Monday, 9 May 2011

Possible, Impossibles, are Possible

Hello HomoooooooooooooSapiens...... not much of an update, but Just spoke to Mz Storm about a concept for the Marbie Doll shoot. No so much original and I'm still thinking of ways to make it original.... Maybe go down the adult route or the cutesie rated U version. I do know I want life sized props and Batteries, where I'll be getting this I don't know. I also think this time round we'll need assistants need for the shoot as there will be a lot of setting up and changes..... THE JOURNEY has just begun.

So is the possiblity of the impossible possible? Did I make sense? Well I'm just thinking where has my fucking year gone we are already in May and it seems like the year is going way to soon. The ** annerversary of The establishment and Marketing of Rogue Scott is coming up in like two months and yet it was only just Christmas, when my niece made me feel as if I was a cockroach uderneath her shoes (I felt so small).

I've had fun so far this year... way too much fun (If that is possible) and My dear friend She-ra has made this year such a great one. My Best of all friends Bluzie is in my life more so than ever (I'm not sure if thats because he has too cough up the money for the Holiday, him, my husband and myself are going on in a=August) or simple because we are as friends making time for each other now. I've been to his house numerous occasion this year (so far) and not got my hair done or asked for he to randomly do it. My dear friend Gambit is a bit of a...... Hmmm lets say he's just as busy as me (and I sure hope he understands), but I feel the possiblilty of me possiblly not being relevant in his life as much as Deyonce is a fact now. THIS IS ALOMST DIARY LIKE!!! I do work on a schudule now and plan most things ahead and have found if it is not getting me hyped up or really wanting me to get up and go, is there really a bloody point.

I'm just not one of those people homosapiens, that can go out to a place that is (In my opinion) collecting dust for the Old Aged pensioners..... boring is not me nor is the same old smae old. Friends are funny cause you can choose them, but on the other hand has your choice been a long life chioce or a choice for convience? I beg to differ when I've been told I'm fickle, all my friends are my friends now still and even more regardless if I haven't seen them from my wedding day (Ahem) or my last MarbieDay. I just hope they know it and appreciate our relationship is not the relationship where we have to puke and drink till dawn and have meaningless conversations in which we feel the ohter really wants to hear when in fact it's not.
An actual night out

Arrange a date, Book an appointment, hoiwever you see it we all live busy lives (Well most of us wanting to do something in our lives) and I'm not talking ill of the jobless, I know very ambiticious jobless people amking money and also making ends meet (Legally) that have also got dreams they are fulfilling and also studying for. It's the people with jpobs that just settle for gross point blank stability, the people who moan they want more, the people who watch Jeremy Kyle and smoke their lungs out wish they too can be on the show that pisses me off. DO SOMETHING THE FUCK ABOUT IT, I CAN'T HELP THE ONE THAT DON'T HELP THEM SELVES OR A LEAST TRY.
I really wasnt meant to be writing so much but in the back of my head all these thought have given me a headache today. Even my partner has pissed me off, Not like this a rant or angered writing today, but he doesn't know whether or not he is doing something for his Birthday do, when he has already sent out invite for it. Now when not a soul decides to attend your chossen venue, What the fuck you gon say know (Bitch)(Had to get the bitch in there it felt so right yet I know it was wrong).

"Pitty is the man that stands in his own skin and does not like the company." too many time have I had to say this to a homosapien.

I reall need to start asking around for Homosapiens to help out with this next shoot coming up. Maybe Muffmina and Kensukiewa can help?

Would I get in massive trouble for exposing the DL gays in the community? It's a blog I've been dying to do but not to sure how I can go about it. maybe I will maybe I won't I'll keep you posted Dudes and Dudettes, cause to many so called Straight guys be out there humping the Pumtang and then tryna bound the Boomtang.

"Just cause you stuck your pole in a bit of tuna, it don't make you no fishman, gur,"

Over and out.... the session was really to vent from the bounding headache but please leave a comment if you want to let me know about any questions that have been random I have asked upon you? (My head hurts.)
Cooking time

XXX Marbie XXX

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