Monday, 22 October 2012

Wii Marbie Wii

Hello Homosapiens....... The new Nintendo games console, not so creatively named Wii U is almost on shores around the UK, witnessed it's fist commercial apparently during (fi)X-Factor on ITV on Saturday 20th October, however I made sure I watched out for it a never saw the advert.

It sport a tablet styled controller which is going to be possibly it's best selling point and not only has this time Nintendo bosses targeted casual, family and kid games, it has now surprisingly targeted the hardcore gamers. Game such as Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 are just two titles set to coming out in the Nintendo's launch window. Speaking of Launch window, Nintendo's window is open from November stretching way into March 2013. A window or a wormhole Nintendo?

The advert

Unless you are a follower of consoles and games you probably haven't heard much of the Wii U, nor probably care, but as a parent you're going to want to care to shut your kids mouths up behind their teeth when they see that Nintendo has beat Microsoft  and Sony to the next gen (generation) consoles, well next gen for Nintendo that will now years later after it's predecessor is now sporting High definition 1080p graphics (Parents thats a good thing).

Premium Console £350
Basic Console around £250
The Wii U will be pricey especially as it's come out of nowhere to kick you in the asses and will debit your cards and take your cash in two ways if you decide to jump on the wagon as so many have in the gaming world. The console comes in two memory sizes the first being an 8gb model that will run you here in the UK about £250 and come in white (Basic Wii U), where the other model a whopping Marbtastical 32gb which will be priced from £310 with Nintendoland game or £350 with ZombieU (A game for the older crowd)(Premium Wii U).
In saying that if you don't already own a Wii, you won't be getting the all important sensor bar that SHOULD come with it in the 8gb box-set, because Nintendo have it in their minds that everyone has jumped on their wagon before therefore should own a sensor already. (In my case I do, however my Husky puppy found her way to the lead and chewed like a bitch). However opting to pay more for the black console which is obviously being flagged as the better choice (Funny that, Black coming out on top for a second time, Vote Obama), you shall receive in your boxes not only the all important sensor bar but and one of the newly designed controller pads (cough Xbox-cough-360 clone).
Nintendo have stated, the future will hold better prospect for the 8gb model, where consumers will have the option of upgrading the systems with external hard drives, which is bad at all, but why not make it available now? (Oh Money, money, money) Oh I forgot to say you to intend to buy the 8gb console buy a sensor bar from HERE, HERE OR HERE

The Tablet Controller
The Wii U Gamepad, as it is called, incorporates traits from tablets devices, the GamePad incorporates both usual input methods such as buttons, analog sticks, and a D-pad (Good old D pad) and a touchscreen. The touchscreen can be used in conjunction with a game by providing alternate functionality or an asymmetric view of a scenario/scene in a game. The screen can also be used to play a game whilst someone else is watching the TV however details on which games would be able to do so are limited at present, just like everything else with the Nintendo Wii U. 
The Games: You Know Mario and his companions will be here somewhere right? 
 Released 30th November 2012

 Released 30th November 2012 

 Released 30th November 2012 

 Released 30th November 2012 

Yes the Launch date for the UK is the 30th November 2012 and the USA should launch on the 18th November a tad bit earlier than the UK, but we all know the US of A, has always been favoured, I favour them sometimes (Marbie smile). Other titles and their release dates can be found HEREHERE or HERE

So I'll be definitely be getting mine and I will review it after hours of playing what ever system I decide to help break my bank-account, but you shall here from me before that. Memoirs of Marbie, chapters from Dominica are coming soon. 

The advert again
Nintendo E3 Presentation of how the Wii U will play.

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