Thursday, 30 June 2011

Marbie Teeth Update:

Hello Homosapiens..... and it's now day 12 and I must admit I really do see a difference in my teeth. A Small one. Having unstained teeth and using the Hammer and Arm advanced toothepaste, I think it one just lightened them a little and the front. Now as a smoker at the back of one of my teeth was a tiny tobbacco stain which is now (Thank the Gods) is almost gone. I had one of my service users at work yesterday ask, "Why are you teeth like mine, my Daddies are yellow." It must have made some difference.

I went to sleep with Olive oil (Extra Virgin) on my face lasce night, and woke up with airbrushed looking skin. Although it's been done before I mght to a comlete month trial one the oil.

On one last note My teeth in the morning (When I wake up after the last brush of my day) look like A4 paper....Marbie White WoW.... just through the day they may seeme to discolour inbetween meals, drinks and smoking.  Video post this Sunday.

TTYS Rogue Marbie Scott

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