Monday, 15 August 2011

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Hello Homosapiens.... Now I don't consider myself to be an artist, but what I know am, is an interpreter. When I see something or am touched by a theme I tend to go with the flow and let my rivers flow to the endless times of space.
I love to paint and right now am working on a painting (and have been for almost 15 months now), work seems build dams so that i slow down in order to catch my fish and then go on a usual. Here are a few of my pieces. (Gambit I hope is a proud owner of a painting titled "Not green with envy, blue with hope", wish I still had a picture of it.) All these have been done using stretched  Canvas' and Acyclic paints.


Bramwell Phoenix 

My Earth

We Are The Children

The working title:
See It In The Boys Eyes

Although I do this purely out of recreational purposes, I un-purely guess it wouldn't hurt to do paintings for a paying client (Marbie smile). I just hate giving them up at completion, it make me feel sad. 
BTW Homosapiens those movie reviews are now up: HERE.


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