Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Coming Out story

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What have I been doing?

Hello Homosapien... So 1st April  I had a mini photo-shoot to help promote a web-series I've created. To tell you the truth I'd call it more of an undiscovered head gem of mine. Anywhoha these last few weeks/months I've focused on this project so much that I've neglected the blog, but lets face this too, I never really blogged around one thing now did I, I am very erratic with how and what I post, which in turn I guess it is the reason I titled it "Mind of Rogue".

Funny how now after so long people around me are now calling me either Rogue, Marbie or Marbs , just what I wanted they've understood Scott is my actual surname not that "Scott is a rogue" lol. Yes Rogue really is my Middle name, deal with it.

Drunk Dialers in short, is about a group of men that attend one hour group therapy sessions with a Doctor who has some problems of her own (which involve some sibling rivalry). All of the DDs (Drunk Dialers/diallers) have a problem with alcohol one way or the other as well as one having a problem with drugs and another struggling with his sexuality.
For more watch the Making of: Drunk Dialers video via YOUTUBE.

So for you viewing pleasure here are some pics and videos of the Drunk Dialers so far.
Rogue Marbie Scott (I'll explain later)

Carlos Castro

Justice Inyabuutaiswa

Ashelly Goldman

Dr Jungal Juliajuice
Foreste Fern Evergreen (Dr Jungal Juliajuice's Twin Sister)

And here you can watch the entire series so far on my youtube PLAYLIST DRUNK DIALERS

 So thats what I've been getting up to. Spread the word and Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel for updates on the series and linking videos from Ashelly with his makeup and healthy living tips. Or you can watch we rant on there too. 
Come and visit me on Facebook Rogue 'Marbie' Scott
and Twitter @RogueNScott

And a big thank you once again to those of you pushing me to keep creating, only Goddess knows, I'd probably snap and get locked up like Angelina Jolie in 'Girl Interrupted' if I didn't get all creatively spill out.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Drunk Dialers Update

Hello Homosapiens, so if you haven't seen much of my lately here's why, I've been working on a webseries called 'Drunk Dilaers' (Yes spelt incorrect as we all know when you are drunk you can't spell when using a phone lol) And today they will all be together in the same shot.

You can check out the first episode here.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

I look in the mirror and don't see what others see

Hello Homosapiens, so I have embarked on a little project that I told you about Drunk Dialers and I'm enjoying doing it so much. My only question is, Why don't I see my work like others do? I wish i could appreciate it. Being creative is like body dysmorphia I guess, seeing what others don't see.

Any way below are episodes one and two of drunk dialers and I'll be taking a sexy picture of Dr Jungal Juliajuice later on today too. TTFN
P.S Drink responsibly.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Forgive and forget

Last post I am drinking hardcore, no fucking Dryathlon thank fuck!!!

My life is youtubed

So I haven't really write a proper post in the longest while and I'm blaming that in a certain somebody, who directed me on. New oath I didn't know I'd love. But have no fear I will be back... Hope you've been watching true vids. Xxx Marbie smile

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Scripts.... How to?

Hello homosapiens.... Straight from my phone, a quick post. Meet some of the cast from post I'm working on. DD. p