Friday, 29 July 2011

Back to Black, I've been told to call Frank

Hey there Homosapiens....... I am so freaking loosing my mind at the passing of Ms Amy Winehouse that I'm not sure what I'm gonna do without my occasional fixes from her. My mind has been distorted to the point, that now I no longer care what I say or do because I know right now my life is going where I want it to go (My duffduffs are coming).

Having such a talented, influential person I looked up to musical (Because I didn't know here personally (Duh)) just fade away into the depths of my soul is painful. Knowing I'm never going to her from her again is almost as much as knowing I too will see the that same fate, My candle going out.
I guess I'm fucking pissed of with the millions (And Frank(Furt)) for buying her album and putting her back in the charts. Erm did you not realize how much of a great Jazz singer/songwriter she was before? Did you really have to wait for her to turn into a white dove (In the vernacular Die) for you to appreciate what she was, who she was, what she had done? Fucking superficail.

So I drink my strongbow in a Stella Artois pint glass, cursing the Frankfurter German (the name is in there somewhere) How dare you, question my mental stability and creativity and say it's all an act of taking drugs and to pass another comment in saying I don't think logically? You don't know me and will never, your a user of the system that be. Come on now. If anyone need to visit Frank, it you.

I so can't wait to go to Gran Canaria this August, wish I could take my Homosapiens with me too. The sun will be blazing and I will be wearing my lotion and taking my own advise too (top 7). I wouldn't be a good Omega Marbie if I didn't do what I advise others to do now would I?

I'm on a rant and think I better think through what my next steps are going to be in the next two weeks when I leave the Hellmouth.


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