Friday, 12 October 2012

Love, Kärlek, Aşk, kjærlighet, αγάπη, amour, sayang

Hello Homosapiens..... Been thinking of you a lot this week since my last post and thought to myself how I would try and convey something I think we have all felt once or twice in our lives, maybe even more so with some homosapiens. Lets talk about love, being in it, falling into it and falling out.

If you love me you would let me know

You would probably assume that loving someone would make you feel obliged to tell them and although you probably do want to tell them you're probably scared. A thousands of people fall in love each day and don't even realise it till days after and if any of you are like me then you probably start questioning just 'How do I say it?'. Love isn't the most of easiest things to handle though, the ages have seen love used as a device to corrupt and used as a tool of war or to conquer homelands, but this isn't the love that you homosapiens will encounter now (Unless of course you're reading from an office some where in a Palace, Mr/Ms Royalty). An example of being in love and not being able to say it: I was about 15, you're probably thinking "What'd you know about love? You still have SMA on your breath", but I felt i was in love with one of my, symbal smash, class mates. We did everything togther and yes you can say he was my best friend. However was I supposed to to him? No, he was straight in my eyes and I really didn't want there to be bad repurcussions, you know how teenagers can be. So I kept it to my self till a trip to France and got him drunk. That's when I told him and although he wasn't coherent I felt better.
On another hand someone may not want to tell you they love you, purely because it's menatlly and emotionally embeded in them. A person who is not shown love as a child or felt love has a child, is more likely to struggle with expressing those emotions to another indidvidual later on in life (Studying children really helps). It's not of fault of their own but of their childhood. Most things as we know it all stem from childhood and create a a layer of its past over us, so although you have grown in years you may revert to situations that best suited you as a child in a more grown up manner.

Love isn't something to be taken lightly with a tiny pinch of salt, some people say they have never found it, but really are you supposed to be looking for something you can't see? Love finds you and not the other way round, you just need to F.L.Y

If you love me you would let me go

Did you everunderstand that phrase, "If you love me, you would let me go"? I didn't till a few years ago. Being in a relationship and falling out of love with a person is hard, not only on them, but on you too (Well it was for me, falling out of love with someone.) Feeling trapped and not quite understanding how and when it happened, you just kow it has, is a mind fuck. And then you have to say it. But I didn't understand this phrase being in a relationship I learnt it when I had to give my puppies life to the eternal soil as he was badly injured. The vets said he could live, but it would be any good life for him, so I had to agree to euthanasia (Don't laugh at me but when I was about 14, I asked my mum about some report on the news, talking about war and what else in Iraq and I said"My, but was does the youth in Asia have to do with war", she looked at me and laughed then explained. God I was so blonde). I loved him and had to let him go. With a human on human relationships it's not that easy especially if your in a controlled relationship where you are the one that feels controlled. However, if you love someone and they have clearly fallen out of that cirle with you really, what else can you do? Falling out of love with someone is just as easy as it was to fall in love with them, it leaves you again asking those questions, How? When? and Why? sometime relatiosnship factors such as I don't know, top of my head, abuse can kill the feeling. Falling out of love with someone isn't easy so give that person a break.

Not to sure where I wanted to go, but I thought as I wrote to you about love and I'm working on a song, I'd dig a little deeper.

"Love finds you and not the other way round, you just need to F.L.Y (Firstly love yourslef)" 

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