Sunday, 20 March 2011

Japan and Haiti disasters

Hello Homosapiens. After the recent disaster that has hit Japan and not so long ago Haiti, i am writing to you all to Help out and donate. Yes I'll be doing my share to. As people of the earth, we should help those that need us most. Every month and year i donate money to children and families of the world in hope I can help make a difference. You can make a difference. just by giving what you can afford to give.


Donate, Please to the people of japan.

The year the disaster hit Haiti, I vowed to help as much as I could by fund raising. I did so by have young artists put their work up for auction at my place of work and we did raise a large amount of money for the cause. I plan to do the same this year. Funding it myself if I have to, seeing as cuts have been made on my place of work's budgets for materials.

Any way please donate as much or as little as you can, it will help.

(Is the Earth claiming her grounds back for our misuse of Mother Gya?)

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