Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Disney grabbing again

Hello Homosapiens..... A source of mine has told me Disney is on the prowl again, now buying Lucasfilm/Star wars. Lets see what come from this.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Tomorrow's genteration (Change)

Hello Homosapiens..... Today whilst at work I realised that if we feed the hungry minds of today's children the world of tommorrow could be a haven and become once again fruitful. Speaking in a group with some younglings, they amazed me at the knowledge that have retained since August, just gone. They understand the need to recycle and know just why we should (enough for them to do well at home), they understand the need of respect (I don't teach tolerance unless of course it mean tolerating a ichy jumper for a couple of hours.), they have no hang ups on race or gender and what surprises me is that whenever I speak of having a husband or another woman having a wife, an eyelid is not battered and they continue to ask questuions and listen as normal. None react in the way that by niece did nor do they have any of those awkward questions she asked me in a previous post "How to answer the many gay questions of a child", which I'm glad about.
So chagne is coming, change is real and chagne is here.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

This is the time, this is the hour. Now is the time, now is the hour.

Hello Homosapiens....... Take heed, take control of all your desires and your tree will blossom some great fruit. Tomorrow may never come, just as today may be short. Know what you want, do what you do and doit it well. Don't be afraid to ask for help, help is given to those that need it. I was always afraid of asking for help, because I figured that getting it, my work would not be my own, that wasn't true. My work has flourished and now the seeds have been sown. Lets see if the soil is fertile now.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

You're the opportunity.....

Hello Homosapiens........ I been write to you for a while now sharing my inner thought and most deepest secrets never been told until now. I never thought an opportunity would come my way and although it has, I've realised that I was the opportunity all along, I just needed to believe.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Top 10 Sexiest Women and Men in the gaming world part2

Hello Homosapiens....... So I'm back, you're back for part two of my top sexiest women and sexiest/hunkiest men. Now I must warn you, my language may get a little sexual, or maybe a lot. But you know your Rogue boy well don't you? I haven't the time to not say what's on my mind. The top 10 guys of mine, in the gaming world, really should have reality selves.... Or maybe some have been based on a few. Game on!

#10 Akuma 

Yes, he's a so called demon, but his ripped body sends chills down my spin. If only I could find a guy like Ahhhhh... Kuuuuuu.....Maaaaa. The Street Fighter series pins him down as one of the best and un-defeatable characters in the series and boy and men a like always seem to pick him when losing a battle to the like of Chun-li. It's almost homoerotic, but growing up, watching those same guys pick him was a turn on. Those big budda beads he wears round his neck make me wonder  what else is big. But then being so well pumped up, if he were a real person I'm sure his cock would be the size of a pea, that interrupted that Princess in that one story. Oh well Akuma, stuck at number ten, I wouldn't trust you in y bed, you seem to always have a fiery temper, make me wonder what flaming std you may be carrying.

#9 Sephrioth

Yet another, I think he's meant to be Oriental. Well he's an anime Character from the Final Fantasy series. Sephi, babe has that quiet, mean boy, goth look about him. His long flowing sliver hair over his grey eyes, shit fuck Christian Grey, I got a sword wielding tall and powerful sexy dude here. Not so much a sexy hunk, so that why he's at number 9.

#8 Dante

It's his name a swag the gets him a rank in my top 10(11) list, demon killer possibly the equivalent to Buffy Summers, however I feel Ms Summers could throw a beat down on him. Yay I'm borderline sexist, physically he's sexy but if Ms summers cold be him down in my VS battle mode, then he just isn't man enough for, as Tony Braxton would say. 

#7 Cloud

Clouds cute and it's was weird seeing him grow up. He became sexy, just not a hunk. Plus he defeated Sephrioth. What a mighty, big sword you have Cloud. 

#6 Jacob Taylor

When I opened up my Xbox 360 and slowly slid the disk in the tray and injected the tray back into the Xbox, the first thing I noticed that was different in Mass Effect 2, was the sexy Afro-American Hunk. Now lets recap, hunks are men that can be sexy, some men can be sexy and some men can be both. If he was such a pussy, I would be on in like white on rice, brown on chocolate. Nice thick lips to do what I'd need him to do. I must remember that all these guys are just computer generated images, or are they? >>>>>>
I think I've changed my mind, maybe push him down to 9.

#5 Ken Masters and Nathan Drake

Nathan, is that you?
I just could choose or leave these to off my list so Ken Masters first game appearance in 1987 and is (whoopi) Three-quarters Japanese (Back to the Orientals) he's very cocky and vain and comes across masculine, a hunky semi sexy guy. Nathan Drake on the other hand, nice dark brown hair, blue eyes and Yankie and knows how to handle his grave-robbing self and a funny guy is hot. Okay I lied a little the only reason why they're together is because, if by any chance they were really I could defo have a 3some. Two in one hole any one? 


#4 James Vega 

He's sexy, he's hunky, but hes a bit of a brute and thick headed. Always up for a fight. nice if you're into that thing (I'm taking this too seriously now lol) Brute me up in bed thanks then get the fuck out. Dumb dudes aren't a turn on even if they are hunky and sexy looking, operative words being SEXY LOOKING!

#3 Shepard

We are getting so close to the sexiest man, not that Shepard isn't sexy or a Hunk but there are two more that have that little bit more than him. He has a look-a-like too....
Mark Vanderloo

#2 Nicko Bellic
Nicko, oh Nico, oooh Nicko. Croatian, Russian or whatever you are, that nose alone make me think you're packing way down, thickly to your knees. You are my number 2. Rugged and very streetwise, I  would implore you to ravish me any night and day and in one of your many stolen cars. But sorry thugmysta with the sexy accent your number 2 for a reason.

#1 Chris Redfield 
All I know is a combo of the last 4-5 men, he has won this one hands down for me. Rugged, masculine, handsome and sexy and definatly a hunk, who is a quick thinker. War guy who'll stand for what's right. Chris you are a sexy fucker. Now if only you were real, I could gargle your nuts and after we'd make a banana spilt. Funny your remind me of some one just slightly. No PSL here though, back to reality as I'm no VR Trooper. 

There you have the top 10 sexiest women and men in gaming for me, who are for you? 
Oh How could I forget SHEVA ALOMAR Chris' partner, what a fucking sexy bonus end. Pitty it didn't end in a creamy, salt virtual end. 

Top 10 Sexiest Women and Men in the gaming world part1

Hello Homosapiens..... Today lets look at some of my and maybe your top 10 sexiest women and hunkiest/sexiest men the gaming world. No I don't consider my self to be a member of the PSL clan (Perverse Sexual Lust) and it took me a while to even look at some of these fictional characters and be like "She's sexy." or "Damn he could do me now." But seeing as I have been gaming console mad of late and not paying to much attention  to the ridiculous announcement of yet another variation of the iPad thought "Why not?" and here we are. beware of the content that will follow. (Marbie smile) Lets depixelate these sexy MOFOs!

Top Ten Sexiest Women 

#10 Harley Quinn 
In her first appearance ever back in the SEGA Genesis days as a Boss in the game 'The Adventures of Batman and Robin, she has become one hot momma. A hot momma a would want to fuck with. Her twisted way of thinking after falling in love with The Joker, keeps my interested in her story. Her charm is alluring and her one liners have me on my knees. But sleep with one eye.

#9 Samus Aran
This honey has been going hard since 1986 and is often covered up in her spacesuit. However she has a girlish charm I think straightian dudes and lesbianasians would love, the girl nest door look. I don't know much about her, but what else do I need to know apart from, her being sexy? 

 #8 Christie Monterio 
Came to our console in 2001, Christie is a mixed martial arts fighter from Tekken. The only reason she's on this list is that she favours the lady whom was born on the same day as I, many year before I, Jennifer Lopez. Cute ass, nice cup sized breast and if she were real, you know tis gyal could dance. Who doesn't love a good dancer? 

 #7 Bayonetta 
Every school boy or girl has had a few moistened dreams about a female teacher in their lives, and looking like a High school teacher, who could deny that Bayonetta is sexy as the hell. With hair magical hair that wraps round her body created a skin tight witch suit, she could wrap me up any day in the web she chooses to cast, just as long as she hasn't got those handgun heals on. 

#6 Ivy
This is a funny one but she's on my list anyway. Ivy from Soul calibur, is so masculine in ways with her deep, rough tone but the body is to die for. Her short Platinum hair and thigh high boots made me at first on my first sight of her say "I'm playing with her" I suppose gay guys just love a strong woman who if they had a dildo would allow them to fuck them rotten. Ivy, I bow down. 

#5 Tifa Lockheart
When I first saw Tifa I was in in love up until my number one came along. She's that cute girl next door who over summer became a woman, with ample breasts that I'm sure a dude or dudette wouldn't mind trying to get milk out of. I'm sure she died. Oh well.  

#4 Felicia 
I'm a lover of cats, not like that and a love of anything blue, so when I first came across this blue-haired in Marvel vs Capcom (When I first came across her, you read that right?) I was in love and till this day love everything about her. No she's not Catwoman, she is in fact an alien race where she is part cat, so better. The things she could do to other and herself with that tail. Come scratch my back any day. 

#3 Chun-li
I've always had a thing for Orientals and the culture and I could go on for days speaking of such things, but that's not why we are here. Her legs are thick and strong, her cute little booty pop she does when expelling a fireball, could possibly be considered as indirect gaming porn. But she's no bitch to mess with, with her one hundred foot kick attack and spinning bird kick tricks tied up in her hair buns, who know what she can do to you if her aim was to pleasure. 

#2 Lara Croft
Need i say more with Lara? Who on earth hasn't found this English rose beauty, turned mega tomb-raiding killer bitch attractive. Yes her developers got a bit out of hand with her breast at one point, but they are now well suited to her trim frame. Her accent along is gorge. Ms Croft, you are Number 2

#1 Morrigan Aenland
Thought to be a Vampire from her looks alone, and I have a massive obsession with Vampire and wild sex, Morrigan is in fact a succubus. It's no wonder how she seduced me in to making her number one. But she is, sexy-cute with a playful manner which I love in her charter design. 

Next the men are to come...... End of Part 1 of 2

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Have a Wii go on the Wii U

Hello Homospaiens....... Yes I've been focusing on the Wii U in my personal life and it's now become a focus in my blogging next to me writing my Memoirs Of Marbie series. Starting this month, this coming Friday the Nintendo has opened up the experience for free around the UK. I have a few addresses and time for you, so be sure to go sample the goods before your definite purchase. Marbie love a bit of freeness sometimes, so I will definitely have to go down to one or two of these venues and try out the merchandise. You with me on that homosapien dudes and dudettes?

MCM Expo London

Excel London,

Royal Victoria Dock,
E16 1XL

26th October 2012  from 2p- 7pm

27th October 2012  from 11am - 6 pm

28th October 2012  from 11am - 5pm 

Bullring shopping Centre 

Bullring Shopping Centre,

West Midlands 
B5 4BU

8th November 201 from 10am - 8pm

9th November 2012 from 10am - 8pm

10th Novemebr 2012 from 9am - 8pm

11th November 2012 from 11am - 5pm

Westfield Stratford City

Westfield Stratford City
E20 1 EJ

15th November 2012 from 10am - 9pm

16th November 2012 from 10am - 9pm

17th November 2012 from 9am - 9pm 
A being where you want to go, unless you want to go to the Apple store (Zee)

Wii U says "F U" for now, in regards to in-game voice

Hello Homosapiens....... The New Nintendo Wii U that is set to land upon us like the Mars Curiosity rover, has been considered by many in the gaming world to be Nintendo's answer to 'hardcore' gaming on a Nintendo console, after it's predecessor seemed to fail miserably at doing that job. Yes hardcore gaming will be indeed possible all thanks to Nintendo realising and producing the additional Pro controller, but right there. It's seems the developers have said a tiny voiced "F-U!" when it come to hardcore gamers who will purchase the Wii U, because one important component seems to be missing from the cookie dough mix, in regards to it's voice the Wii U's Voice chat functionality.

Gamers who spend their hours, days, weeks and months playing games such as Activison's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which will now be available on a Nintendo for the first time. As well seasoned beef jerky pros will know though, games like these are just not the same without smooth in-game chat with you clan members.

Yes it's no problem for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but I'm sure as always Nintendo Bosses have something planned in the pipeline like they usually do. Gamers of hardcore games using the in-game functionality will have to use a mic hooked up to the Wii U gamepad and not to the Pro Controller which has (Not yet) been built to provide a socket for the wired peripheral. That's right dudes and dudettes I said WIRED!!!!!!

Wired for now Homosapiens
Big whoopee, as a developer you'd develop a product as you see fit that best suits your needs and costs as well as you customers and try and meet on high middle ground. Does this affect me in any way? No not really. Could it affect the possible sales of Nintendo's new console? Hmmm I doubt it much seeing as every store I have gone into after pre-ordering mine has said they are already sold out (12 in London so far I plan to cold call a lot more over the weeks.) Will this affect hardcore gamers? Maybe, having to jack a headphone and mic into the gamepad, having it at wank distance from you can possibly become messy with some premature breakages from spillages (Us gamers love a cold drink at our sides don' we?)
Beyonce would sing out "Deja Vu"
Nintendo will possibly find a way or could possibly find a way to use the gamepad alone to have the whole desired in-game voice chat, I mean if they can do video calls a firmware update at a later date could solve all you GEEKARBIES problems, making everyone then happy.

It could work right? Seeing as video-chat does
With the addition of a better online marketplace for the Wii U like the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s crystal that Nintendo really want to close the gap in the online love-hole  with the Wii U. Has the company possibly made a machine that will become a cybernet terminator a shot them selves down over the little mess surrounding voice chat? Let Marbie know how this affects you if you are / were planning to buy the console NEXT month.

If the video Chat can work, Nintendo surely voice alone could right? Or Geekarbies, GET OVER IT!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Wii Marbie Wii

Hello Homosapiens....... The new Nintendo games console, not so creatively named Wii U is almost on shores around the UK, witnessed it's fist commercial apparently during (fi)X-Factor on ITV on Saturday 20th October, however I made sure I watched out for it a never saw the advert.

It sport a tablet styled controller which is going to be possibly it's best selling point and not only has this time Nintendo bosses targeted casual, family and kid games, it has now surprisingly targeted the hardcore gamers. Game such as Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 are just two titles set to coming out in the Nintendo's launch window. Speaking of Launch window, Nintendo's window is open from November stretching way into March 2013. A window or a wormhole Nintendo?

The advert

Unless you are a follower of consoles and games you probably haven't heard much of the Wii U, nor probably care, but as a parent you're going to want to care to shut your kids mouths up behind their teeth when they see that Nintendo has beat Microsoft  and Sony to the next gen (generation) consoles, well next gen for Nintendo that will now years later after it's predecessor is now sporting High definition 1080p graphics (Parents thats a good thing).

Premium Console £350
Basic Console around £250
The Wii U will be pricey especially as it's come out of nowhere to kick you in the asses and will debit your cards and take your cash in two ways if you decide to jump on the wagon as so many have in the gaming world. The console comes in two memory sizes the first being an 8gb model that will run you here in the UK about £250 and come in white (Basic Wii U), where the other model a whopping Marbtastical 32gb which will be priced from £310 with Nintendoland game or £350 with ZombieU (A game for the older crowd)(Premium Wii U).
In saying that if you don't already own a Wii, you won't be getting the all important sensor bar that SHOULD come with it in the 8gb box-set, because Nintendo have it in their minds that everyone has jumped on their wagon before therefore should own a sensor already. (In my case I do, however my Husky puppy found her way to the lead and chewed like a bitch). However opting to pay more for the black console which is obviously being flagged as the better choice (Funny that, Black coming out on top for a second time, Vote Obama), you shall receive in your boxes not only the all important sensor bar but and one of the newly designed controller pads (cough Xbox-cough-360 clone).
Nintendo have stated, the future will hold better prospect for the 8gb model, where consumers will have the option of upgrading the systems with external hard drives, which is bad at all, but why not make it available now? (Oh Money, money, money) Oh I forgot to say you to intend to buy the 8gb console buy a sensor bar from HERE, HERE OR HERE

The Tablet Controller
The Wii U Gamepad, as it is called, incorporates traits from tablets devices, the GamePad incorporates both usual input methods such as buttons, analog sticks, and a D-pad (Good old D pad) and a touchscreen. The touchscreen can be used in conjunction with a game by providing alternate functionality or an asymmetric view of a scenario/scene in a game. The screen can also be used to play a game whilst someone else is watching the TV however details on which games would be able to do so are limited at present, just like everything else with the Nintendo Wii U. 
The Games: You Know Mario and his companions will be here somewhere right? 
 Released 30th November 2012

 Released 30th November 2012 

 Released 30th November 2012 

 Released 30th November 2012 

Yes the Launch date for the UK is the 30th November 2012 and the USA should launch on the 18th November a tad bit earlier than the UK, but we all know the US of A, has always been favoured, I favour them sometimes (Marbie smile). Other titles and their release dates can be found HEREHERE or HERE

So I'll be definitely be getting mine and I will review it after hours of playing what ever system I decide to help break my bank-account, but you shall here from me before that. Memoirs of Marbie, chapters from Dominica are coming soon. 

The advert again
Nintendo E3 Presentation of how the Wii U will play.

Marvellous Ironman

Hello Homosapiens..... As I been keeping track on my most anticipated movies of 2013, you'd be glad to know I've come across Ironman 3 photos and a teaser clip (I'm sure you have too. I'm so revved up about this film and all that comes out of the Marvel/Disney productions. All I need now is For Kill Bill 3 to hurry up and spring is massive attack on us, as thats sure to be a big Blockbuster. Ironman 3 images below with teaser clip.

So many suits, Tony? I now wonder how many condom varieties you have (Marbie smile)

"Come vogue, let your body move to the music..."

Will will be seeing remote controlled Ironman in this movie?

"Oh say can't you see, Ironman is here for we"
Another suit bites the dust.

Ben Kingsley as....... Mandarin???

Another happy ending maybe, just before the Avengers reassemble 
The Trailers 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

They're here, they're queer, should we have to get used to it?

Hello Homosapiens…… It's me once again your Marbie and today's post I'm going to talk to you dudes and dudettes about contestants and how they have been perceived.
The times of dark has come upon us once again, being a gay Omega for you dudes and dudettes, I feel obliged to speak on the matter of true representation and the fake. Over the years, gay guys in talent shows have been seen in a few shades of grey lights and some of which have made starts out of them, whilst others make a sheer mockery of a group.
Being gay, a person should not have to feel pigeon holed into this camp, cabaret, promiscuous, effeminate, and loud-mouthed letterbox, I think Stonewall has done so much for the gay community that really should one have to be subjected to seeing such discriminating mirrors of a group?

"Stonewall was founded in 1989 by a small group of women and men who had been active in the struggle against  Section 28 of the Local Government Act.
Section 28 was an offensive piece of legislation designed to prevent the so-called 'promotion' of homosexuality in schools; as well as stigmatising gay people it also galvanised the gay community.
The aim from the outset was to create a professional lobbying group that would prevent such attacks on lesbians, gay men and bisexuals from ever occurring again. Stonewall has subsequently put the case for equality on the mainstream political agenda by winning support within all the main political parties and now has offices in England, Scotland and Wales." 
However times have not changed for the best but, loopholes have been created in order to stigmatise the gay community once again. Social networking sites have played a  part also however being gay or coming out as gay always seems to create a massive attack of interest (Pause). 
Lets look at some of these contestants I'm talking about and why I feel, these contestants need to be truer to themselves and not allow a production team to take charge and actually make them take heed in what they as individuals are and where they see the future. 
Contestant Numero Un:
Will Young: Born 20 January 1979, he entered the talent show which was all the rage 'Pop Idol UK" in  2002. He has a remarkable voice and all though at first glance and hearing, he was quaint, not so outspoken, seemed to be sure of himself, yet was still in the mentally closed doors and padlocked closet. He ended up winning the contest against runner up Gareth Gates, whom everyone assumed was gay because of his boyish Bel Ami, twink looks. However Mr Young is an exception from what I want to say. He didn't through out his performances do the whole cabaret thing, thing that gay guys obviously love (?), but was this due to him not being publicly gay or due to the fact that his personality alone proved that not all gay guys are raging, glits and glamor, wannabe icons, who listen to Eurovision  backlog cds. I really don't mean to single out a group, not scratch that I do. But there are plenty of other groups within the gay community that will say "Fuck all that, I am nothing like that" which I'm glad Mr Young, multi-platinum selling artist turned semi actor has not been or become. 

Contestant Numero Deux: (Un cote en noir)
Such a talent
Lascel Woods: 21 year old, young black guy, whose career was almost broken before it had started simply because participated in an act that fairly most of them population of adult age (some in their teen) have probably done, have done and have thought about doing. Demonised for his private life, Lascel was then booted out of the competition for an online line video clip recorded (reported) by an on looker chatting with him, it was also reported that you had to pay £5 to watch the clip of him having some fun with himself, but hey if it was he who uploaded the video, we all have to make money somehow right? Thou shall not hate. To be honest I'm glad he got booted off because his career can now blossom into something he wants with closed doors opened and nothing to hide. His past is nothing to be ashamed about, he did what he saw fit in that time, demonisation of ones past is one of the many downfalls of the homosapien race. 

Contestant numero trois: The loud-mouth
George Gerasimou: Youngling in age and even younger in mind. George, after an excruciatingly, tone deaf performance I was left to believe that he was born partially deaf and forgot his hearing aids at home. Of not just the fault of his own, but his friends and family allowed and probably encouraged him to audition for X-Factor not once but twice was a big mistake. The first time didn't go so well for him, due to his fiery temper and then he went back for a second chance, with the same mentality trying to be sweet, kind of like putting icing sugar and cherries on top of some runny dog shit and thinking it's going to improve the look and taste. Not meaning to go in hard on poor George, but honey you did yourself no favours. Yes Mr Gerasimou, a young gay man-child, born and raised in North London (and open gay on sites such as Facebook and BGClive), is yet another stereotype of gay people not being able to make a cage for their tongues and closing their teeth. Not only was he lippy, he was vile at attacking judges, particularly Tulisa (Contostavlos), whom also was reported to making an adult orientated clip, which has not broken her career, but maybe Lascel that's because she was already famous??? SO G.G and all that jazz, teeth closure is your best bet, to a better life sometimes. 

Contestant Numero quatre: Professional 
Marcus Collins: Born 15 May 1988, in Liverpool, mixed race sexylicous dude. Mr Collins entered the X-factor competition in 2011 the same year as the loud mouth above. No he didn't win, but he seemed to stay true to his roots by being himself and not over compensating for being gay. Why would he? With such talent he had no reason do and although he didn't win, like Lascel Wood, has a career in front of him if he wants it. The production team did in some weeks attempt to camp him up with his song choice but that old saying comes to mind "A leopard never changes it spots, so why would you trust a chameleon?" Collins is a true Leopard and showed the world that gay men do not have to be male counterparts of their female idols. Marcus, unlike Will young was openly gay and had no need to become a flamboyant starling of the competition because his talent was there to prove he was worthy, even if he did not win in the end, but one wonders if he had been quite what would the outcome have been then? another winner like Will? Lets not ponder. 

Contestants numero Cing et Six: Camp came back in full blown Carry-on style

No we all love something to watch and it seem my heterosexual homosapiens love something to watch and scry on more than I. 
Rylan Clark 2012
Johnny Robinson 2011
Rylan  Ross Clark and Johnny Robinson, two of the most campest, flamboyant contestants we've seen so far make it to the live shows (I've forgotten to mention Joe Mcelderry oh well). These two young and hagged men possibly have no future in the music or any other industry becuase of what Talent shows have done their best attempts to destroy them completely regardless if that was their intention. Hate mail and death threats have been sent to both of these men and all for what, because they were over the top or just could sing (ahem Ry(cough)lan). The two of their acts has sparked yet trivial belief that gay guys are that exactly, camp, loud and full of themselves. Entertaining to watch? Not for most gay guys who hate the fact that Dorothy has not laid down her shoes and gone to rest, permanently because of false-onesided representation. I think the dawn of gays want to follow the yellow brick road to the rainbow city has gone now, just as the black, pick a bell of cotton days have gone.  But these two hopefuls are prime examples of wanting fame so much that they lost site of what the public will look at in the bigger picture. Neither of them and this is my opinion only would make a long lived career in the music industry, maybe a year or so in TV as a joke for the people and I rather my people (so to speak) aren't made fun of, many before us have worked to hard for us to be accepted for these shows to just stigmatise us in their legal, loophole way. 
Some of these songs they gave these men were obviously intended for women to sing or were sung by women, why on earth would you mock a male who is sexually attracted to males by giving them these choices. 
My point, if not clear, is that many aren't happy with the perception of gay people in the media yet nothing has changed, but if it were the old fashioned cartoons of stereotype, borderline racist visions there would be up-roar and plenty would be done to change it. Take stand of who you are and make those complaints, because without our voice change will never come.