Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Prints for Home.....

Hello Homosapiens....... Now me being a nosey little runt, I've been looking around the net and came across Ms Storm = Selina Duncan's photos on Photobox. New talent is something I really like to encourage and support (Just like the Hunky Darren Criss).

So as I wait, to receive my prints from the "Marbie World""Marbie Doll For Sale!" Shoot, I suggest that if your looking for some new art work to hang up in your Living room, Dining area, Bed-Room, Bath-Room, or just anywhere in your humble or even more so abode, click now on the link to check out the work of Selina Duncan.
(Selina Duncan Photography)
I Know once I've finished decorating my bathroom I'll be making my way to her shop to add that extra relaxing kick every bathroom should have... (Waterproofs). Now as I wait,I guess I better get started back on my garden. I started once already this month (damn it almost ended) in hope I'd have a nice space for the coming summer, BBQ for a RogueDay maybe???? Any way with out the help from some Hunky men like Darren Criss, I don't see the job getting done. Darren Criss is too sexy in Glee and out (It's time like this I wished I was a Straight girl.) Rats. 

TTYL Homosapiens.    

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