Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tanning on Dark Skin

Hello Homosapiens....... I'm allowed to dream of sunkissed, glowy skin right? Thats what I thought.
Fat chance of that as of late so i guess I'll have to wait for my trip to Gran canaria (Any homosapiens going in the Month of August?), or I can use the fake tan.
My dear Jubilee left a bottle of hers at mine the other day... I couldn't resist temptation, I squeezed the long brown bottle into my hands and felt its warm (It was laying in rays of sun coming through the window), chocolately liquid gentley drip upon my, fore-arm. The smell was a little gross and over perfumed but hey after it soaked in, I saw a difference.
I hope I don't become the first dark skinned Essex dude lol. Nah I like the real look to bad, but hate to stay in the sun..... Cancers and wrinkles and all.

Stay safe when tanning and please buy nice smelling fake bakers. xxx

(Marbie smile)

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