Tuesday, 9 August 2011

War Of The Hoodlums

Hello Homosapiens..... 4th Agust 2011 man is killed, who knows why? I don't but he did. No life deserves to be extinguished, however if your going to carry a life exinguisher be prepared for your fire to also be extinguished. I feel for the family and kids.
London has gone crazy right noe leaving so many families and business owners a sense of no hope and all for what? Surely at this moment in time when these Hoodlums riot hour by hour, this one man is not truly the cause? Ans I'm done... any thug friends I have (or associates I will say) I no longer wnat you around me. The breed, the type of person and attitude you convey and at no doubt at the end, comes from it is pure destruction (sipping on my beer). 

People have lost their lifes and their homes. I work with children and seeing this who rioting of young Homosapiens who don't know what or why they are doing it is beginning to make me wonder, Is what I'm doing with children worth it, if it only leads to them ending up, looting Footlocker, Jd sports, Carpet world, and leaving Jerk chicken sjhops and Mc donalds as these are the only places there mommas know here to do their daily groceries (Take a couple more sips and a puff of my fag) (I'm only Omega not a god). 

So I know I got a few Homosapiens reading up with me and my rants and experiments but not sure you see whats going on. The video above is an example and it only gets worse.

If you are in the London are: Tottenham's homeless families - how to help. Take clothing, bedding, toys and other suitable items to Apex house, 820 Seven Sisters Road N15.

I've started doing a round up at home already. everything will be needed, from a hair brush to a used worn book and clothes. People have lost their lives and homes and this nonsense sense of nonsense needs to stop (Did i confuse you a little there? Just read over it will make sense.

Riots and protests are for a reason which I think the reason has now been forgotten.

Live long and prosper 



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