Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'd rather die

Hello Homosapiens... It's been a while since my last post. I've been writing loads lately but haven't posted due to the fact that what I wish to post, is for the greater good and also I wanted to become credited for it. Meaning I am now looking to the future in writing as a full time/part time job which ever comes first.
One of my blogger buddies posted the many rejections she had got, but in all faith, life would not be a fulfilling one if we didn't all face rejection at some point. No fairy tale scripts, where we can click our shiny ruby slippers and say just what we want to become a reality. I shall be persistent, it's what i'm know for.
As as one of my songs says goes:

"Walking down the banks of life, not wanting to leave with strife, I'm looking for the fountain of youth. They say seeing is all believing, I'm not really needing that reality. So I've spoken to the stork and the cabbage patch broker, not going nowhere gonna sit and loiter!"

So hear me now, I'm going to keep traveling down these banks of life and see where they take me. I refuse to give up so easily on something I love doing. No, I don't refuse, I'd rather die than give up. 

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