Sunday, 2 January 2011

Playstation move And the Xbox 360's Kinect.

In now way is this gonna be a product review your probably used to reading.

Homosapiens! it's Vorte Ami, Rogue Marbie Scott once again. So in September I said that I wanted to get the, PlayStation Move and The Kinect for the Xbox 360, both for Christmas. I remember saying I was going to get it with my own money but fuck that shit isn't that what i got married for? So that I could save money money for my quick divorcal get-away and he spend all his money on me? (What's his is mine and what's mine will always be mine, damn Skippy.) So I'm not all sure which one I prefer, mainly for the fact, which is I only have been paying attention to the Kinect for the last week since I got it. I haven't really been feeling the game I received with the Playstation Move (Resident Evil 5 Gold) which I haven't opened either. 
Believe i wanted to use something more
 explicit but my language is enough for now. 
So any way I not to meanly dismiss the Move, but lets talk about the Kinect. I am fucking aching right now. I received the standard in-the-box game, Kinect Adventures and I also got Dance Central. Both games will have you sweating the bucket loads if the only exercise you get is walking to work, wanking and sex and trust me as a living Marbie that's all i really have time for some days. So now I have Kinect.... yes i too had the Wii and it's Wii fit shit, but it didn't actually keep me entertained. I must admit I do have a short attention span but I know I will be playing the Kinect in replace of working my abs in the bed (although I love being on top working out the abdominal muscles). I think the interface is such an easy way to use something, I this may sound corny cause you've probably heard it so many times since it's release in November 2010, but you really are the controller. Speaking to it to pause films, using your hand to control the cursor, it's like Minority reports in cheap. (Shouldn't really make it sound cheap should I?) So far all of my family have gone out and spent that £129 to get one (Becoming a grand total of £774... you do the math at how many families in my Family made a purchase.) Okay so we may like some people may say have money to spend on stupid things, but I'm a gamer and not a crack addict so therefor I'm doing my life some good.

You will need maximum space though to play. Me being 6'1 tall and having a Kinect looks funny lmao..... but serious at least 6 feet away from the Camera you should be able to stand and you should be able to have at least in my instance 3-4 feet on your sides (try not to have things hanging on your wall, Me telling you this doesn't help if you already do. I love the way Microsoft tells you not to have a thing in your living room in order to play the damn thing.) I have a Mirror Hanging up and have to be real careful what my hands do (I didn't spend almost a grand on a gold  and brass mirror frame) And just the other day I swung a pint Stella glass torpedoing towards my TV, thank good it missed and shattered on the Cat, (no not really).  So please do be careful and not be a twat like that old fart in the video, or a clumsy Marbie like myself (yes beauty and loads of brains is hard to achieve even for me), My closing.... there has been some rumors about Kinect sex and although I don't have a thing for teenage Japanese girls with big European silicone breast I'm sure some others might. I rather play with Chad Hunt, or Matthew Rush or give me some of that Latin heart deep throb  Dumbo. But Kinect sex games does't really interest me (for now.)

Playstation Move will get it's review from me one day but hey I'm late with things and I just my give it a one liner in some other (important) blogg. So I guess I'll TTYS because I am ready for another round of drinks.

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