural, Supernatural! PART 2/3


Hello Homosapiens, it's me Rogue Scott of course with the second part of my supernatural segment. So as you've read I have experienced a a few things stork like, being able to know when a girls opened their legs and are expecting a baby. Now I will share with you Mrs Cookery's experience with the paranormal and mine also. Mrs Cookery is an obvious change of name however I wanted her (You), to know who she was when she reads this. 

Lets get stuck into me now, come on dudes and dudettes, stick your fingers in and feel the temperature. 

Cookery’s Story

My first experience of all things supernatural happened to me while I was a 10 year old girl living in West Dulwich, in a Victorian semi, which to me as a child seemed to be an enormous house and always seemed creepy. We own two Alsatian dogs one named Tiger the other named Luther (Of all the names, a bit devilish). One night my mum and older brother were woken by the dogs barking and howling non-stop. My mum and myself went to investigate, she went up the dog and started to stroke him, he started to calm down.
Then all of a sudden he started to go berserk and started snarling and looking up above my mum. He was terrified he ran past my mum while Luther cowered in the corner. He ran so fast that he crashed into the door frame. (We later found out that he broke his leg) we had to take him to the vet.

The scariest part of the story is yet to come……..

The next evening we kept hearing a banging sound like a broomstick being banged on a wooden floor. It drove us mad all evening we were baffled as to why it was happening. We all went off to bed and in the early hours of the morning I went into my mum’s bedroom jumped on her and tried to strangle her with such force it left marks around her neck. I was in a trance like state and did not remember any of the incident. My mum and brother told me what had happened and that I seemed to have the strength of something that was not that of a normal 10 year old.

We later found out that an old lady had lived in the house and the story was that she was starved to death in her room, (my mum’s bedroom) she used to bang on the walls with her stick to get attention from the relatives that were supposed to be looking after her.

We only stayed there for a few more months as my mum thought it would be best for all of us as we did not want to experience anymore Ghostly goings on.

Cookery (a true believer in the Supernatural).

MY experience when I was 12(ish)

I'm about 12 and I'm getting ready for my bed (Sharing with my then shorter and younger brother K.) It's not raining outside but it's not dry kind of moist air (I hate that word moist it sounds so sexy). So I'm saying bye to my family that have come round over for dinner. My sisters dad, who for so reason still now call Uncle K, my sisters Aunts were leaving and yeah that's pretty mush it. I remember my sister's Dad always treating me like I was his child, since my father wasn't around (Indian) but I thought it was pretty cool anyway.

So staring away into the walls and corners of my room, I'm on the top bunk just like I said staring waiting for sleep to come and take me. The right hand side of my room started to change colour, bluish, and it seem to get warmer in the room yet cool too (Cool to the touch not as in great stuff). I'm not not thinking much of it, I'm thinking that sleep has come and I am about to dream. WRONG!. My grandfather appears in this warm and cool haze, he looks sad but at peace yet still worried. It's weird his face just seemed to say a lot of thing to me with out him saying a word. His eye feel to the ground, rolled around in a circle and then kind of melted away underneath my wardrobe. Okay so I'm not fucking sleeping, I get up and look to my bedroom door. I didn't scream but I did call for my Mom. It's still a bit fuzzy but I remember vaguely I saw something in the room. No she hadn't turned the light on in the room as she could clearly see my face from the passage light. I'm not scared but I have a flip flopping feeling in my belly that disgusting annoying feel when you go over speed bumps to fast cause the driver is a fucking prick. I look back at the corner... nothing, gone, but I suppose that's the way. So now I'm thinking to myself as my mom dismisses me and walks back to her room, “I'm a nut job”, resting my head back on the pillow, I'm begging for my dear grand dad to come back. Why? I don't know he's not even dead, but the thought that the devil was in disguise thrill me, had my heart in excitement and my stomach in sickness. I need it to come back. The door knocks and my mom answers it, I can hear a lot of huffing and puffing in the noise of the cars going by and the wind. My mom starts to cry and that's when I decide to get out of bed and see what's going on. 

My Grand Dad has passed away, car crash on his way home back from organising my Grand Mothers and his wedding anniversary get together t the church they went to before she passed away the previous year. the officer said he died almost instantly (I think the pig should have said he fucking did, mom my is in pain at this point the last the she wants to think about is if he suffered badly). so it's all so eerie that night when they leave and my mom begins packing to go up North to identify his body. so did he come to me telling me something had happened? or do I really have a great and terrible imagination? you tell me. 

A week or so later, I found out that one of his eyes came out during the crash, at the funeral to be precise. That's when lost my cool and did some things I'm not too proud of, but I believe in no regrets no matter what. I kissed the priest.

So that's part 2 of the Natural, supernatural. And I would like to thank Cookery for allowing me to use and share her story with yourself and I. Part 3 i will share a story form a person named Kirby (Obviously  they know who they are). And I plan to speak and fight cases of the non-believers and believers as objectively as I can. 

Till then my dudes and dudettes of the Homosapien family take care (Marbie smile)
"The truth really should be out there"

Monday, 21 February 2011

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Natural, Supernatural! PART 1/3

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Natural, Supernatural! PART 1/3

Natural, Supernatural! PART 1/3

Hello Homosapien, dudes and dudettes. As I promised, I’ll be talking about Supernatural experiences of those who have emailed me and sent me notes and also those of my own.

So Superstition and the Supernatural will obviously go hand in hand like bloody Hassle and Gretel and we have all heard about, black cats crossing our paths to be a bad omen and has been since the witch hunts in 1692 and up till now and we’ve heard about walking under ladders is bad luck, breaking a mirror brings 7 years bad luck and we’ve heard or premonitions or have we?

From ghostly sightings to having some sort of sixth, seventh or even eighth sense (Some people will say they have) I want to and am going to look into this more in depth. (Access denied will be a person’s true name not revealed remember Homosapiens.)

As promised I said I would share with you as to what I meant, I’m known as the Stork by some people (Stork, being the bird that brings babies to their parent’s, told to children at a young age).  So my explanation and not a scientific one, when ever I have a dream a girl in my life (we can be close as ever or she could be a shit bag I care not for), when I have the dream of her telling me she’s pregnant, me seeing the date of her conception, seeing her giving birth it usually happens. I remember a time when I was at school and I feel asleep watching Sister Sister, I then saw my mom drown this child in a paint roller container, the child blue, the child’s skin almost translucent as I could see everything going on in it’s body, the child looked alien. All she kept saying is “Access denied, help me keep it under don’t let it out.” I assumed she wanted me to help kill it, and as I looked upon this disgusting bluish baby figure I saw it’s face (Seeing a child’s face in my dreams are always important I’ll get to that later). It was the face of my youngest brother. Now not knowing what the dream meant then when I was young I dismissed it for a while (or until I saw new born babies which scared me since). A few months passed and my mom announced to me and my sister that she was pregnant. I told my mom I had a dream about her having a child months ago and she replied, “Cause your gifted, I was too but it’s gone.”  I embraced those kind words my mom spoke cause rarely enough did she ever praise me or say anything to me deemed nice (Not that she was a bad mom but we didn’t really have a relationship cause I would always be elsewhere.)
Other times me predicting a child’s birth happen amongst friends and family and work colleagues. At work, I work with a lot of women, scratch that they’re all fucking women and I’m the only guy(ette). Most of the women I work with I have seen their child’s face, however sadly for one girl I didn’t (Sorry dimwit). Whenever I don’t see a child’s face more than likely the child will be born with abnormalities or the body aborts the child (Miscarriage to be PC, but I’m not PC so exit wounds).

There have been times where the child has spoken to me from inside. I woman I meet in a bar once was heavily preggers , with her husband and one of my friends. I said hi to her and or the formalities, and asked could I touch her bump. She obliged, I whispered in her ear “Don’t call him Callum he doesn’t like that name.” she looked at me like I was some psycho tryna kill her unborn child, gasping for air, everyone is looking at me cause I had a few drinks. She said loud enough for our table to all hear “How did you know it was a boy, why not Callum, that’s the name we’ve been planning, after Access denied’s dad. Your freaky man, who have you been talking to?” I had only been there for all of what 2 minutes and it was her I spoke to so to me she acted like a complete fucking moron, but then I do understand a stranger telling you things they should know is a bit weird (But it fucking happens).

So are these experiences something of the subconscious working it’s way to the conscious or are they real. My say they are in fact real. I don’t speak to my husbands friend enough to know speak about his friend’s unborn child and nor did he know it was a boy (He was well happy to find out though) and even know any planned names. In some instances I could of over heard “I’m planning for a baby” but this does not by any means mean I can predict the sex and date of birth now does it. I just think so many things in the world are unexplained why does me being “Gifted” have to be explained. Explain and tell me exactly how the world came about (You can’t, you weren’t there and nor were the people who scream out “Big Bang” or “God”, we will never know which is sad and exciting).

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Paranormal Activity

Hello Homosapien, dudes and dudettes. My first video blog/vlog of something I will be looking into more over the next month or few, supernatural experiences, existence and the non-believers and what they may say.  

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Treats for the one you love (Or are going to be loving)

Hello Homosapiens, Rogue has been naughty busy and I am a bit late with this one. However you still have time for the Big over spending V-day tomorrow. So take notes and Maybe do some online next day delivery. I'll be still getting mine..... (And please do if you are loving the same sex like I am am change as necessary)

Women get something for your man that either you can wear or they can enjoy or show off.

Click Me
Sexy lingerie.

Some men and women see this as a big turn on to see their partner or partners in sexy outfits. But if you gonna go down this route, don't do the obvious and let them see you in it straight away. Take a picture of it, No not with you wearing it, just have it laid out on the bed neatly with maybe a rose or other sexual long object sending them a text... "Do you like?" This will allow who ever your send the text to (Hopefully a loved one) to imagine the best of what could happen later on that night.

iClick me
  He loves technology and you love him.

  So you didn't get it for him for Christmas (That blasted holiday) but you wanna show him you do love him and respect his love for highly priced gadgets. An iPad is the way to go. Get the iPad available with 3G as this my Homosapiens can go everywhere with him. You can even get the back of it engraved specially for your loved one or a possible personal message.

Control me
 Boys and their toys.

Now I'm not much one for cars and racing and all that shit, but your man might be. So why not give him the day experience of driving the car of his dreams (or close to it for a few hours)
  • "This supercar driving Day Out offers the ultimate driving experience for any true petrol-head
  • Choose to drivie an Aston Martin DB9/Vantage, Audi R8, Ferrari 355/360 or Lamborghini Gallardo"

I'm not sure you could go wrong if driving expensive cars is what he'd love to do or does. Let him blow some steam off in this one dudettes and then after he may just empty his tank out all over you. 

Click to dine him
Dinner for two?

Now a lot of couples I know always talk about the dinner for two. And I am going to give you a link also to a restaurant that I love and is kept a little secret in it's Location. A dinner for two is the time for you to gaze in your lovers eyes, share some good food (Which should you be doing most of the time anyway) and get a lil tipsy on some good wine or champagne (Champagne please and not that cheap Moet shit every one else seems to drink). And I'm really sorry but we are in the age where woman what to be equal, so fucking act it and take your man out!!! One of my pet peves are woman dating men that earn less than then and still expect them to do everything "A man is supposed" to do and still live. No no, dudettes you asked to be equal so now clench your pussys tight and act like your equal. It's the only way.

Lets get in bed

So I'm going to be subtle with these:

  • Start with a massage. It’s not just for  high scholars anymore.  You and he may both know where it’s going from the beginning (Trust me at least he does), but that doesn’t make a sensual massage any less sensual (It just makes you both seep even more), any less erotic, and any less tantalizing. I find it very hard to give a massage to my partner without wanting to jump on them after would and visa-versa. The touching of two bodies is the most intimate thing before actual sex-sex. Give it a try, get some essentials oils or baby oil and work at those knots and you knots inside will soon be work out to.
  • Non-genital stimulation: Men are obsessed on their penises. There’s no new information there. But you don’t have to be so single-minded too. You can bring him to levels of elation he may not even realise is possible just by kissing, touching, caressing, stroking, etc. those parts of his body other than his groin that, whether he knows it or not, are his erogenous zones. Each man (each person, for that matter) has them, and while the usual points – ears, feet, neck, chest, back, arms – are all the same, which of these are his particular zones of erogenous-ness is left for you to figure out. Experiment. Watch his responses. I remember the first time my spots were found by mistake, but hey they were well hidden and I'm glad they were found.

  • Good old fashioned hand-job: You’ve got to remember, guys grew up with masturbation as their predominant hobby since puberty (or before!). And I know a lot of men even Priests too have spent hours on end tugging and cumming all over themselves hoping and fantasising it were some one Else's hand on them or even some ones Else's who-ha (Pussy or ass). You can make that fantasy come true! The hand can provide a tighter grip with more pressure than most vaginas (and Ass hole  too), along with a greater variety of angles, movements, and positions. And when a guy gets to experience this blessed sensation without having to use his own hands, it drives him literally out of his mind.

  • Give him some ORAL, please: It’s a major sticking point in men’s inner and outer relationship dialogue – whether a girl gives blow jobs and how often. Many women are squeamish about sticking their mouths around a guy’s member, some to the point of being turned off completely just by the thought of it. But the thing is – we fucking love it (Gay or Straight). Sometimes it’s all they can think about. And all you really have to do to get past any icky feeling you may have about it is to ask him to get in the shower and clean off that area really well first (And come on you want him to lick your beaver I think it's only fair). If you tell him why you’re having him do this, he’ll be soaping up faster than you can get down on your knees. Never underestimate the power of fellatio to make a guy go ga-ga over you.

Gentlemen, ladies need to know you listen and need to know you  notice little things. Now the time to show them.

Bag her up!
Bag lady!

So how many women do you know that always has a bag on them? How many women do you know with a bag on them from Primark or Walmart? Yeah women love their bags it seems, but they really don't need another cheap out season knock off of a designer or vintage now, do they? Get them some thing a bit pricey and some thing that will make their friends say "He really loves you" (and trust me a girl's friends are the key to keep her, in most un-dramatic domestic cases)

Click me to Spa me
If she feels good, you'll feel good.

Women love to feel and look good just like any other of the world's genders. Why not buy her vouchers to a spa, products from the spas or a day/weekend at the spas. Trust me when she feels good about herself, she'll probably feel more sexy and you'll probably get more sex to. But it's not all about sex is it it's about showing her you love and value her. She may need the time of from ordinary life and this is the key. 

Click a dildo
 Your a Dildo too!

So a few of my girlfriends have said they enjoy using dildos and vibrators, but what a better way for her to want YOU more is to clone yourself for her. She'll be able to have you when ever she wants when your not available which is a two way plus for you both. (And should you ever break up I bet she'll be still having you on a nightly basis.) 
Women are liars if they say they are not horny as much as men. So this yes being a bit forward with the both of you in the room, so much is possible. She's now got to for the price of one (Fuck one get one free) 

Lets get in bed

 Relax her - It's  hard for women to orgasm if they are stressed. Give her a quick back massage.
Rub her shoulders, upper back and neck to melt away the tension.

 Ignore the vagina - Do you know that longer  foreplay actually increases the chances of her
coming? (and it also helps her in getting wetter and better) That's right. By kissing, caressing and touching her LONGER, you'll build the sexual tension and often the anticipation will be very powerful.

 Change your focus - If you focus all your attention on the woman first, you'll make love to her much
more passionately. Think about it! If you've finished first and decide to help her come, you
won't have the enthusiasm and passion that's needed to keep her hot and turned on.

 Tip to last longer - Of course the first step to help her reach orgasm is by not coming. The best
way I've found to not come is: Penetrate as normal and when you feel like you're about to come, simply
move your hips in a circular motion (like swaying a hula hoop) and wait until the "little guys" subside
again. Now continue pleasuring. :D

Well I hope this Little tips and hints has helped you a little bit more. Now all that need to be done is to get to it and get doing it. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Top 7 Valentines songs I'll be playing

Weeklys or Monthlys?: Top 7 Valentines songs I'll be playing: "Hello Homosapiens it's me Rogue Scott, coming at you from a very emotional place right now (I'm not like a heart of gold, hard and cold, I c..."

Top 7 Valentines songs I'll be playing

Hello Homosapiens it's me Rogue Scott, coming at you from a very emotional place right now (I'm not like a heart of gold, hard and cold, I can be soft too.)

As an unconventional conventionalist I have a top 7 list of love inspired songs that I would like to share with you this week.

At Number 7, we have: Nicki Minaj, with "Your love" from a debut Album PINK FRIDAY. I have this song  on my list as when I first heard it I immediately said "I love the soft girly, girly Nicki. This song is hot." It also reminds me of what I feel and felt for my husband feelings pass and come back as we all know and yes I am very much still in love (But I still flirt (Marbie smile X:)X)

At Number 6, we have: Destiny's Child, with "Cater to you". Need I say more this song says a lot for what my husband and myself do for each other after 7 short years. Now I feel if you are in love certain things go without need any of you saying. And I sure cater to him like he does me. (Love you Juggernaut)

At Number 5 (odd enough) we have: Tracy Chapman with "Baby Can I Hold You". I really like this song and although I don't own an album of the wondrous soulful song writer who shows of her obvious talents, i can't help but still look in Juggernauts eyes and sometimes sing this in my head. Sometimes word don't some easily as doing. This is also a live version.

At number 4 a song I think most of us can say we all adore, we have: Sinead O'Connor, with "Nothing compares to you" The video adds to her obvious love to whom ever she is singing to. And I know a lot of us love this.

At Number 3 and Celebrating my 3 year anniversary this year with our wedding song we have: Des'ree, with "I'm kissing you". Juggernaut and I both had this as top of our lists for our wedding song. Being the title track I believe to Romeo and Juliet (Modern spin starring: Decaprio and Ms Danes). We always play song. Can't wait for our 3 celebratory get-away this year August.

At Number 2, we have: N'sync with " This I promise you". I love the song and they will always have a part in my heart. (Reunion)

And My Number 1, we have: Seal with, "Kiss from a rose". Now I have loved this song since I was barley old enough to know what love was (I'm sure I still had SMA on my breathe(Baby formula)) Girls and boys go crazy for a performance from Seal live.

So there you have it my Homosapien dudes and dudettes, my top 7 love songs out of so many. What are yours? and What are our plans for the upcoming weekend and valentines day it's self? 

Watch out for my Valentines tips to and extra spark for all you loved up ones out there and those you are just loving themselves for now. Lets get all Xtina up in here and get Dirty!