Monday, 31 December 2012

Marbie ditches alcohol for a month

Hello Homospiens, so I decided I was going to help raise money for the Charity 'Cancer Research UK'.  The fun part is, I won't be drinking for a month (The whole of January 2013) whilst doing so. Hopefully I can get a my local Police station help me out with a breathelizer thing on a daily basis so I can prove to you all I'm doing good. But here's my page where you can help raise funds.

>>>>>>>> Here <<<<<<<<<

I'll start my new Year with a a good cause, I intend to give to monthly, will you?
Please help.

'Happy New Year Dudes and Dudettes'

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Don't hate me Homosapiens!!!!!! Marbie has been deployed back into the world of angry people.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Operation: Marbie Starts Over

Hello Homosapiens.......... As the new Year approaches, I have made a trend for myself to start over. New interests, newish style and lets say curls no more. I'll keep you updated on the mixed and curly front, but for now, remember how I am.
What have you chosen to do for the New Year?

As one life seems to end, another Blossoms

The Orchid flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in my opinion yet can be very temperamental without the right care. Blossoming sometimes for months in my experiences until the flowering season ends. Trimming the ends making the plant look like a tough leafed shrub lacking any beauty as it did once  and caring for the plant as if nothing had changed, is your best bet for it to blossom over and over again.

Being newly diagnosed HIV positive does not mean that life has to end for you, just like the Orchid a new life for you too has started to bare its buds and is striving to blossom, you only need let it.
Speaking to a friend of mine who in 2003 found out about their status and was understandably devastated, they told me once they had found out life to them became more important than what they had thought of it. In their words “Life was just a play it day by day sort of thing. No real meaning, but now there’s so much I can see that I didn’t before.” They said that life before being diagnosed was in fact one big party, never sticking to a job and stumbled from city to city in the UK. Finding out forced them to become in their words again “Grow up” and take charge of their life. That same friend is in a relatively well paid job and has being climbing up the ladder in their industry, bettering themselves for years now, they live alone, party with friends and now is planning on having a child, biologically, so you see life for them has blossomed and continues to.

How does one living with HIV have children? I asked myself that same question, but where there’s a will there also may be a way, the way is treatments. I came across the term ‘Sperm-washing’ and had no clue what that meant, in fact I thought if the male partner was positive then he’d ejaculate in a cup and somehow washing the sperm in a soapy substance. Sperm washing rests on the premise that HIV-infected material is carried primarily in the seminal fluid rather than in the sperm itself. The technique which is used separates sperm from seminal fluid. When the sperm has been washed, there are many ways it can be used. The simplest of these is to perform a technique called intra-uterine insemination (IUI), where the washed sperm is placed directly into the uterus of the female partner. This is done when she is most likely to get pregnant, so around her ovulating cycle. If there are any other fertility problems that may occur there are procedures that you may be familiar with like IVF (In vitro fertilisation) eggs are inseminated with the washed sperm  and ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) where they directly inject the sperm  into the egg. However if the female is the one which is positive, she would have to carry on taking her treatments as normal or be advised to switch treatments for the health of the baby. I also heard that having a cesarean can lower the risk of transmission to the unborn baby. In all scenarios the viral load of the person would be advised to be undetectable before and would be monitored throughout the pregnancy.

The future gets brighter everyday and as most people walk through life, they find themselves in relationships too. Find another Orchid to make a lovely hybrid is not an easy task, but when you find the right compatible partner life for you can have new blossoms of joy.
Rushing into things is not advised, too many young people have done so and without the right education and protection have received news they did not expect. Take your time and by all means be honest to yourself about what you intend to gain from a partnership. As many good well intentioned people there are in the world there are those that would, I would say be “The snakes in the grass with the venom on their tongues.” I’m not saying keep your status to a minimum, but you don’t particular what to start a journey with someone that understandably you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Sarah knowing about your HIV positive status, because yes it is still an untalked about issue amongst many whom may not be as educated as you, the last thing you want is added stress in your life. On the positive look on your endeavours of find a possible partner, you should be honest with them once you feel you can trust them, get to know them before become physically intimate.
Many social networking sites out there especially amongst the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered communities (LGBT), social networks allow you the option to disclose your HIV status or not.
Because you are becoming more knowledgeable of the virus and you now know that just because a life you thought you had has ended, another and many are about to begin, remember the most important thing is to take care of yourself, love yourself and through doing this you inturn will be able to protect others and hopefully find your partner you decide you want to have a life with.
Life as you know it, has not ended, it’s just found a beginning to a new path you can enjoy once again.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

You're human, so they say but inside we're more Animal

Hi Homosapiens.. So couple of months ago I had to get my Husky Kiara spayed, due to the fact that I didn't really want a house full of puppies and nor did I really want her to bleeding all around my house and I was not going to have her wearing sanitary towel and also I don't actually trust any of the locals in the area in which I live  to have vaccinated their dogs. She was becoming of the age where she would've secreted that oh so lovely smell all horny dogs want a bitch to make, thus I had to give her the snip. You see that's how animals operate they give out a scent for the others to know that they're ready to procreate letting all those around them  know that they are ready to fuck. Sometimes animals give off another scent, to ward off other animals as a defence mechanism but the mechanism that I'm talking about is the mechanism of lust, the mechanism that she drives others crazy sexually. (Random thought, the only other  mammal known  other than man to have sex for enjoyment is the Dolphin, I'm sure apes do also as it has been recorded they masturbate in private or in groups, surely that's for sexual reasons I mean why else would they do it?)

Let's talk about pheromones, so I'm assuming that you know what pheromones are if not let me break it down for you, pheromones are a chemical secreted by animals especially in insects and yes  mammals too that influence the behaviour or development of  others of the same species, commonly used to attract the opposite sex however I'm sure it works the other way round also.

There has been huge debate about the existence of human pheromones, whether they work on humans, and how strong they are. I'm going to bat for the team that says pheromones are up on full force, simply for the fact that when one goes out and is feeling quite sexual I find I get a lot of attention and although body language may play a part in my feeling sexual and getting attention, I'm often with my friends laughing and drinking so the body language there is not saying "Come and get me boys" as if I was Nicole Kidman gliding down from centre-stage on a swing in the movie titled 'Moulin Rouge'.
So when one is seeking a partner and they're not wearing any fragrance (because we all know that fragrance/ odour can play a small part in the selection of a concubine or what have you), do they secrete these pheromones? I'm absolutely sure they do, because most chances are when seeking a partner they attract many partners often enough maybe not the partner they want but inevitably they got that attention. I find that when I'm out with my friends after a few drinks I often do feel quite sexual and want some harmless, flirtatious attention, then attention comes, from a greasy looking guy that I wouldn't go for or a girl who has obviously not caught on that I'm gay yet, so you just have to politely say "Sorry not interested"and depending on how I'm feeling and how annoying they're becoming it's a simple, turn my head away and continuing with my night for a proper suitor to come my way.

It is said if a dude and dudette are in a relationship and he is secreting enough pheromones he can have an effect on her menstrual cycle, which would accelerate and increase fertility leading to pregnancy in the likelihood that she is able to conceive. Whilst there is no say how a dudette's pheromones would affect a man, given the reputation of the male species of the homosapien race, it wouldn't matter anyway if they did have any effects, men are so-called more hornier and then females anyway (So not true I know so randy dudettes as I'm sure you do are are one yourself). There has been some studies set out to see if pheromones are sexual orientation based and whilst I can say the gaydar is possibly the best pheromone that domains I'm not too sure it is sexual orientation based, women talking to gay men sometimes assume a man is free, single and most of all not gay, not getting signals from him in the conversation or body language, but his pheromones. So his pheromones obviously are on but are not triggered for her, so I don't believe in the sexual orientational based pheromones, unless of course scientists come up with a reason to say in these circumstances the  human brain is now malfunctioning and scrambling  signals (Which is why we get fag hags).

So are we more alike and more in tune with our animal counterparts? Yes, we can sniff out the perfect partner (or partner for now) by sniffing out the genetics which we do obviously without knowing, just like the heart beating we are unaware what we are doing and when.  In my line of work when I don't know when an item of clothing belongs to someone i.e a child I sniff it, they all have they're own smells, not pheromones but (little piece) proof that we are closer animals than you'd think.

Apparently Dolphins enjoy threesomes also

Pheromone parties fancy that.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Monday, 10 December 2012

7 syllables that will change your life

Hey Homosapiens... After listening to some peers of mine drone on about their sweet lives and how good they are, I couldn't help my smile inside when two in particular peers had not such great lives due to breaking up with their partners or wanting to break up. Yes I'm somewhat of a big pessimist at time when I'm not being the full fledge optimist, most people have grown to know. When you hear those 4 syllables that could possible turn into 3 more that you'd might want to hear but only 3 defining ones  come parading your way like a herd of elephants, you heart must stop, right? "I don't love you anymore"
Whilst someone has never broke up with me in such a graceful way, the first and only guy that broke up with me, did it in the harshest of ways. Lets just say, keys left behind, clothes taken, numbers were changed and the birth of a single black male hell bent on revenge was born upon the world.
I vowed from then, if I ever break up with someone it has to be done right, graceful and sympathetic to the other's feelings, because they really might not have seen it coming and I'd hate someone to feel as shitty as I did those many years ago (Plus anyone seeking  non-physical harm revenge on me is in for a long battle).

So are there really signs that a break up is right around the corner and if so should you look out for them? Yes and No. Whilst we all know everyone is different biologically and emotionally, what you do need to look at is how they are socially. I'm not going to bullet point what to look out for, I think real life scenarios are better to pick at.
Everything seems to come down to social factors in one way or another.
This one friend, scared, bored, excited me with months worth of stories and events that had gone on in their lives and as a friend I was there for them, I wouldn't be much of a friend if I wasn't. Events of there partner sexting other people, relocating the Ex-files and attempting to rekindle some burnt out flame, being with other people at social gatherings that they should really have attended (in all sense of being in a relationship) and the constant remarks of being bored with the sex and the relationship. Dudes and Dudettes, I tell you now if a homosapien ever becomes bored of my kitten play, I'm going to have to go back to the ball of string and see where I went wrong.
So I kept telling, this friend, leave. Their response was always that they were in love and that they thought they'd be together forever, life can be a bitch and I know I can, but thinking that way is too optimistic, kind of like hoping, that one fat guy about to jump in the pool is not going to make the biggest splash and wave so you stay there and watch.   Now I see my ways were wrong, I should never had told them to leave, especially if I knew they still wanted to be with this other that was obviously parading their advances on Facebook and had changed relationship status, blocked and unfriended them and lastly became involved with another person with very clear almost nude pictures, they were an item. I should have just let them make up their own minds. Which I did later, but can't help but wonder did I help with the decision.

Now another one of my friends is on the other side of the fence. In the sense they want out, just they don't know how to get out. A very strong willed individual has found themselves trapped like a mouse underneath a cats paw. They have been with their partner for years now and live together. Living together can't be easy, but to want out of a relationship must be worse. Do I think their relationship is perfect? No, did I ever? Yes. But when one comes at me with the thoughts they have and words been said to them I have to wonder 'Why don't you say something?". It seems year in a relationship is harder to get out of than just a few months, bonds have bound, sealed and are harder to detach from.

"You'd be lost without me", "No one else would want you." "No one else would put up with your shit." all what one will say to my friend.

 The many nights being left alone at home and wondering when the other is to return only really seeing them on the weekend and if seeing them is, silently watching TV in each others company, reading books, passing each other in the hallway and short brief conversations just to add some noise into the silent wilderness, well then yeah, they see each other a lot and seem happy. I'm not entirely sure they were ever happy, as the years in description from my friend, has always been like this. I really have no advise for my friend who is bemused by the thought people are now giving them attention. Did it ever occur to them, they were getting attention, they was just too happy to notice it. I love to tell, what I really think, but it's not my place and so many others in this relationship will be affected.

So all I do now is wait for that day when I have to face, those 7 syllabled words, I know it's a pretty morbid way of thinking, but I have come across too many stories that seemed to end happily ever after when in fact, it happened never after.

Stay true to yourself and those around you.

Good riddance to my pet allergy

As Christmas sets itself upon us, year in and out families and lovers seem to always want to get some furry animal as a gift to an other. Now I don't have any qualms with that but I do have to say as many have often said "A pet is for life not just for Christmas, Hanukkah, or a Birthday", yet pet shelters see animals coming in every January, February and so on. One of the top causes for this, allergies to the new family member.

Cheatara Monroe
So some years I adopted a kitten (In December) and she was the most beautiful kitten I've ever had, well probably just, maybe the only I've ever had. Anyway I was allergic to her, terribly allergic to tell her. My eyes would swell up and form a weird like-crustacean over both lids sealing them closed, hard and crusty. Not only did she have an affect on my eyes (I suffer from Asthma) my breathing became clouded by her furry love, when she touched me I developed rashes on the site of where ever her nose or cat-claw had got me. My GP said I'd have to get rid of her. So I decided this had to stop. What I did next is not to everyone's taste and if so should be done with extreme health caution.
 I hated the fact that I could not show her the love that she so wanted to share with me and took matters into my own hands. I purchased some antihistamines coming in oral and eye drop form and began the battle with my allergy to my love. I no longer kept my door closed in fear she may suffocate me in my sleep (I sleep deep, so much so I slept through two Hurricanes) and I allowed her to sleep on my bed or under the covers with me. It took time for my theory of 'Over exposure and the immune system will find a way, a loophole for me to win over the allergy' My methods were of course, idiotic and hazardous to my health, if she didn't suffocate me in my sleep, my asthma surely could have. Did I care? No. (The things we do for love) 

Pythonic Fireayra
10 years on my beautiful girl Cheatara Monroe, is alive and kicking (I'd like to say 'And so am I" but that's apparent), I have no problems with her in regards to my allergy, in fact I did get her a lil sister but they hated each other so she had to leave out of safety for the younger Cosmopolitan Monroe. She is the eldest of three, Pythonic Fireayra (My snake) is 3 years and Kiara Wilhelmina Biitch (my Husky) is 7 months going on 8.

Kiara Wilhelmina Biitch
I'm an extreme lover for animals and as stupid as it is, it's them before me, they're my children and I don't intend in putting them in the system.

So remember a pet is for life not a second in time.

Further readings and websites:
Pet Allergy
Battersea dogs and cats home

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fountain of Youth

(Herbert Draper: Water baby)
Walking down the banks of life, some not wanting to leave this life with strife, they’re looking for the fountain of youth. They say “Seeing is all believing”, I’m pushing many to not having to need that reality, they deserve to have a fountain of youth. So I plead them to talk to a stalk and a cabbage patch broker, not to go anywhere and sit and loiter, because the final results can be a son or daughter and drenth them with new water.

Someday I suppose it would be nice to have my own children, but right now at my age and frame of mind having a child or even children wouldn’t be the best thing for me, I’d be constantly broke trying to have the best for my child and forgetting that I do have a life to live. But thats just it right? Once you’re willing to give up your life for another growing one, you are mentally ready to have a child. I’m not saying I’m showering in £50 notes, nor am I seeking  help from the government (Not that there is a damn thing wrong with that). I just know that even though I’d give up my life for a new, growing one, I’m just not ready and being ready is the key, to opening up that sacred garden finding the waters that give youth.
Financially and just my personal belief, one should be fully able to support a household of 3 if single and maybe a household of 4 if partners, just because and this is my opinion, I would want to go everywhere with my child and give them all they needed and maybe wanted, I would never spoil my child to the point they became Verruca Salt, but why wouldn’t you want you little budle of joy to have the best that you see fit.

The world is over flooded with people attempting and wanting to have children of their own that in some the worst of cases, their fountains have failed them giving them only dried up muddy pools that unfortunately can not sustain life. The many treatments and drugs such as IUI, IVF and ART just to name a few do work, but for those unlucky seekers of that fountain that beared new life to us all can still not conserve life. So families and those wanting to start a family will try speaking to a Stork and Cabbage patch brokers (Adoption agencies and surrogate mothers) in order to finding a key to that gate that holds their wishes.
But adoption is not all that it seems to be, you don’t just go in and say you want a child and expect that son or daughter you’ve always wanted. There are trials, many, the biggest being patience. Trials become even harder when you’re in a same sexed realtionship or just that way inclined. It’s looked down upon by religious bodies, government bodies and worst could be looked down upon by your family and friends. If you plan on having children being, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, be prepared to be swimming with some seriously hungry sharks.

"If you couldn't look after your child and you had to put them up for adoption would you honestly want your child to be adopted by a gay couple?" Some guy named Winston Mckenzie asked a reporter. "Would you seriously want that or a heterosexual family? Which would be more healthy for the child? A caring loving home is a heterosexual or single family. I don't believe a gay couple is healthy for a child." he went on to say. People like this in the media need to be, dare I say it ______ sectioned. Does he not remember what it was like for his fellow black ancestors and possible himself to even think of interracial relationships? What a fucking moron, someone go punch some sense into this dudes head, no wait, they did that, just knock him fucking senseless leaving him with detached retinas.   

A loving home is a loving home full stop. No questions about sexuality, ethnicity or anything cut the crap.

Adoption agencies make it so hard on prospect families, running physical check, mental stability checks, family checks (Including pets if you have one, dangerous goldfish alert) and only the stars know what else they must check. I understand why they do it, the vulnerable children and circumstances and all, but so much in depth into one persons life is like being at the so called Pearly gates explaining your life. Sop much information I do feel is a tad bit too much, I mean you never hear of a Midwife or Doctor asking expecting mothers, if they intend to abuse or allow another person to abuse their unborn child or if they can actually handle having a kid (Well obviously if they are already in the system, but I’m talking about normal cases now), no questions of mental disability or past partners nothing. So why should years past affect adopting, oh safeguarding, the same people that saved baby P and he was with his birth family. Point made. My opinion and I have many, I do think everyone should be evaluated when considering a child just because you waters are stagnant does not mean you should be held back in getting to a new fountain

Financially and just my personal belief, one should be fully able to support a household of 3 if single and maybe a household of 4 if partners, just because and this is my opinion, I would want to go everywhere with my child and give them all they needed and maybe wanted, I would never spoil my child to the point they became Verruca Salt, but why wouldn’t you want you little bundle of joy to have the best that you see fit.

Go seek those Storks and Cabbage patch brokers, because The Fountain of Youth truly does exist.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Interview with a so called Vampire

Hello Homosapiens..... In hows to come GMT, I shall conduct my first interview/informal discussion with another homosapien for a post I'm working on. I've been reading up on interview techniques and etiquette and only hope all goes well. Writing is what I love and I do it because many listen to the stories others just don't tell. I'll keep y'all posted through out the day (Wednesday) Night'all

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The butt of the joke

Hello Homosapiens.... Whilst doing some online shopping for that time of year that is so media frenzied focused now, I came across the strangest of things. A video targeted at only gay men to gain a bigger fuller butt. NowI haven't got a huge butt, nor is it flat like and ironing board, I'd describe my butt as a bionic set of plump apples and this is going on what has been said to me while flaunting my stuff on beaches. Bionic simply for the fact, depending on what jeans I'm wearing it appears I have no butt at all, like just back and legs. But once I'm all in underwear it amazes me every day at how bigger a butt for a small guy I have.
I didn't know what tossing
 salad was up until last year.
This DVD titled Butt Camp: The Gay Workout is an obvious joke DVD, but then having no butt may not be so much of a joke. On another note, I wasn't aware gay butts were any different to any other. Having a flat or nice round butt is surely all about genetics and good, hard, arse workouts right (The gym type)? The DVD does concern me a little, in the sense that it has been released this year and after all these year I'd of thought that joking about and belittling gay men was an almost thing of the past, no we're still doing it to ourselves, so why should any one else stop.
My friend does not look
like this I'm sure.

Any way I thought "I'm going to buy it as a joke present, for a friend who seem to think their butt is small and unpleasant looking" not to be a total cunt, but to let them realise it's only a butt.

In gay terms, the butt seems to be the breasts when the cock is not obviously visible. I know I look a butt first then my eyes may wonder else where.  Any once the DVD is out of the wrapper I'm sure we'll ave some good laughs and the ridiculously camp workouts that the trailer has shown. Bottoms up!!!
On Sale Now

The London Underground(ers)

I really hate having to travel on the London Underground system and find the most of scary things to do, I’d rather be over than under any day. Travelling on London’s Underground system during the day is ok when I have to with someone, but during the later, night, dark hours it can be as scary as that film I once watched many years ago titled ‘Creep’. Getting to my final destination and getting off the train, having to walk up the escalators to get on higher ground only to be under the shadow of the night, walking through a dark park on my way home, it seems that the aura of the underground has followed me to the overground. Most times, the aura has only followed me on the overground plain.

Men on the DL (Down-Low) these days are as high in numbers as they were when I was growing up and meeting men, meeting being the operative word with no sexual activity involved, even if it were intended in the future. I found myself getting approached by guys whilst walking to my destination, never really sure what they were looking for or expecting. They used code wording that I of all people, should have picked up on, but because I’m so open, hiding things in words seems to be a little bemusing. Yes I use analogies very often in my writing and normal day-to-day life, but my message is always clear unless of course I’m speaking to someone that is totally untrained in the etiquette.
These DL men scared me as much as the London Underground system still does, not because they were men but because they were the type of men I would assume were drug dealing, dangerous, stereotypically straight, macho men that all my girlfriends would love to have on their arms (some of those guys were already dangling some of my girlfriends off their arms). They would approach me with saying they were club promoters, DJ’s, looking for slim male models to work with their female models and so many other ploys to get my number and of course me who loves to be noticed by a big strong man, would always give my number to them to talk about business still naive to what their intentions were. A few of these guys I did actually work with professionally, which would then lead to them asking me to their homes or place of work under the shadows cast by the moon. There plans for me, became apparent.

I always thought that in todays, days being open about one’s sexuality if not to the world but to themselves was becoming more easier for men, obviously not. I know of a few men riding the London Underground and am not totally sure if they know I know. In saying that, their stations are practically made from transparent glass, me seeing into their lives through social networking sites and the groups they join, the way they speak and look at me, when I become what my friends would describe as ‘Flirtatious’ and of course from what my male gay friends tell me and what I have witnessed from cracks in a door (I’m not into voyeurism even if porn is considered to be, but when a bathroom door isn’t closed properly and I need to piss, when the door is slightly ajar and you’re on your knees with a cock in your mouth or bending my friend over of course I’m going to look and confirm my suspicions).
I almost feel sorry for them riding the trains to destinations they have no idea of where they’re going, because in turn they’re not sure where they want to go it seems. The women involved, the guys involved and the kids involved, it’s sad to know one persons ride on the underground, which could potentially come up to the overground would corrupt many lives.
There’s a difference to being Bisexual and being DL, it seems that DL men have a worse of reputation for being promiscuous than any of sexual orientation groups (yeah lets put them in a group of their own), spread of STI’s aren’t higher but are a factor, lets face it if you’re not using protection the risk is there.
As a man or a woman, I’d like to know where the dick I’m having is going and has been, although we will never know for sure at least with an obviously open person with their sexuality, you have a good idea what tunnels your train has gone through.

I understand many factors contribute to one feeling the need to travel underground, but where a name and number are concerned there are always dangers for guys on the DL. The amount of times I’ve seen guys on sites and mobile apps claiming to be DL and wanting to only be riding the London Underground service till the day they meet the soil and worms is ridick. Surely if they were that sure of themselves, recognisable facial pictures would not be uploaded or sent via text and apps that don’t require a mobile number but works through an email address. Would I dare expose some of these men, hmmm, not if it’s not my business until they try and fuck with me, by fuck I mean intimately or trying to mess with me in my day-to-day life.

I’m happy flying the skies of the underground rather than squirming through the underground and it’s how I like my men, there’s a difference to being open, discreet and plain old underground. And as far as I’m concerned those men can keep on living beneath my feet, but if thats what rocks your boat or you’re a woman wondering about a man you know you should check out the popular sites I’ve found they use a next station stops.
Black and chatting      Adam and no Eve      Man fishing       Gay(mobile app) Facebook

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Redecorating our Gardens of Eden (18+)

How many of us consider our bodies to be our gardens of Eden? Probably all of us, in one way or another, so our gardens are looked upon only by face value and not it’s contents. It’s a thing of our present and future life and lets face it, it’s not going anywhere. So we are all trying to get the best moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, botox, complete facial reconstructions or deconstructions depending on how you look at it, I had to wonder a couple of days ago, do people really care about the garden world down under too and if so plan to do some landscaping? The answer is carved out in all the largest trees, yes, they do.
Looking down at my own garden features I see that my lawn is nicely trimmed, neatly around the edges, with a nice set of ripened passion fruits and a well placed steam that bears an appropriately sized pink rose when in full blossom. I’ve never thought of having to go through the trouble of having to maybe manipulate nature and make hybrids of what I’ve been given, however not all are happy with the play gardens they have been given to take care of.

Many men seem to be unhappy with the garden they are meant to care for and tend to, thinking size is always going to be a matter of being better and seeking approval if not self gratification. They have come up with some radical solutions on creating the perfect set of balls and a thicker, longer, trunk of a cock, in attempts to making themselves and their partner or partners feeling that much better when the two come together in an intimate embrace. These insecurities can lead men into doing the oddest things with their limp beanstalks and these endeavours can lead to possible chemically enhanced erections or worse, a total loss of the cock(a-doddle-do). The methods men out there are using:

Pump away
 Penis Pumps: They come in different shapes and sizes. But the basic principle is the same - a penis pump is a vacuum system that fits around your flaccid penis and you use a device to pump out air to create suction. This, in turn, causes blood to flow into your penis, causing an erection, that appears to be longer and thick, but how long the results last who know.

pumping may be needed in this case
Jelqing: Jelqing is translated from the Arabic word, meaning 'to milk', and is very often also typically referred to as 'milking' in Western culture. Jelqing has been around for hundreds of years, and has helped millions of men achieve more pleasurable sex, and more meaningful relationships in some cases. Jelqing is a series of exercises initiated to promote natural penis growth through various types of stretching left,right, downwards and upwards as well as comfortable  squeezing.
Better close the bedroom door, 5, 6, 7, 8, you can watch me masturbate!

Pills: Penis enlargement pills, patches, and creams are commonly offered over the Internet (and a lot of men seem to be bemused as to why they get these offers in their email inbox as if they’ve never looked) While some products contain harmless ingredients, many are entirely untested for safety and side effects. Most times it seem men are disappointed with the products. Many sites look very con-worthy, asking readers to pay for the magical secret of getting a larger, thick and more sex satisfying cock.

Armstrong Stretch
The extremist 
Ball stretchers: A device that goes the scrotum above the testicles that pushes the testicles away from the body. Most stretchers are made of soft leather or a type of silicon or rubber, usually pushing the testicles out or down an extra 1-3 inches, but some enthusiast can take as much as 10 inches. Mostly gay use it seems, but no matter howmany size Queens their are out there, there are the straight guys that are looking for bigger and better (Why is the gay community always looked as sex fiends of the world?). Stretchers I’ve heard can produce a very erotic sensation to the testicles and tan intense climax not that I know, but I have heard and read some reviews.

Saline, Collegen, silicone injections: As it says, injecting liquids into the balls and penis or just one of the latter to gain a dramatic, traffic stopping size difference. One man even went six years doing so and as much as he wanted to fuck with his huge cock, his huge saline cock and balls fucked him in the end. There are dangerous doing this and if needs be should only be performed on an individual if there are health issues such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction) It’s also been documented that men have died from injections. (Man dies from injection)

It’s not only men though who have difficulty with looking at their gardens in a loving way, with out the need to changing it. Women do to. From decor to full on, trying to un-pop the cherry that was once popped so many years ago, what are women doing???

Yes, I'm sure it's very juicy
Vajazzling: Women stick tiny crystals to the pubic bone above their love holes and even around them in many and varied styles. Here in the UK, The Only way is Essex star Amy Childs, made this highly popular.

Hair removal: Most women I know and love and around the world love the idea of less grass in their gardens. Waxing their hair in various patterns and even going completely bald down there. Look at bald pussys just looks childish and I’m not too sure why a WOMAN would want to revert her body into looking that of a childs. Yes we want to look better and a little younger, but too young is a bit too much. Pubic hair is there for a reason, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones that we all want partners to know, we’re ready to fuck and make love.

The made pron star
The average woman

Vaginal tightening:
Oh so this is becoming more popular among women these days. From performing Kegal exercises (exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles), to full on surgery, Vaginoplasty a method to get rid of extra labia skin, tucking away and tightening the vaginal as if it had never been fucked.

Bleach away?
Anal and Vaginal bleaching: As it says, women and men are bleaching their private garden to make them look a lot more attractive and having the skin tone match as closely as it can to the rest of their bodies. Bleach near my ass, you are having a laugh. It’s said to be safe done my professional, home kits I just would not recommend.

I’m totally happy with the garden I’ve been blessed with, as long are my legs, as long as my rose bearing, well trimmed tree. I have no problems with my Garden of Eden, those that have had the very special visit to my garden have been very pleased and never want to leave.
Lets hope you’ve learned a little about the pros and cons, dangerous and benefits a garden clearance can be for you. Yes I have focused a tad bit on the cons of garden clearances, however I do so, so you are aware.
Media and porn has folled and brainwashed many into thinking bigger,thicker, tighter, whiter and shaved garden are better. Most of you aren't porn stars, which is clearly what a lot of people subcociously feel they are (in their own right behind closed doors cameras or no cameras.) You have your information, do what you please with it now, but be safe is more important.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I'm a man that loves to be juiced

Kiwi, Lemon, Apple and Orange juice
Hello Homosapiens...  As I look around my house and notice that I haven't used my juicer in over a year I realised that I don't really eat much fruit. Why? Because I can't be bothered and rather just drink the store bought stuff that say their "All so good for you". But really? After weeks of studying and training in food hygeine and saftey, nutrional value and all that I found out just like canned tuna and other canned foods, fruit juices are basically cooking in their cartons before you get them, not to mention you will never know how long it take for the fruit to come from the farms, be juiced, arrive in store ready for you to pick up. So Here in the UK I have now joined a fruit and vegetable mail order on a weekly basis Abel&Cole. Getting fresh fruit and vegetables every thursday is great, what i don't cook I juice, for the simple fact that I rather get my five a day in a quicker way in my busy life, kowing that my juice has not been cooked. I'm pro juicers and I never plan to put mine away and down again. I've seen such a difference in my energy and so have my staff, I'm literally bouncing off the walls and that's me when I've just woken up from a good dewrinkling session. Check back for my recipes soon.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Run Free Little Stallion

Hello Homosapiens..... I've learnt the art of compromise, yet still I don't feel like I should have to. The last few months I've been running wild like Black Beauty and the alcohol filled nights have had been end up in some strange places. One mind seems worried about how much is too much and the other mind just takes everything as it is.
It seems rushed, the life that is as the life that was, was only fast paced yet everything stood stable where it should have. 
Sirens at nights, screens getting busted and a scare that has healed, but the pain still remains. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dancing with the Devil

Young people today seem to get swept off their feet faster than swamp bug in a hot skillet but don’t seem to be very nimble minded at their worst. Not knowing a partners status can lead to them falling very dangerously in love, engaging in sexual activity that will define the latter.
It’s hard to fabricate the notion of your spine being chilled with a cold breeze sweeping over your body making your hairs stand on end and finding out that you have been tested positive for HIV. So frightening is the idea that many people would rather walk through life just not knowing the horror that may come out of the darkness and into their lives, they just don’t get tested.
So you have been tested positive? Has the Grim reaper come to collect you? What now?
Being tested positive in today’s world is not like being tested positive in the oh-so gloomy days of the 80’s, it does not mean life for you has to come to an abrupt halt either. The many treatments to prevent infection and help you live a normal life with HIV rather than die of AIDS have grown.

Being HIV positive  doesn’t necessarily mean you have AIDS. It is a virus that slowly attacks the immune system, causing you to be more prone to infections that are considered AIDS defining. Whilst there are treatments of the many out there to help those amongst us living with HIV, there is not yet a cure. The treatments dramatically whip the virus into slowly multiplying. Being simple about it, with the right professional care, you can live with HIV for many years.

So your Doctor/consultant has used obviously unfamiliar jargon with such as, CD4 and Viral Load right? Lets break it down.
CD4 = The Mighty Morphing Power Ranger Cells. CD4 cells are the most important cells in the immune system. Our immune system protects us at it’s best from infections and illness. If your body is producing CD4 counts of over 350 (cells per drop of blood), where treatment isn’t usually recommended you’re in the safe zone. However below the army of 350 your Doctor/consultant would most probably advise treatments right away and definitely will if you count is below 200, so the more the better. Although you can’t raise your CD4 count alone without treament, there are certainly ways for you to help keep and maintain it. Change of diet or the healthy diet you are already accustomed to, exercise regularly, getting enough sleep helps in many ways, giving up smoking and drinking in moderation, all the stuff we should be doing you will find you will have to do more so now.

Viral Load = The fly in the ointment (HIV cells). We want to keep these devils in blue dress down to a minimal, if you are told that your viral load is below 10,000 this is relatively good but there are chances of it rising if you are not already receiving  treatment and your Doctor/consult may advise for you to start treatment. If your viral load is above 10,000 and 1 million, it’s obviously high and you should be on treatment, your Doctor will go through with you the different types of treatment that are currently available and which ones best suit your needs. Once on treatment if and when your viral load has become lower 50 and less, it is know as ‘Undetectable’ viral load, which is the aim of the treatment, to keep viral load almost invisible, that does not mean you have been cured or that you can not spread the infection, it means that your treatment is working, your healthy and those dancing devils in blue dresses are having a harder time in mass producing.

The amount of people after all the estimates and known cases of people living with HIV is obviously unknown, but now that you know, all is that much better.
Yes you can still go to the supermarket and do your weekly grocery shopping, go out with your peers and have a drink or too, yes those concerts will all want to go to are still available to you too. Life may have given you a lemon, but you can make so much more than lemonade now, you have options and there are a variety of organisations out there in the UK that are here to help. You don’t have to suffer in the silence of tears streaming down your face, you can use local GUM clinics for support and advice (Genito-urinary medicine), social workers, counselors and if the time is right for you, your friends and family and although it is hard, you must tell all your sexual partners (Unsafe and safe sex-wise).

Just because you have danced with the devil, it doesn’t mean you have to crack and turn into shambles like it wants you to do. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer” you’ve heard the phrase no doubt, get to know the devil in the blue dress and help yourself get your life back to a better, healthier one, knowledge is power. Most importantly look after yourself and protect others.

© 1983 - 2012. All rights reserved N P Rogue Laudat-Scott 'Mind of Rogue' and 'Memoirs of Marbie'

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'd rather die

Hello Homosapiens... It's been a while since my last post. I've been writing loads lately but haven't posted due to the fact that what I wish to post, is for the greater good and also I wanted to become credited for it. Meaning I am now looking to the future in writing as a full time/part time job which ever comes first.
One of my blogger buddies posted the many rejections she had got, but in all faith, life would not be a fulfilling one if we didn't all face rejection at some point. No fairy tale scripts, where we can click our shiny ruby slippers and say just what we want to become a reality. I shall be persistent, it's what i'm know for.
As as one of my songs says goes:

"Walking down the banks of life, not wanting to leave with strife, I'm looking for the fountain of youth. They say seeing is all believing, I'm not really needing that reality. So I've spoken to the stork and the cabbage patch broker, not going nowhere gonna sit and loiter!"

So hear me now, I'm going to keep traveling down these banks of life and see where they take me. I refuse to give up so easily on something I love doing. No, I don't refuse, I'd rather die than give up. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Masquerade Mask of HIV

Life right now seems to be one big party, dudes and dudettes doing whatever they please, whenever they please and with whom they please and the recession doesn’t seem to have an effect on their partying souls. Dancing the nights away with naked bodies, its seems the youth of today have not yet heard the phrase, “Whilst the cats away the mice will play.” HIV, has claimed back it’s masquerade mask and is now weaving it’s invisible web in all of their depraved, sexual raves.

The terrifying conversations homosapiens once used to have in the 80’s has died out and lost all meaning, as if they have no meaning in today’s young society, almost like Christmas. And as December 1st approaches, World AIDS day, I wonder “Why do the youth and young/old people of today, treat this day as a day to wear a glittery,red ribbon and don’t preach in their lives the meaning behind it.?” HIV and AIDS in the 80’s was an epidemic and nobody wanted to party with the infected. Treatments were cocktails of multiple tablets and life expectancy was only a few years. Now, 2012 has seen treatments become one tablet with combinations and the life expectancy of a 19 year would see them live into their 70’s.

Young people today seem to have forgotten the importance of safer sex, having safe sex, automatically assuming because another dude or dudette, looks well groomed, buffed up or carries around  an ample set of breasts, that their lover for that one night, is clear or a virus that wears a mask until it’s too late.
In 2009, the estimate of people being treat with HIV was 60,500, in 2010 the estimate being treated was 70,200 and in January 2011 it still climbs the pole like a stripper dancer, 115,000 people were diagnosed living with the masked party pooper. I’m scared to know what 2012 diagnostics will be.
These are the people that have been diagnosed though, what about those that haven’t and are carrying the masquerade masked T cells? I heard once, that female prostitutes living in Africa carrying the virus, lived for years before knowing they were clubs, promoting the killer. This was down to their jobs, having sex and a lot of it, causing a chemical reaction that allowed their bodies to keep the masked villain dormant. The studies were carried out on ex straightian (hectrosexual) female workers of the night, who their clients were dancing with other than them, we will never know.

HIV has does not discriminate, and wants centre stage, if it could unmask itself and sing out it’s lyrics would probably say “Colour, race, gender, I want you all.” and people are making it easy for it to achieve that goal, by forgetting the 80’s, forgetting what a condom is and forgetting or rejecting the idea of being tested.
Getting tested is easier than learning the latest dance moves you plan to get ready for a night out and there a different types.

  • EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) the most common of test and gives results in one to two weeks.
  • Rapid test, taking 20 minutes for a result, being tested negative is like being told negtaive from a EIA test however being tested positive means you’d need a follow up. In rare cases a positive test will come out as negative on the follow up.
  • Home access tests, as it says, you take the test at home and mail it off, discreet too meaning you may not have to go into a clinic or hospital.
  • DNA and RNA, usually only used for unborn babies, whose mother has been tested positive or someone who has been or thinks they have been recently infected.

So my last note to you, get tested, be safe, if in doubt just say ‘No’ to sex (I’m mean how else will we keep the homosapien race going?), be open about it and lets help shut down the rave where HIV wears it’s masquerade mask.

Rogue Marbie Scott

© 1983 - 2012. All rights reserved N P Rogue Laudat-Scott 'Mind of Rogue' and 'Memoirs of Marbie'

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Deadly and Poisonous fruit and vegetables (a list of some of your 5-a-day that can kill)

Hello Homosapiens... As we all know Halloween has come and gone, however the horrors of your 5-a-day still linger. Not many homosapiens know the dangers of particular fruits, vegetables and fungi and although some may knowledge is limited. So lets see what horrors could be lurking in our kitchens and our gardens and see if we can protect ourselves better from their menacing ways. 

Apples:  Apple seeds contain a mischievous compound - cyanogenic glycosides, which through an enzymatic process, will turn into cyanide. Whilst the seeds of an apple or two won't cause you any damage and I know I am one two completely eat the whole apple (even the stalk) and apparently there has been a recording of one known death as a result of over indulging in the little buggers. So Snow White count your self lucky honey. 

Plums, Cherries, Apricots and Peaches:  The stones (or pits whatever you call them) of these stone fruits also contain cyanide like the apples little children. Swallowing a whole pit or two won't do a lot of damage and I would have to wonder why any one would want to any way, but like almonds, the toxin becomes exposed when the seed is crushed or damaged or chewed upon (Note to all dog owners there), making children and animals particularly susceptible. Every year, a handful of deaths in children and adults are attributed to ingesting fruit pits or maybe they choked on them first. You have been warned. 

Almonds: Yet another natural source of cyanide (Are you seeing a theme developing here?) This time, all of the ingredients are simply sleeping as if they were Snow White waiting for her Prince, until the seed not nut (the almond I know a particular homosapien loves as might you) is corrupted i.e. crushed by teeth. But again, not to worry, domesticated almonds do not contain this natural defence mechanics, so you're safe unless you go foraging around wild almond trees. 

Chocolate (Cocoa bean): Yes I've included chocolate simply because my family is made up of four legged children. While it is not poisonous to you homosapiens the ingredient theobromine can be fatal to both cats and dogs. Most of us love our four legged ever young children (And I say most, because there are some cruel bastards out there), but it is imperative that you  keep your treats to yourself (No matter how long and much they linger at your feet). Unfortunately like most of our four-legged children they like sweet and anything you'll give them, keep them as far as possible from your treats, because as little as 40g can make them violently ill and in some cases death and higher doses often lead to death. 

Rhubarb: Don't be such a Guppy - your rhubarb pie is still safe and so are the ones they may serve your children at school. The red stalks are perfectly fine (And yummy), it's the dark Maleficent-like, leafy greens that are not so innocent as sleeping beauty. No the compound oxalic acid won't kill you, it can cause dizziness and kidney failure, coma and seizures (So still not a nice walk in the woods, my dears). To be fair, you will have to eat more than just the one leaf to have results like these, but think twice (or about a dozen times) before using the delicious-looking greens in a soup or salad (Thats goes to you too Snow White). 

Potatoes: Buying this root from your local market is normally harmless. However, potatoes and other members of the Nightshade family naturally contain solanine. It has natural fungicidal and pesticidal properties (an obvious natural defense) and in potatoes, develops when exposed to light (a bit like a a Mogwai turning into a Gremlin - another reason to store your spuds in a cool, dark place. Once they begin sprouting or green patches appear, I'd suggest not to even eat them, throw them out. Even after cooking, solanine is still strong and can cause nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting, as well as cardiac problems and dizziness (ever see a green crisp or chip in your packet?). 

Kidney beans: Like other legumes (including those nasty tasting lima beans) kidney beans contain a potentially lethal toxin - phytohaemagglutinin. Ingesting only a few beans can land you in the hospital and a whole handful will have your family standing over you coffin in a cemetery. Have no fear my budding homosapien cooks, the toxin is easily neutralised when the bean is boiled for at least 10 minutes - but the toxin can become up to 5 times more toxic at 175 F (just off boiling) than if eaten raw. Roguetranslations: if you throw raw kidney beans into the slow cooker for some chili or your making West-Indian rice and peas (Its a bean not a pea ugh) you're going to want to cancel dinner plans, avoid this and just buy some canned ones, at least if something happens, you have a manufacturer to blame. 

Deathcap Mushroom: As a food, mushrooms are used as toppings commonly on pizza and in the good old English breakfast, as well as in soups and sometimes eaten by themselves. Many mushroom lovers choose to forage mushrooms in the wild, but you know not all mushrooms in the wild can be eaten safely don't you? One of the most deadliest mushrooms is the Death Cap mushroom (Amanita phalloides) it and other toxic Amanita mushrooms attack the body by inhibiting the formation of certain proteins in the liver and kidney, leading to coma and death. The Death Cap's toxins are present throughout its tissues and are concentrated, it only takes 3g of Death Cap tissue to be consumed for it to be considered lethal. Because of the serious threat it poses, it is important to know how to identify a Death Cap mushroom.
Click the link to help Identify the killer stool. LINK FOR identification
In January 2012 it was reported that two people had died at a New years dinner party, from one of natures little killers. 
THE MAIL (source)

So be careful what you eat and how you eat homosapiens, not all is well in your 5-a-day as you see.