Sunday, 25 November 2012

The butt of the joke

Hello Homosapiens.... Whilst doing some online shopping for that time of year that is so media frenzied focused now, I came across the strangest of things. A video targeted at only gay men to gain a bigger fuller butt. NowI haven't got a huge butt, nor is it flat like and ironing board, I'd describe my butt as a bionic set of plump apples and this is going on what has been said to me while flaunting my stuff on beaches. Bionic simply for the fact, depending on what jeans I'm wearing it appears I have no butt at all, like just back and legs. But once I'm all in underwear it amazes me every day at how bigger a butt for a small guy I have.
I didn't know what tossing
 salad was up until last year.
This DVD titled Butt Camp: The Gay Workout is an obvious joke DVD, but then having no butt may not be so much of a joke. On another note, I wasn't aware gay butts were any different to any other. Having a flat or nice round butt is surely all about genetics and good, hard, arse workouts right (The gym type)? The DVD does concern me a little, in the sense that it has been released this year and after all these year I'd of thought that joking about and belittling gay men was an almost thing of the past, no we're still doing it to ourselves, so why should any one else stop.
My friend does not look
like this I'm sure.

Any way I thought "I'm going to buy it as a joke present, for a friend who seem to think their butt is small and unpleasant looking" not to be a total cunt, but to let them realise it's only a butt.

In gay terms, the butt seems to be the breasts when the cock is not obviously visible. I know I look a butt first then my eyes may wonder else where.  Any once the DVD is out of the wrapper I'm sure we'll ave some good laughs and the ridiculously camp workouts that the trailer has shown. Bottoms up!!!
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