Monday, 21 February 2011

Natural, Supernatural! PART 1/3

Hello Homosapien, dudes and dudettes. As I promised, I’ll be talking about Supernatural experiences of those who have emailed me and sent me notes and also those of my own.

So Superstition and the Supernatural will obviously go hand in hand like bloody Hassle and Gretel and we have all heard about, black cats crossing our paths to be a bad omen and has been since the witch hunts in 1692 and up till now and we’ve heard about walking under ladders is bad luck, breaking a mirror brings 7 years bad luck and we’ve heard or premonitions or have we?

From ghostly sightings to having some sort of sixth, seventh or even eighth sense (Some people will say they have) I want to and am going to look into this more in depth. (Access denied will be a person’s true name not revealed remember Homosapiens.)

As promised I said I would share with you as to what I meant, I’m known as the Stork by some people (Stork, being the bird that brings babies to their parent’s, told to children at a young age).  So my explanation and not a scientific one, when ever I have a dream a girl in my life (we can be close as ever or she could be a shit bag I care not for), when I have the dream of her telling me she’s pregnant, me seeing the date of her conception, seeing her giving birth it usually happens. I remember a time when I was at school and I feel asleep watching Sister Sister, I then saw my mom drown this child in a paint roller container, the child blue, the child’s skin almost translucent as I could see everything going on in it’s body, the child looked alien. All she kept saying is “Access denied, help me keep it under don’t let it out.” I assumed she wanted me to help kill it, and as I looked upon this disgusting bluish baby figure I saw it’s face (Seeing a child’s face in my dreams are always important I’ll get to that later). It was the face of my youngest brother. Now not knowing what the dream meant then when I was young I dismissed it for a while (or until I saw new born babies which scared me since). A few months passed and my mom announced to me and my sister that she was pregnant. I told my mom I had a dream about her having a child months ago and she replied, “Cause your gifted, I was too but it’s gone.”  I embraced those kind words my mom spoke cause rarely enough did she ever praise me or say anything to me deemed nice (Not that she was a bad mom but we didn’t really have a relationship cause I would always be elsewhere.)
Other times me predicting a child’s birth happen amongst friends and family and work colleagues. At work, I work with a lot of women, scratch that they’re all fucking women and I’m the only guy(ette). Most of the women I work with I have seen their child’s face, however sadly for one girl I didn’t (Sorry dimwit). Whenever I don’t see a child’s face more than likely the child will be born with abnormalities or the body aborts the child (Miscarriage to be PC, but I’m not PC so exit wounds).

There have been times where the child has spoken to me from inside. I woman I meet in a bar once was heavily preggers , with her husband and one of my friends. I said hi to her and or the formalities, and asked could I touch her bump. She obliged, I whispered in her ear “Don’t call him Callum he doesn’t like that name.” she looked at me like I was some psycho tryna kill her unborn child, gasping for air, everyone is looking at me cause I had a few drinks. She said loud enough for our table to all hear “How did you know it was a boy, why not Callum, that’s the name we’ve been planning, after Access denied’s dad. Your freaky man, who have you been talking to?” I had only been there for all of what 2 minutes and it was her I spoke to so to me she acted like a complete fucking moron, but then I do understand a stranger telling you things they should know is a bit weird (But it fucking happens).

So are these experiences something of the subconscious working it’s way to the conscious or are they real. My say they are in fact real. I don’t speak to my husbands friend enough to know speak about his friend’s unborn child and nor did he know it was a boy (He was well happy to find out though) and even know any planned names. In some instances I could of over heard “I’m planning for a baby” but this does not by any means mean I can predict the sex and date of birth now does it. I just think so many things in the world are unexplained why does me being “Gifted” have to be explained. Explain and tell me exactly how the world came about (You can’t, you weren’t there and nor were the people who scream out “Big Bang” or “God”, we will never know which is sad and exciting).

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