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Natural, Supernatural! PART 2/3


Hello Homosapiens, it's me Rogue Scott of course with the second part of my supernatural segment. So as you've read I have experienced a a few things stork like, being able to know when a girls opened their legs and are expecting a baby. Now I will share with you Mrs Cookery's experience with the paranormal and mine also. Mrs Cookery is an obvious change of name however I wanted her (You), to know who she was when she reads this. 

Lets get stuck into me now, come on dudes and dudettes, stick your fingers in and feel the temperature. 

Cookery’s Story

My first experience of all things supernatural happened to me while I was a 10 year old girl living in West Dulwich, in a Victorian semi, which to me as a child seemed to be an enormous house and always seemed creepy. We own two Alsatian dogs one named Tiger the other named Luther (Of all the names, a bit devilish). One night my mum and older brother were woken by the dogs barking and howling non-stop. My mum and myself went to investigate, she went up the dog and started to stroke him, he started to calm down.
Then all of a sudden he started to go berserk and started snarling and looking up above my mum. He was terrified he ran past my mum while Luther cowered in the corner. He ran so fast that he crashed into the door frame. (We later found out that he broke his leg) we had to take him to the vet.

The scariest part of the story is yet to come……..

The next evening we kept hearing a banging sound like a broomstick being banged on a wooden floor. It drove us mad all evening we were baffled as to why it was happening. We all went off to bed and in the early hours of the morning I went into my mum’s bedroom jumped on her and tried to strangle her with such force it left marks around her neck. I was in a trance like state and did not remember any of the incident. My mum and brother told me what had happened and that I seemed to have the strength of something that was not that of a normal 10 year old.

We later found out that an old lady had lived in the house and the story was that she was starved to death in her room, (my mum’s bedroom) she used to bang on the walls with her stick to get attention from the relatives that were supposed to be looking after her.

We only stayed there for a few more months as my mum thought it would be best for all of us as we did not want to experience anymore Ghostly goings on.

Cookery (a true believer in the Supernatural).

MY experience when I was 12(ish)

I'm about 12 and I'm getting ready for my bed (Sharing with my then shorter and younger brother K.) It's not raining outside but it's not dry kind of moist air (I hate that word moist it sounds so sexy). So I'm saying bye to my family that have come round over for dinner. My sisters dad, who for so reason still now call Uncle K, my sisters Aunts were leaving and yeah that's pretty mush it. I remember my sister's Dad always treating me like I was his child, since my father wasn't around (Indian) but I thought it was pretty cool anyway.

So staring away into the walls and corners of my room, I'm on the top bunk just like I said staring waiting for sleep to come and take me. The right hand side of my room started to change colour, bluish, and it seem to get warmer in the room yet cool too (Cool to the touch not as in great stuff). I'm not not thinking much of it, I'm thinking that sleep has come and I am about to dream. WRONG!. My grandfather appears in this warm and cool haze, he looks sad but at peace yet still worried. It's weird his face just seemed to say a lot of thing to me with out him saying a word. His eye feel to the ground, rolled around in a circle and then kind of melted away underneath my wardrobe. Okay so I'm not fucking sleeping, I get up and look to my bedroom door. I didn't scream but I did call for my Mom. It's still a bit fuzzy but I remember vaguely I saw something in the room. No she hadn't turned the light on in the room as she could clearly see my face from the passage light. I'm not scared but I have a flip flopping feeling in my belly that disgusting annoying feel when you go over speed bumps to fast cause the driver is a fucking prick. I look back at the corner... nothing, gone, but I suppose that's the way. So now I'm thinking to myself as my mom dismisses me and walks back to her room, “I'm a nut job”, resting my head back on the pillow, I'm begging for my dear grand dad to come back. Why? I don't know he's not even dead, but the thought that the devil was in disguise thrill me, had my heart in excitement and my stomach in sickness. I need it to come back. The door knocks and my mom answers it, I can hear a lot of huffing and puffing in the noise of the cars going by and the wind. My mom starts to cry and that's when I decide to get out of bed and see what's going on. 

My Grand Dad has passed away, car crash on his way home back from organising my Grand Mothers and his wedding anniversary get together t the church they went to before she passed away the previous year. the officer said he died almost instantly (I think the pig should have said he fucking did, mom my is in pain at this point the last the she wants to think about is if he suffered badly). so it's all so eerie that night when they leave and my mom begins packing to go up North to identify his body. so did he come to me telling me something had happened? or do I really have a great and terrible imagination? you tell me. 

A week or so later, I found out that one of his eyes came out during the crash, at the funeral to be precise. That's when lost my cool and did some things I'm not too proud of, but I believe in no regrets no matter what. I kissed the priest.

So that's part 2 of the Natural, supernatural. And I would like to thank Cookery for allowing me to use and share her story with yourself and I. Part 3 i will share a story form a person named Kirby (Obviously  they know who they are). And I plan to speak and fight cases of the non-believers and believers as objectively as I can. 

Till then my dudes and dudettes of the Homosapien family take care (Marbie smile)
"The truth really should be out there"

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