Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Masquerade Mask of HIV

Life right now seems to be one big party, dudes and dudettes doing whatever they please, whenever they please and with whom they please and the recession doesn’t seem to have an effect on their partying souls. Dancing the nights away with naked bodies, its seems the youth of today have not yet heard the phrase, “Whilst the cats away the mice will play.” HIV, has claimed back it’s masquerade mask and is now weaving it’s invisible web in all of their depraved, sexual raves.

The terrifying conversations homosapiens once used to have in the 80’s has died out and lost all meaning, as if they have no meaning in today’s young society, almost like Christmas. And as December 1st approaches, World AIDS day, I wonder “Why do the youth and young/old people of today, treat this day as a day to wear a glittery,red ribbon and don’t preach in their lives the meaning behind it.?” HIV and AIDS in the 80’s was an epidemic and nobody wanted to party with the infected. Treatments were cocktails of multiple tablets and life expectancy was only a few years. Now, 2012 has seen treatments become one tablet with combinations and the life expectancy of a 19 year would see them live into their 70’s.

Young people today seem to have forgotten the importance of safer sex, having safe sex, automatically assuming because another dude or dudette, looks well groomed, buffed up or carries around  an ample set of breasts, that their lover for that one night, is clear or a virus that wears a mask until it’s too late.
In 2009, the estimate of people being treat with HIV was 60,500, in 2010 the estimate being treated was 70,200 and in January 2011 it still climbs the pole like a stripper dancer, 115,000 people were diagnosed living with the masked party pooper. I’m scared to know what 2012 diagnostics will be.
These are the people that have been diagnosed though, what about those that haven’t and are carrying the masquerade masked T cells? I heard once, that female prostitutes living in Africa carrying the virus, lived for years before knowing they were clubs, promoting the killer. This was down to their jobs, having sex and a lot of it, causing a chemical reaction that allowed their bodies to keep the masked villain dormant. The studies were carried out on ex straightian (hectrosexual) female workers of the night, who their clients were dancing with other than them, we will never know.

HIV has does not discriminate, and wants centre stage, if it could unmask itself and sing out it’s lyrics would probably say “Colour, race, gender, I want you all.” and people are making it easy for it to achieve that goal, by forgetting the 80’s, forgetting what a condom is and forgetting or rejecting the idea of being tested.
Getting tested is easier than learning the latest dance moves you plan to get ready for a night out and there a different types.

  • EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) the most common of test and gives results in one to two weeks.
  • Rapid test, taking 20 minutes for a result, being tested negative is like being told negtaive from a EIA test however being tested positive means you’d need a follow up. In rare cases a positive test will come out as negative on the follow up.
  • Home access tests, as it says, you take the test at home and mail it off, discreet too meaning you may not have to go into a clinic or hospital.
  • DNA and RNA, usually only used for unborn babies, whose mother has been tested positive or someone who has been or thinks they have been recently infected.

So my last note to you, get tested, be safe, if in doubt just say ‘No’ to sex (I’m mean how else will we keep the homosapien race going?), be open about it and lets help shut down the rave where HIV wears it’s masquerade mask.

Rogue Marbie Scott

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