Saturday, 24 November 2012

Redecorating our Gardens of Eden (18+)

How many of us consider our bodies to be our gardens of Eden? Probably all of us, in one way or another, so our gardens are looked upon only by face value and not it’s contents. It’s a thing of our present and future life and lets face it, it’s not going anywhere. So we are all trying to get the best moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, botox, complete facial reconstructions or deconstructions depending on how you look at it, I had to wonder a couple of days ago, do people really care about the garden world down under too and if so plan to do some landscaping? The answer is carved out in all the largest trees, yes, they do.
Looking down at my own garden features I see that my lawn is nicely trimmed, neatly around the edges, with a nice set of ripened passion fruits and a well placed steam that bears an appropriately sized pink rose when in full blossom. I’ve never thought of having to go through the trouble of having to maybe manipulate nature and make hybrids of what I’ve been given, however not all are happy with the play gardens they have been given to take care of.

Many men seem to be unhappy with the garden they are meant to care for and tend to, thinking size is always going to be a matter of being better and seeking approval if not self gratification. They have come up with some radical solutions on creating the perfect set of balls and a thicker, longer, trunk of a cock, in attempts to making themselves and their partner or partners feeling that much better when the two come together in an intimate embrace. These insecurities can lead men into doing the oddest things with their limp beanstalks and these endeavours can lead to possible chemically enhanced erections or worse, a total loss of the cock(a-doddle-do). The methods men out there are using:

Pump away
 Penis Pumps: They come in different shapes and sizes. But the basic principle is the same - a penis pump is a vacuum system that fits around your flaccid penis and you use a device to pump out air to create suction. This, in turn, causes blood to flow into your penis, causing an erection, that appears to be longer and thick, but how long the results last who know.

pumping may be needed in this case
Jelqing: Jelqing is translated from the Arabic word, meaning 'to milk', and is very often also typically referred to as 'milking' in Western culture. Jelqing has been around for hundreds of years, and has helped millions of men achieve more pleasurable sex, and more meaningful relationships in some cases. Jelqing is a series of exercises initiated to promote natural penis growth through various types of stretching left,right, downwards and upwards as well as comfortable  squeezing.
Better close the bedroom door, 5, 6, 7, 8, you can watch me masturbate!

Pills: Penis enlargement pills, patches, and creams are commonly offered over the Internet (and a lot of men seem to be bemused as to why they get these offers in their email inbox as if they’ve never looked) While some products contain harmless ingredients, many are entirely untested for safety and side effects. Most times it seem men are disappointed with the products. Many sites look very con-worthy, asking readers to pay for the magical secret of getting a larger, thick and more sex satisfying cock.

Armstrong Stretch
The extremist 
Ball stretchers: A device that goes the scrotum above the testicles that pushes the testicles away from the body. Most stretchers are made of soft leather or a type of silicon or rubber, usually pushing the testicles out or down an extra 1-3 inches, but some enthusiast can take as much as 10 inches. Mostly gay use it seems, but no matter howmany size Queens their are out there, there are the straight guys that are looking for bigger and better (Why is the gay community always looked as sex fiends of the world?). Stretchers I’ve heard can produce a very erotic sensation to the testicles and tan intense climax not that I know, but I have heard and read some reviews.

Saline, Collegen, silicone injections: As it says, injecting liquids into the balls and penis or just one of the latter to gain a dramatic, traffic stopping size difference. One man even went six years doing so and as much as he wanted to fuck with his huge cock, his huge saline cock and balls fucked him in the end. There are dangerous doing this and if needs be should only be performed on an individual if there are health issues such as ED (Erectile Dysfunction) It’s also been documented that men have died from injections. (Man dies from injection)

It’s not only men though who have difficulty with looking at their gardens in a loving way, with out the need to changing it. Women do to. From decor to full on, trying to un-pop the cherry that was once popped so many years ago, what are women doing???

Yes, I'm sure it's very juicy
Vajazzling: Women stick tiny crystals to the pubic bone above their love holes and even around them in many and varied styles. Here in the UK, The Only way is Essex star Amy Childs, made this highly popular.

Hair removal: Most women I know and love and around the world love the idea of less grass in their gardens. Waxing their hair in various patterns and even going completely bald down there. Look at bald pussys just looks childish and I’m not too sure why a WOMAN would want to revert her body into looking that of a childs. Yes we want to look better and a little younger, but too young is a bit too much. Pubic hair is there for a reason, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones that we all want partners to know, we’re ready to fuck and make love.

The made pron star
The average woman

Vaginal tightening:
Oh so this is becoming more popular among women these days. From performing Kegal exercises (exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles), to full on surgery, Vaginoplasty a method to get rid of extra labia skin, tucking away and tightening the vaginal as if it had never been fucked.

Bleach away?
Anal and Vaginal bleaching: As it says, women and men are bleaching their private garden to make them look a lot more attractive and having the skin tone match as closely as it can to the rest of their bodies. Bleach near my ass, you are having a laugh. It’s said to be safe done my professional, home kits I just would not recommend.

I’m totally happy with the garden I’ve been blessed with, as long are my legs, as long as my rose bearing, well trimmed tree. I have no problems with my Garden of Eden, those that have had the very special visit to my garden have been very pleased and never want to leave.
Lets hope you’ve learned a little about the pros and cons, dangerous and benefits a garden clearance can be for you. Yes I have focused a tad bit on the cons of garden clearances, however I do so, so you are aware.
Media and porn has folled and brainwashed many into thinking bigger,thicker, tighter, whiter and shaved garden are better. Most of you aren't porn stars, which is clearly what a lot of people subcociously feel they are (in their own right behind closed doors cameras or no cameras.) You have your information, do what you please with it now, but be safe is more important.

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  1. Great post. This makes me appreciate my God given garden. I may do some manscaping but hell I ain't ruining my cock for nothing