Monday, 4 July 2011

Marbie teeth are so Easy to come by.....

Hello Homosapiens....... I'm not a Muscle Mary or a Vegan, I'm a walking doll (So I've been told). Check the video for days 8-14 on the use of Hammer and Arm (Advanced whitening toothpaste.

So what did you think...... Not a massive improvement, but there is one at least. I think I'll be sticking with this toothpaste brand up until I go away to Gran Canaria this Summer, a wait in the margin line for something better to come along. Now in saying the toothpaste whitened a little, in fact it tastes great and the freshness is gives (And it should the way i brush my teeth) is amazing, I feel like I want to smile after brushing. My Tongue has seen a slight improvement to and yes your tongue is just as important as your teeth when it come to Oral Hygiene (I'm real careful and particular what I put in my mouth you see). Yes the toothpaste cleans, whitens to some extent and freshens breath.... is it right for you? Maybe..... It does have a little tiny bit of grit by I guess this is from the added baking soda for it's cleaning properties.

Oral Hygiene Tips:

Brush your teeth when you first get out of bed and before you get back in at night. They're the two most crucial times. That’s because your saliva and no one else’s (which keeps cavity-causing plaque off teeth) dries up at night, so it’s best to have all plaque cleaned off the teeth before sleep. It’s also important to brush first thing in the morning to brush off plaque and bacteria (morning breath! “Where the cat that shat in my mouth?) that may have built up as you slept.

Kick your toothbrush to the curb or change the head of your electric toothbrush at least every two to three months. Otherwise, you're just transferring bacteria to your mouth. The best way to brush is by placing your toothbrush against your gums and gently moving it in a circular motion, rather than a back-and-forth motion. And Brush them pearls for least, the bare minimum of 2 minutes (I like to go on for a good 5).

Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper every morning to remove tongue plaque and freshen your breath or use your toothbrush if you don’t have one. You can also buy toothbrushes with tongue scrapers made onto them. One major cause of bad breath is the build-up of bacteria on the tongue, which a daily tongue scraping will help banish.

Eat 'detergent' foods. Foods that are firm or crisp help clean teeth as they're eaten.Ever heard someone say they eat apples to clean their teeth (not much of a myth after all)(otherwise known as nature's toothbrush); other choices include raw carrots, celery, and popcorn. For best Marbie, Homosapien teeth, make 'detergent' foods the final food you eat in your meal if you know you won't be able to brush your teeth right after eating.

Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week to remove stains and whiten your teeth. Use it just as you would toothpaste (No it doesn’t taste nice but you want nice teeth and breath right? So Deal!). You can also use salt as alternative toothpaste. Just be sure to spit it out so it doesn't count as sodium intake! Also, if your gums start to feel raw, switch to brushing with salt every other day.

Visit you dentist as least every 6 months that’s twice a year or more so if you choose.
Flossing is great when you know how……

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