Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Top 10 Sexiest Women and Men in the gaming world part1

Hello Homosapiens..... Today lets look at some of my and maybe your top 10 sexiest women and hunkiest/sexiest men the gaming world. No I don't consider my self to be a member of the PSL clan (Perverse Sexual Lust) and it took me a while to even look at some of these fictional characters and be like "She's sexy." or "Damn he could do me now." But seeing as I have been gaming console mad of late and not paying to much attention  to the ridiculous announcement of yet another variation of the iPad thought "Why not?" and here we are. beware of the content that will follow. (Marbie smile) Lets depixelate these sexy MOFOs!

Top Ten Sexiest Women 

#10 Harley Quinn 
In her first appearance ever back in the SEGA Genesis days as a Boss in the game 'The Adventures of Batman and Robin, she has become one hot momma. A hot momma a would want to fuck with. Her twisted way of thinking after falling in love with The Joker, keeps my interested in her story. Her charm is alluring and her one liners have me on my knees. But sleep with one eye.

#9 Samus Aran
This honey has been going hard since 1986 and is often covered up in her spacesuit. However she has a girlish charm I think straightian dudes and lesbianasians would love, the girl nest door look. I don't know much about her, but what else do I need to know apart from, her being sexy? 

 #8 Christie Monterio 
Came to our console in 2001, Christie is a mixed martial arts fighter from Tekken. The only reason she's on this list is that she favours the lady whom was born on the same day as I, many year before I, Jennifer Lopez. Cute ass, nice cup sized breast and if she were real, you know tis gyal could dance. Who doesn't love a good dancer? 

 #7 Bayonetta 
Every school boy or girl has had a few moistened dreams about a female teacher in their lives, and looking like a High school teacher, who could deny that Bayonetta is sexy as the hell. With hair magical hair that wraps round her body created a skin tight witch suit, she could wrap me up any day in the web she chooses to cast, just as long as she hasn't got those handgun heals on. 

#6 Ivy
This is a funny one but she's on my list anyway. Ivy from Soul calibur, is so masculine in ways with her deep, rough tone but the body is to die for. Her short Platinum hair and thigh high boots made me at first on my first sight of her say "I'm playing with her" I suppose gay guys just love a strong woman who if they had a dildo would allow them to fuck them rotten. Ivy, I bow down. 

#5 Tifa Lockheart
When I first saw Tifa I was in in love up until my number one came along. She's that cute girl next door who over summer became a woman, with ample breasts that I'm sure a dude or dudette wouldn't mind trying to get milk out of. I'm sure she died. Oh well.  

#4 Felicia 
I'm a lover of cats, not like that and a love of anything blue, so when I first came across this blue-haired in Marvel vs Capcom (When I first came across her, you read that right?) I was in love and till this day love everything about her. No she's not Catwoman, she is in fact an alien race where she is part cat, so better. The things she could do to other and herself with that tail. Come scratch my back any day. 

#3 Chun-li
I've always had a thing for Orientals and the culture and I could go on for days speaking of such things, but that's not why we are here. Her legs are thick and strong, her cute little booty pop she does when expelling a fireball, could possibly be considered as indirect gaming porn. But she's no bitch to mess with, with her one hundred foot kick attack and spinning bird kick tricks tied up in her hair buns, who know what she can do to you if her aim was to pleasure. 

#2 Lara Croft
Need i say more with Lara? Who on earth hasn't found this English rose beauty, turned mega tomb-raiding killer bitch attractive. Yes her developers got a bit out of hand with her breast at one point, but they are now well suited to her trim frame. Her accent along is gorge. Ms Croft, you are Number 2

#1 Morrigan Aenland
Thought to be a Vampire from her looks alone, and I have a massive obsession with Vampire and wild sex, Morrigan is in fact a succubus. It's no wonder how she seduced me in to making her number one. But she is, sexy-cute with a playful manner which I love in her charter design. 

Next the men are to come...... End of Part 1 of 2


  1. i think lara croft is the hottest among all of them, she always used to be my dream