Sunday, 25 November 2012

The London Underground(ers)

I really hate having to travel on the London Underground system and find the most of scary things to do, I’d rather be over than under any day. Travelling on London’s Underground system during the day is ok when I have to with someone, but during the later, night, dark hours it can be as scary as that film I once watched many years ago titled ‘Creep’. Getting to my final destination and getting off the train, having to walk up the escalators to get on higher ground only to be under the shadow of the night, walking through a dark park on my way home, it seems that the aura of the underground has followed me to the overground. Most times, the aura has only followed me on the overground plain.

Men on the DL (Down-Low) these days are as high in numbers as they were when I was growing up and meeting men, meeting being the operative word with no sexual activity involved, even if it were intended in the future. I found myself getting approached by guys whilst walking to my destination, never really sure what they were looking for or expecting. They used code wording that I of all people, should have picked up on, but because I’m so open, hiding things in words seems to be a little bemusing. Yes I use analogies very often in my writing and normal day-to-day life, but my message is always clear unless of course I’m speaking to someone that is totally untrained in the etiquette.
These DL men scared me as much as the London Underground system still does, not because they were men but because they were the type of men I would assume were drug dealing, dangerous, stereotypically straight, macho men that all my girlfriends would love to have on their arms (some of those guys were already dangling some of my girlfriends off their arms). They would approach me with saying they were club promoters, DJ’s, looking for slim male models to work with their female models and so many other ploys to get my number and of course me who loves to be noticed by a big strong man, would always give my number to them to talk about business still naive to what their intentions were. A few of these guys I did actually work with professionally, which would then lead to them asking me to their homes or place of work under the shadows cast by the moon. There plans for me, became apparent.

I always thought that in todays, days being open about one’s sexuality if not to the world but to themselves was becoming more easier for men, obviously not. I know of a few men riding the London Underground and am not totally sure if they know I know. In saying that, their stations are practically made from transparent glass, me seeing into their lives through social networking sites and the groups they join, the way they speak and look at me, when I become what my friends would describe as ‘Flirtatious’ and of course from what my male gay friends tell me and what I have witnessed from cracks in a door (I’m not into voyeurism even if porn is considered to be, but when a bathroom door isn’t closed properly and I need to piss, when the door is slightly ajar and you’re on your knees with a cock in your mouth or bending my friend over of course I’m going to look and confirm my suspicions).
I almost feel sorry for them riding the trains to destinations they have no idea of where they’re going, because in turn they’re not sure where they want to go it seems. The women involved, the guys involved and the kids involved, it’s sad to know one persons ride on the underground, which could potentially come up to the overground would corrupt many lives.
There’s a difference to being Bisexual and being DL, it seems that DL men have a worse of reputation for being promiscuous than any of sexual orientation groups (yeah lets put them in a group of their own), spread of STI’s aren’t higher but are a factor, lets face it if you’re not using protection the risk is there.
As a man or a woman, I’d like to know where the dick I’m having is going and has been, although we will never know for sure at least with an obviously open person with their sexuality, you have a good idea what tunnels your train has gone through.

I understand many factors contribute to one feeling the need to travel underground, but where a name and number are concerned there are always dangers for guys on the DL. The amount of times I’ve seen guys on sites and mobile apps claiming to be DL and wanting to only be riding the London Underground service till the day they meet the soil and worms is ridick. Surely if they were that sure of themselves, recognisable facial pictures would not be uploaded or sent via text and apps that don’t require a mobile number but works through an email address. Would I dare expose some of these men, hmmm, not if it’s not my business until they try and fuck with me, by fuck I mean intimately or trying to mess with me in my day-to-day life.

I’m happy flying the skies of the underground rather than squirming through the underground and it’s how I like my men, there’s a difference to being open, discreet and plain old underground. And as far as I’m concerned those men can keep on living beneath my feet, but if thats what rocks your boat or you’re a woman wondering about a man you know you should check out the popular sites I’ve found they use a next station stops.
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