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MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Ashlley's Birth

October 1990: Georgie and I never really did hit it off, we argued like proper 'Cats and Dogs' and no doubt I was a cat with the bit of a dog. Although after almost a whole month of getting to know Georgie and with the others like Kemo, Ricard and Rio around, seeing that they all get along like a house on fire with him I can't understand why, why this custard cream biscuit coloured boy, would not get along with me. I looked at him every morning and through the day, mesmerised by his greasy hair charm and an almost broke down, bad boy face. Georgie, oh Georgie you really make me sick. So sick, looking at you make me want to purge last night dinner over you, yet knowing if I done so, I'd gladly lick it all up savoring every taste that has come off of you. His tiger like eyes were ever so cutting with every look he gave me it always seem like he was giving me a stabbing from 'Liono's' sword from Thundercats, deeper and deeper it would plunge it to my stomach and I, like a fool would happily welcome it.
"Roe, go over and take that boy's jacket away from him." Ricard attempts to direct me.
"Erm? Why? Who is he and why do you want his jacket any way?" I respond. In the playground me and Ricard sit at the benches attached to the main building close enough to the entrance of the building. Now I'm all up for fun and games, but to bully someone was never my thing. I looked at the boy he wanted me to tease and it was the same Oriental, cute boy I saw playing 'Piss darts' in the funky toilets. "Why, don't you do it? You want it." Giving a sigh that said it all "Its cold and do your own dirty work." Richard looks at me and stares me dead in the ear (I'm staring at Georgie, the butterflies try to escape my torso), it's as if he's trying to will me with the thought of his mind to do this tedious task. "Oh Ricard, piss off!" lashing out and looking him up and down, in disbelief i look at him up and down and notice the tear in his left knee, the greying of his knees are hideous, how does one not cream up their skin? Especially if their black? Not saying that only back people cream, cause I've seen Aunt Jacky cream herself sometimes (Not by choice, it never was pretty seeing, that jet black furry hole in her body. What was that?). But all the BLACK kids said, that white people don't cream their skins. Ricard has obviously put a spanner in that theory.

"Move man!" Trying to squeeze his fat arse in between me and Ricard, Georgie wiggles it trying to shove, to one side. I nudge him ever so lightly hoping he wouldn't notice and right now I'm feeling as if, if he does notice he won't like it. He doesn't notice, but the feel on my shoulder wasn't enough. his arse almost finding it's place on the bench I decide to place my hand on the bench underneath that 'Pow-pow' bottom. Sheer bliss as those buns of cream land on my twiglet, brown fingers, the warmth is so hot it almost warms the whole of my body before it stops, as he gets up most frantically. "What the? Err your tryna touch my bum, your tryna touch my bum."
Jumping up and my heart beating so hard I think both him and Ricard will see it I say "No you idiot, you sat on my hand."

"Rogue, it's me" Not that I hear voice, ok maybe I just did. But it sounded like it was next to me. And it could of well been, we we're underneath an open window.

"Shut up, you tried to touch it 'Jerry boy'" Ok calling me 'Mowgli' was one thing, but 'Jerry boy' what the hell was that one all about? And because I didn't know what it mean the big....
"Shut up you half cast pickney, go suck your mudda", words swung right out my mouth that I don't normally use, but yes I do normally hear after all, I'm growing up around a lot of Jamaicans, Ja-fakens, Dominicans, Trinidadians and so on. All they do is use words like that, I don't really understand. I know half cast means your parents are different races, though.
"Shut up" He pushes me in the chest, "Shut up, you look like a hungry Somalian Packi!" pushing me again in the chest I push back. Ricard stands up and attempts to separate us. Not allowing him Georgie and I both push him back on the bench, but he misses and falls to the ground. He runs off. I swing for him, fist of fury towards his direction, come in from my right and curling into his left. I  miss as, he dodges back and under. "Ahhh, you tryna punch me rude boy?" Asking me to state the obvious I swing again this time making sure I step forward as it glides through the air. My body temperature rise and I'm hoping for another 'Crimson rain'. One blow to the face, his face and creamy boys eyes flicker upwards to the blue-grey clouds. Looking over his shoulder I notice the Oriental boy watching, holding a tennis racket and wearing the most ugly purple puffer jacket at least four sizes too big, poor thing is drown in his clothes while he watches on.
Noticing Georgie's fist coming towards me, I had hoped my blow was enough like in the movies, hoping he had been K.Od on the floor. It's seem wishing and hoping in reality right now is only for fools. Impact on my lip, lower right almost centred, split. The heat in the lip grows, it thumps and beats like it has now grown it's self it's own heart. hotter and hotter then a cool, stinging like breeze sweeps over it. I touch looking at him. The words "Fight, fight ,fight, fight!" are getting yelled towards us from a heard of children in a large circle. I can't see, little Ori cute boy and his purple jacket. Not through this. The children came from nowhere Ricard stands in the circle of hounds with Rio and the others. "Mash him up Roe, mash him." Savages yell at me, that metal sweet taste of blood is nice and I am getting even more bothered by the thought of having to beat down on someone I like (the look of). I don't want to hurt his face but already doing that, viewing the fist shaped red mark on his face I continue, I slap with one hand, connecting and then in with the other and as I go in to kick one of those kicks where you step back and push in hard front ways, the teacher in the brown tinted glass strapped to his head, white polo neck too tight for his pregnant belly and short way too short shorts, up his arse, holds onto my leg. Holding Georgie back. "What the hell is going on with you two?" the crowd of hounds goes in to a fearful silence and bodies depart the circle, looking back at us unwillingly. As he lets go of my leg and letting go of Georgie's shoulder, I kick him in the leg and grab hold of something no so big between his legs (and it was kind of lumpy). I twist myself round and pull with all my might, at this point I don't care who I'm hurting just as long as everyone knows not to come near me. Georgie runs off, "You little shit" The teacher screams at me.
"Dad" his son runs our way and the crowd that slowly seemed to depart has now gathered again. Georgie at the front. I head butt where I had been clinging onto, as to rip it right off,  attempt to run after Georgie and begin to fly. My legs dangle and the kids laugh. I have been caught like a fish in a fish bowl. Two more teachers have come out of the playground and as I thrash at them to let me go they take me up to the Head Mistress's office.
It was weird how quick they got me up those stairs and even more so weird that three men had to carry me up to the Head Mistress. She was buck toothed, wore thick glasses with small rectangles at the bottom of them, straw like ginger hair and her grin was stain of coffee as was her breath. Short wearing, male teacher stands behind me at the door as  sit in front of her and the desk. I don't hear a word of what is being said to me all I'm thinking of is the voice saying "Rogue it's me." and oddly knowing who it is. Ashlley.
 I just see the marble eggs on the desk. I just see one of the marbles eggs in my hand. Turning round, looking in now his way the room is brown seemingly coffee stained like her breath, I can smell it even when not looking at her. Screaming "Brush your teeth, you white bitch" I notice that the egg is no longer in my hand and he is on the floor, cowering at the doors entrance. A look to whats on his left and it's an old arm chair, black leather. "He's an animal" he screams out and looks in my direction still holding his forehead which streams a graceful flow of blood and debris. Sweat beads, dance along his sideburns and his face has gone from pasty white to fuming red.

I have no idea why I get these moments of rage where I have no recollection what I have done or why I am doing. It comes so quickly, that burning feeling and all I want to see is blood and tears. Never feeling sorry after, I guess this is all just a test for TS and my next meeting with him. Hopefully I will be stronger and older then, cause those three men handled me. Hey it took three men maybe I am ready.

Mum has to pick me up early. I guess I won't be in this school for long after all. I don't want to leave Rio, but I know I'll see him outside of school. I know I will miss Georgie's face. Poor thing, walked passed me in the hall ways as I waited for my mum and his face looks like TJ had had a round on him, I only remember hitting him once and surely to slaps aren't gonna bruise and swell his face like it did. His left eye looks like a miniture bum on his face, weeping tears. Who's Ashlley?
When she finally come to pick me up she speaks ever so briefly to the Head Mistress and we head home. I swear, I'm going back to Daubeny.

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