Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Top 7 Valentines songs I'll be playing

Hello Homosapiens it's me Rogue Scott, coming at you from a very emotional place right now (I'm not like a heart of gold, hard and cold, I can be soft too.)

As an unconventional conventionalist I have a top 7 list of love inspired songs that I would like to share with you this week.

At Number 7, we have: Nicki Minaj, with "Your love" from a debut Album PINK FRIDAY. I have this song  on my list as when I first heard it I immediately said "I love the soft girly, girly Nicki. This song is hot." It also reminds me of what I feel and felt for my husband feelings pass and come back as we all know and yes I am very much still in love (But I still flirt (Marbie smile X:)X)

At Number 6, we have: Destiny's Child, with "Cater to you". Need I say more this song says a lot for what my husband and myself do for each other after 7 short years. Now I feel if you are in love certain things go without need any of you saying. And I sure cater to him like he does me. (Love you Juggernaut)

At Number 5 (odd enough) we have: Tracy Chapman with "Baby Can I Hold You". I really like this song and although I don't own an album of the wondrous soulful song writer who shows of her obvious talents, i can't help but still look in Juggernauts eyes and sometimes sing this in my head. Sometimes word don't some easily as doing. This is also a live version.

At number 4 a song I think most of us can say we all adore, we have: Sinead O'Connor, with "Nothing compares to you" The video adds to her obvious love to whom ever she is singing to. And I know a lot of us love this.

At Number 3 and Celebrating my 3 year anniversary this year with our wedding song we have: Des'ree, with "I'm kissing you". Juggernaut and I both had this as top of our lists for our wedding song. Being the title track I believe to Romeo and Juliet (Modern spin starring: Decaprio and Ms Danes). We always play song. Can't wait for our 3 celebratory get-away this year August.

At Number 2, we have: N'sync with " This I promise you". I love the song and they will always have a part in my heart. (Reunion)

And My Number 1, we have: Seal with, "Kiss from a rose". Now I have loved this song since I was barley old enough to know what love was (I'm sure I still had SMA on my breathe(Baby formula)) Girls and boys go crazy for a performance from Seal live.

So there you have it my Homosapien dudes and dudettes, my top 7 love songs out of so many. What are yours? and What are our plans for the upcoming weekend and valentines day it's self? 

Watch out for my Valentines tips to and extra spark for all you loved up ones out there and those you are just loving themselves for now. Lets get all Xtina up in here and get Dirty!

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