Friday, 18 March 2011

E.T should Phone home, seriously.

Hello Homosapens.... I have a photo shoot coming up with a lady who goes by the name of, Mz Storm. She in my opinion is a great amateur photographer who has just started out and is really taking it seriously. She has already started taken photographs for Groups, individuals, models and events and she can only do better on in life (Take note, all we ever can do is get better give the Gyal her props (Marbie smile)) I feel so privileged that she wants to shoot me (Bang bang man down Now comes Marbie) So I have come up with a few concepts I want to work with her on. Here's one of many. Video below (Marbie smile)

So if your interested in getting your pictures taken, why not go and visit Mz Storm at her web page @, I also heard whilst in the clouds she is giving a few selected Homosapiens a chance to have a FREE shoot with her, receiving the pictures also at the end of it. 


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  1. Nice! You should use your nose putty next time. Wud be interesting what you came up with.