Monday, 6 June 2011

Hair today, Grown Tomorrow

Hello Homosapiens.......... Finalising my new hair style for the end of summer in for the cold months here in the UK, I have come to the conclusion that I am going as white as my hair will allow with minimal damage. Now being of dual heritage, I have curly hair, tight cork screw type curls (every cm in a curl is 5-6 inches long). So I will be (Death drum music) be using Bleach on my hair, I've been using Jerome Russell for many hairs now without any problems or obvious damage some homosapiens have had (Split ends, over processing, hair loss, breakage), and on top of the bleaching I use a product I only discovered a year ago, Touch of Silver Shampoo. The shampoo is purple in colour and to be honest when introduced to it I thought it was a joke. But this is why I haven't had much breakage after using it, Once the bleach has got to my desired colour the shampoo lightens the hair further giving your hair more body, shine and strength (In my opinion).

Not only do you look different, but you feel different

So you want a new look? not sure what to go for? As Marbie would say, "Never be afraid of change and always go with your gut instinct as this is often the most trustworthy of them all." Get your friends advise, come and get mine, if needs be.
Hair is one of the Five top thing another homosapien, is going to remember you for and better yet, hair makes you feel the person you are inside at that moment in time.
If it be weaved in, bonded, hair extentions, hair colouring, hair shaving and trimming.... Style will always uplift you and possibley those around you.

Tips for you tips:
It’s best to not wash your hair every day, especially with curly hair (I am such a vitim to washing my hair every day and I know I should maybe it's time to stop), because it washes away the natural oils that you produce making your hair dry and dry curls getting freakish frizzy.
If you’re going to use heat on your hair, use a heat protecter so it doesn’t dry up and another good way to dry hari is with a diffuser. Always use a wide tooth com on curly hair to avoid snagging and I love herbal Essence's conditioners (I like to leave conditioner in for at least 4 minutes and rinse, but not completley out. Leave-in conditioner seems harse!)

Hair food: Almonds contain a great amount of vitamin E, iron and magnesium which are beneficial to the hair. Iron promotes protein retention. Since Homosapien hair is approximately 90 per cent protein, these essential nutrients are beneficial in the process of hair growth. Eat a pack of almonds a week.
Fruits such as oranges, kiwis and melons contain vitamin C, which prevents hair loss and promotes re-growth (take not  girls fussy about the lack of re-growth). Have at least five servings of fruit in a day to stop your hair from falling (This as you should know is a plus for your diet in general and great for your skin).
To many homosapien's I know act as if seasfood is the enemy. Seafood, especially oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, contains a high concentration of omega-3 fats. These are responsible for keeping the hair follicles, cells and tissues strong. Try to have at least 4-6 portions a week. I used to have a daily intake of Salmon but it got boring, try not to follow in those foot steaps and keep your food exciting. I've heard dark green type vegetables are a great way too, but I'm not too sure how and why, I'll have to look that one up. 


HAIR STYLE'S FOR MEN                                           Hair COLOURING for Dudettes

Word of advise rock your hair the way you mean it to be rocked and not like a hooboo, leaving cardborad city looking for their next meal. Thats just whacky.

(Frexes. Who they are and how to avoid them) I should start my own Rogutionary!

Keep your hair fab and cared for.

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