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MEMOIRS OF MARBIE: Transitions (prt 3)

September 1990: Packing all my new things in my school bag, I was lucky to get a pencil case and a few artist pencils that I had been dying for my mum to get me and at this time 'Trolls', these little funny looking figure toys with synthetic hair (Coming in all different style and colours) were the in thing. I had a miniature one on each pencil, I thought I was the 'Bee's Knees', cause these things were not cheap. Either everyone had them and liked yours and wanted to swap, or those unfortunate not to have them would say that they were only for girls and that they were rubbish, stupid toys any way. (Little did the kids know these were to become yet again, one of those toys that became a collectors item as they had been selling way before the 90's).
I'm really excited now, knowing that I'm going to be with Rio, almost every day of my life. Rio and myself have been friends since I can't even tell you. Our mums had meet in hospital and stayed close friends since. I was born three months premature so staying in an incubator whilst them two (Our mothers) chit chatted and comforted one another for a further week or so, they must have shared some stories or shared a common interest, (Black, Asian, Mixed men, I say no more). 

Name: Rio
Sex: Male
Description: About a few inches shorter than I, his skin dripped with golden fluxes layered on caramel skin. His Hair was soft, bouncy and had a kinky curl to it. Nowhere as curly as mine is. Little chipmunk cheeks, matched his Cupid's bow, browning pink, plump but small lips. His nose was a little 'Devil may care' crocked, but you would be able to tell if you were not looking for it. Eyes as black as night, shining with the allure of my name's meaning 'Mischievous'. He is all the the dream for all the girls around the way yet he only had eyes for one girl. The one girl I would now meet very soon. Carlean.  Attitude was that of a older child's, he moved with some swag and his talk was pure East London street, ghetto mixed race child who of all things, know he has it going on. Very much an Alpha male of his pack of Lions, Three days apart from each other. He was born first. Tad bit on the slim side, but damn did he have a booty that made him even much more of a cutie. 

"Can I be in Rio's class?" I ask the head teacher of the school on my first visit.
"No, you two together out of school is one thing, but in school is another. Don't pay him no mind Mrs Coughtold." my mum already knew what I was probably about to start thinking.
"No worries Ms Lorday, Rogue from what we see will be in the arch tier of the school year. record shows although he has been known to be boisterous, he was a good student in the class room so" I log out of the conversation as it started to bore me. 

Just remembering my first visit, I am glad to go there now to the school for those that can't behave. I will make it my business to be who I am inside, letting out the soul trapped in me that dare Stewart and Cemal helped to unleash.

The building is tall and wide, there are smaller hut like buildings (they look so man made) scattered around the play ground, 5 of them. This looks like a place I don't want to really be. But I notice they have toilets outside in the play ground, meaning I don't have to go into the main school building to go to the toilets, meaning I can play 'Bum-Bums' with out have to go inside and have teachers walk in and out of the toilets scanning for misbehaviour (Cause it did happen, but I was lucky in only peeing when it did occur) There are loads of hiding space out in this play ground it's almost a better site, for all the games I played with Stewart, Jags, Cemal and Jerome. I need to visit them, it's been too long, they need to see this place. Maybe they can come here too. How?
Walking through the corridors as my mum leaves me with Simba, (My new Teacher), I'm wondering when I'm actually going to get to the class, it seems forever to get to the class. 
"Good morning Blue class, this is Rogue Lorday and he will be joining the class as of from today. Ricard and Kemo, like I said to you last term you two will be looking after him for the next few weeks, showing him around." Great I'm now in Cemal's position but looking at these boys makes me feel as if I'm about to go to prison or worse yet I'm already there. Ricard had a scare down the middle of his forehead curving into his right eye and his eyes were bugling out of his head as if his mother really did forget that inter-species relationships was illegal, he looked like a frog. Kemo was as dark as dark can get and as tall as he was, standing up he seemed to sway in his posture, like any little breeze would topple him over. I am not impressed with these inbreed looking dudes, they look like gang rapist, not that I know what gang rapist are, but from what my mum and her friends talk about, they aren't nice people. 

"Rogue, come sit with us then init. He's Kemo, I'm Ricard." Ricard's eyes wonder down to my transparent pencil case and notices something that amuses him. "You got trolls? Wicked. I got one, I got it form this boy on my estate." And another Great in my mind pops up, I'm going to be shown the rope by a Ger-Charbie. Thanks mum. 
"Yeah I have loads of them, my Grand Dad buys me one when he gets me cars." I say to him scanning the class room looking for some better company to acquaintance myself with. So there's three oriental boys in one corner of the room, with their rules on their work sheet. One of them has tape on the middle of his glasses and dried boogers under his nose. Looking up at me he smiles a toothy grin, a grin worthy of a food processor, damn I thought the number was 32 not 100 and then 32. The other two, short and fat is one who looks like the pig displayed on the Chinese New Year calender and the other tall and lanky who looks like 'Lurch' from the Addams family. Hearing someone talk to me I slow sway my head back round to Ricard but notice the Gem of the class, Stefarna. Dark coco buttered skin, wired but so attractively looks like a mare running with her two corn-row pig-tail plaits, with blue and pink bows at the end of her thick black, black hair. I always had a fascination, with black people's hair, why did I have their skin and not the hair. I love it, the smell, the feel, the way it can just stay the way they put it. Like plasticine. 
"We're doing maths right now." Ricard injects me with words I don't really want to hear, but now I'm here, I guess Maths is what I have to do. He seems nice, but the book cover is a state that, is in desperate need of republishing.

Our play time break comes and I dart out with rest of them, with some odd homing devise I home right onto Rio. "Rio!" I shout out running towards him, he's hanging out with Herculean children and children our age. One of the Herculean ones  is a sweet looking white girl, Jacey. She looks like a model. She looks at me and I her and our eyes lock for what it seem to be minutes. The sun's rays are not as strong any more, but the breeze that sweeps between our two, tall bodies, wraps round us and seemingly intertwines  ours souls.
"Rogue, you're here! Wicked man." He flicks his hands and fingers in the way the older black men around us do when they were excited about some thing. Sort of, in the way that Jerome would get excited, clapping his hands like a seal, but in a more they have Tourette's syndrome in one of their hands instead of speech. I never really did get it, but hey to be of a part, I did it too, so they would look at me and think 'Mowgli'. He introduced me to them all, Carlean, Stefarna, Lee, Jacey, Deedee, Kemarli, Chris and a few others. Whilst he did introduce me to them I noticed that the other kids around us, not in the large, but small group, didn't really play, they just watched us and what was going on. Is this?, is he?, am I now part of the Elite group again in  school once again. But this time a mixed elite group. A group that obviously all the other kids want to be part of? No, I'm not, well I am but the other kids aren't looking at us because they want to be part of the group as I notice on their faces (that look so tiny) they have the face of fear on their faces. 
A brief emotion of sadness blows me off my feet and I sit down on the bench we have all accumulated at and then, I get the feeling of sheer power. "Toilets." I just needed to go to the toilets and really wanted to see which one of these boys would follow my lead (as Rio was obviously the almighty in this pack, but that needed to change as he was soft around me out side school). Lee was about to, I saw until Rio and Ricard had spoken to him, he walks off Tashi. 
Funny how someone so soft can be so hard and dominant in a different environment. I've seen the cracks in Rio's Golden painted porcelain  now and if I ever need to, will pry them open if I'm crossed. closing in to the toilets I can hear massive cheers and laughter coming out of there. This will not be a place for my DLR express services (Dirty little rendezvous). But as I get in the door way trying not to lurk, the browning of the walls doesn't really excite me, the damp and dripping wet overhead pipes, with green growth on their dark rusted steel, the barred up windows, the black yet mould stained toilet tanks, with graffiti is turning me right off. Turning right further into the toilets, I see that long urinal. Boys pissing up the walls above the urinal, onto targets they had made out of the covers of our exercise books given to us, etched on them targets. Three boys, one Oriental and cute the other two Kemo and some other, black boy. This is the first time I'm seeing more that one and to be honest the surroundings make it feel disgusting, like a dungeon for inbreeds, who get excitement from almost pissing on each other. Just realising the strong, dehydrated smell of the urine stained surrounds I kick open a door to one of the cubicles pull my fly down, look down in the toilet just to see it full of pencils and books, pissed all over. Quickly going to the next one getting closer to the boys at the urinal I kick the other door open (I'm not touching anything in here), there a huge turd just begging to be cleaned up or have someones face shoved in it. Great the third and last is right behind these morons, kicking it open I'm only thankful to see there a half smoked cigarette on the floor next to the bowl of the toilet. Hold on what the hell is a fag doing in school? My mother has really put me in some slum. 

As the day comes to its end and I have to admit it was an interesting day I prepare for my over night stay at Rio's. His mum waits for us at the school prison types gates and we walk not even 200 metres to her home down the road. 
Me and my trolls, him in his bedroom, he shares with his brother Royley, us looking at each other not knowing what to do. The clucking and odd sounds of the chickens in his garden are so off putting and having the window open, the smell is horrid. "Wanna play mums and dads?" he asks me.

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