Monday, 27 June 2011

Marbie teeth are so hard to come by.....

Day Three was a good day.
Hello Homosapiens........  I've been testing this toothpaste that claims it will whiten teeth 3 shades..... You got that? Three whole (lighter) shades. And although this being the 8th day I I was supposed to get this up last night 7 days have been documented with the missing 6th day as I was hung-over (Hung) and was not at home to do the deed.

So In summary of the last seven days have I seen an improvement........ Yes, a massive one? Not really, but what can I expect, I am a smoker after all (Stop that nasty habit Marbie doesn't want wrinkles or bad breath). The toothpaste taste lovely and has that flavour lasting in your mouth up to a whole 30 minutes (Like chewing gum) But I think the toothbrushes polishing system added to it has made a difference to how shiny and smooth my teeth feel. Watch the video below to see the 7 day trial. Another seven days to go and a full oral hygiene post, in the word of MOI, Rogue "Marbie" Scott.

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