Sunday, 7 August 2011

Just so not myself....(since 2004), things change

Hello Homosapiens..... So as of late I've been said to not be acting myself as I did years ago. (had to full stop there come on now YEAR being the operative word). Well of course I'm not, I have things in my life now that have enhanced it to become more fulfilling and if I were to stay like the carefree Rogue I once was, would I be here talking to you all? No.

Gran Canaria: Sand Dunes
So just about to start a new job and I'm having to make myself go in a least twice a week to familiarize my self with every thing, planning my 3rd anniversary surprise for my Husband and going on a trip all happening within weeks of each other (Goddess I love my life but this is a bit much). So my life isn't what is was back in 2004.... I'm not the rogue Rogue Scott that every one seemed to want to tame cause I was so wild and free and did what i want when i want. In my life now comes Big responsibilities, my home, my family, my job and life. I've been tamed, oh yes I have. No I haven't wait just there. Every animal has it's place of serenity and I have fund mine in the heart of him who does not judge, or disparage me, is there for me when I need and don't whom shares with me and utters no words of my hidden private life to no-one. I found my serenity in something, some one living, not in an inanimate object containing liquid (although the thought of that is appealing at time, don't I know this).
I can't wait for the relaxing night I'll spend with my Juggernaut and Wolverine on the Sand Dunes, in Gran Canaria (I always thought code naming people with X-men character names was appropriate, seeing as my name too and legal (BY LAW) is Rogue.

I haven't been posting much for a while but as it says "Weeklys or Monthlys" and right now it seem to be a bit of an inbetweener.

Can't believe how much fun I've had over the last 7 months, no not even, 11 months. Time seems to fly by.
Did I mention it was my day of Establishment on the 24th July? It was a great one, missing one person but still a great one (And I'm the hypocrite).
A friend once said to me, that I rite when something has annoyed or touched me or when I enquire about things only a mere few in my large circles of live have slight answers to. Yeah that me, who wouldn't want to better there knowledge and understanding (No connection to the EYFS there)(Marbie smile), what writer doesn't (and I'm not really a writer now, am I? I am a thinker.
No this segment today has nothing to do with anyone in particular merely the words they may have uttered to get my attention and that they did. Get my attention.

What small gesture on a beach could I make, for my 3rd anniversary? Your suggestions are more than welcome in the comments below, I only have three weeks and still haven't obsessed on a working title. (Just thought candles in jars on a quiet spot of one of the beaches, with our wedding song playing and a bottle of champagne, have Wolverine bring Juggernaut from the hotel to the beach for the surprise????? Hmmmm, I'll keep you posted that may not work)

For the next coming months it's going to be all about my new place of work, if you're a regular reader you might want to follow my twitter updates as I've been blowing that up for the last few weeks. or simply look to your left>>>>> See it? My twitter updates.
But really is it needed for someone to post they're using the toilet..... I won't be doing that.

Going on this short vacation in three weeks and yet I still feel as if I don't have everything needed. Damn paydays being so separate from each other.

Well Homosapiens, I'm off now. Probably to twitter about the nonsense-sense of the riots going on in Tottenham (Half hour away from me YIKES), i just hope no more people have been hurt in the looting and rampage. (Notice I just swung today)


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