Friday, 8 July 2011

A Rogue's tale: Pride 2011: London SOHO

Hello Homosapiens.........I was just here thinking about pride and looking at pictures taken (inappropriate and cute ones) and thought, "Damn this pride was well hot to death". I'm stilling buzzing and am so fucking shit faced angry that days like that have to end, but thats life right everything has to come to a end, but damn was it a sweet end.

From having guys grinding up on my apple bottom hump saying "Hello" to me and my husband celebrating our love in full fledged PUBLIC (Which isn't often PDA Public displays of affection are plain nasty), to me and my close friends having a wild, vodka soaked (I mean that literally Wolverine and I got soaked in apple vodka... He if got like from pubic bone to neck my Jubilee and other guys) (Marbie smile) The day was absolutely fantastic. Getting to the point was a bit troubling, having to wait a whole hour later that scheduled, but I guess it's what you make it.

The ride up to Soho, had me almost vomit and pass out and laugh in my own puke and the same time... this is all down to Red head doing her nails with NorthStar (Nail polish stinks in unventilated vehicles), Jubilee sat next to a OAP who was ogling her breasts and laughing at our jokes (He was young at heart or either a pervert (Gross!))
Soho: we Start to drink as soon as we get of (However Northstar and Red Head started before....... Way before)

Red Hair I hope she had fun before she left as do I Jub's Twin.

The food was lavish (yeah right hot dog greasy stand and mustard very lavish for drunken people) and the drinks were even more so.
The theme for all the fags around seemed to be "Who run the world??????? GAYS" which in some way i like to believe.... (Breeding men are influenced by breeding women, who in turn mostly have a GAY friend regardless if they know it or not.... so there for in a universe or this verse, GAYS run the world, do we?????? Marbie thinking finger) It doesn't matter who runs the world as long as we are all running and contributing to it's glory...... STOP THE FUCKING WAR!

Any way watch the video......................

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  1. Yayyy! Been waiting to see this. Looked liked a really fab day/night
    And trust you rogue to be the one that got lost! LOL