Thursday, 27 September 2012

Marbie thought!

Hello Homosapiens.... Writing, styles, writing styles. When I first discovered that I wanted to write I was told to find a style, but the world is not as simple as that. It's like the average person with average education trying to dissect a genotype or DNA strand and trying to find the correct cells that find make a husky dog have blue eyes. What i'm saying is, every one has a written style which is in your head. You just have to fine tune it. I write the way I think and speak most of the time and to be honest have to say quite a lot "Well in layman's terms...." or "In the vernacular" constantly keeping myself in check to speak like you, homosapiens. So I shall go and have my body descaling now, as dewrinkling was a good one. I got over 7 hours which is not a norm for me.

Peace out and remember, if you plan on writing, you have already found the style you thought you had lost. It's in you.

(Got write more)

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