Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pregnant and sex without the father.

Hello Homosapiens............ What are you opinions on pregnant women having sex r dating men who are not the father of the child? (Other homosapiens views will be posted alongside the video) I think sex is sex and if a girl is horny enough to open her legs that got her into the condition the so be it. However I do feel The pregnancy should be more important than thinking of sex... It's only 9 months some even up to only 6 months surely you dudettes can wait. (You can now comment without having to sign up and click on the dude and dudettes comments to see in larger format)

Some Homosapiens Opinions

The Dudes

The Dudettes

So I purposely didn't group message both dudes and dudettes in the same messages, as I wanted the threads I sent out to be pure and virgin, (pun so defiantly intended)(And I've lost count at how many emails I sent, however I thought to pick some all from the same source, FACEBOOK). I didn't want the rantings and ravings to get out of hand had they got out of hand and also, I expected the responses to be what they were. Dudes are all for dating (Maybe not sex like I) and Dudettes don't particularly have wholesome thoughts of the matter.


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