Sunday, 30 September 2012

Memoirs of Marbie: Adults, Secrets and Lies (part 5)

Saturday 30th October 1993
Time has passed and it’s now dark and I keep looking at the bags my mum has packed. A faint memory of my mother saying she has filled two barrels of food to help ease him in lingers on my mind. Him, she was obviously talking about me, I now know. Aunt Claudine had already spoke on the phone to my Occult Uncle Clive, so now I am just to wait.
The loud thudding, buzzing distorted noise of the buzzer goes and I here everyone in the living room jump up and start chatting in the most chaotic, wild hyena kind of way. Laughs giggles and chatter spool into one loud unbearable noise. “Bye Rogue” a whisper from an all so familiar voice, Ashlley has said bye to me. My mum comes into Mikes room and tells us we need to put our shoes and coats on, we rush and head out into the tight spaced hall way, gross white knickers with some yellow colour in the front area. Pushing and pulling my mum grabs my arms and pushes me in front and pushes Meadow to one side and almost slams Ramona to another side, Aunt Claudine has Tanny in her arms and Mikes is behind me with his toothy grin, as if he’s a worlock ready to cast some wicked spell upon me. Well off we go, better get my ready shoes ready huh?
Down stairs waiting for us, a large white van, wow it looks as if it can hold a whole football team. Oh it can. Westbourn Park football team. There’s a lot of black dark bodys in there too, I wonder who all these people are. If I had not known any better I’d think my mum was sending me to be scarficed with this occult look group, yes me not a goat. The door slides open and cracks a little
“Cousin, it’s been a long time.” A loud and deep voice shouts out as smoke curls up to the roof from the insides. Great I’m gonna stink now aren’t I. It’s Uncle Clive, not that I know him well, just that I heard Tanny shout his name and Mikes says hello to him with some fear.
“Hi Roley, hey Clive. Ih my god look how Nish and them have grown. I don’t know you, yes, no I know you” My mother looks around the inside of the van whilst pushing me u in it talking to all these faces that are looking at me like I’m some sort of demon, spawn of the devil child. I haven’t done any thing wrong let alone to these mogwais.
All now huddled in what used to be a nice spacy place for a few men is now like a freaking African village on wheels, stuffy and the smell coming from that cone shaped cigarette stinks. My mum seems to like every one in the van, Ramona is quiet not talking to a soul and Meadow is being meadow, everyone wanting a piece of his peanut shaped head pie. I fucking hate him, couldn’t he just die, it’d be best for everyone I’m sure. Life without him and the Man, was great, then they came along.

After a 20 minute ride in the smoke filled van with all these black bodies staring and chatting words that sound like mumbles to me we come to a stop and outside an estate. The orange light, brighten the darkened streets and I can now see the faces of all the black bodies from the van. Mostly girls and women, mostly herculeans, one happens to be the size of a baby whale, but hey who am I to judge she probably, no obviously loves her food as much as me, just I happen to be Mowgli, skinny. When all entered a flat in the first building of the estate, on our way up I remember the sharp, penetrating smell of piss in the hallways. Disgusting How I hate estates. 
The flat was full of a new batch of black bodies and suitcases and a sweet smell of good old fashioned cooked food that smelled as if it were made by my granny. In fact I sure I can smell my granny in here somewhere, I can smell the products she puts in her hair. Looking around and through the bodies of women and children I try spotting my granny but she’s nowhere to be found, instead the tall, dark, evil looking Aunt V is there. She a mean old witch and surely enough she’s the leader of this whole occult family I now belong to. The lights are a dusty shade of yellow and the flat is small and resembles my granny and granddaddies house, yes house, so cheaply, even Aunt Juju’s house was much better than this gorilla’s nest. Aunt V in really did look like a shave gorilla with curly hair like my granny, she was just mean and I was scared of her, a lot. The adults parted from us younglings and demanded we all stay togther in the hall way and in the bed room, not that we had much choice because the flat was so small yet seemed to house over 30 people, in sleeping bags, eating and drinking and of course smoking that stuff. Hours flew by I barely spent time with Mikes as he was so consumed in talking to his cousins, our cousins who I did not even know. He did introduce me but I don’t want to know who these people are, they have nothing in common with me apart from maybe the faint stream of blood that runs through us all. I always did say, “Blood is thicker than water but there’s more water on the earth. I rather have water thanks.” I’m playing my Gameboy enjoying the hypnotic tunes of Tetris, almost beating my hi-score. “Have you clocked it yet” some girl asks me, not moving and still focused on making every piece fit to get a six line hit I just respond “You can’t clock it, it goes on forever” and shush her. I don’t know whom I’ve spoken to nor do I care.
Minutes turn into hours and I have just woken up lying on my sister, outside is a crisp blue sky, filled with wispy white clouds. Gosh the smell of smoke won’t leave my nose, but the better smell of bacon, eggs and all the other stuff made for a breakfast come my way, stretching it’s welcoming arms to my nose and now others as they all wake up slowly with dried drool round their mouths and crustys in theirs eyes. I like eating my crustys, their nice and crunchy, well obviously.
After we’ve all eaten and had quick washes, Tanny, her family and mine and myself are rushed of with Aunt V and her twin sons Uncles Roley and Clive to the van. Everyone in the flat says bye and waves from the balcony and the streets; it’s like a leaving party. Yeap it’s true I’m leaving but none of them seem to be hailing at me, why would they. Talk about how to get to Heathrow airport begins.  Long, empty rounds are in front. After a while of driving and falling in and out of sleep, we come to this large white and glassed building, a booming noise bellows over us and we all look up at the same time. A plane has set of to go where it’s going. I’ve only just noticed that Mikes isn’t in the van with us. 
“We’re here.” Uncle Clive states, however I thought that was apparent seeing as my mother and Aunt Claudine have already taken of their seatbelts and got Meadow and Tanny ready to get out of the van.
Inside the building is almost empty, only a few people are here. It’s so white, so clean, so shiny, I bet this is what heaven must look like. Ramona and I follow a path behind everyone else and she rubs my left shoulder briefly as to say “I love you”, the adults stop in silence and Ramona notices an arcade machine. Wow it’s a hologram one,. She puts 20 pence in but neither of us know what we had to do in this game so we walk off.
“Go to Aunt V now, and stay close to her. Don’t be rude and be good on the plane.” My mother tells me, she also gives me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead. She never, ever gives me kisses and hugs, I’m only going for a few weeks I’ll be back. Why the whole ‘Cry-cry, kiss-hug-cry’ drama? I’m not feeling myself, everyone is waving I’m waving but it’s like I’m not even in my body. Their bodies get smaller and smaller as the three of us continue to walk, Aunt V, Tanny and myself. We are going on the airplane  together. White  women in funny looking cone shaped, blue hats welcome us with red lipsticked smiles, show my Aunt the way, onto the plane, then shown to our seats. Aunt V, Tanny and me sat in the middle row of a blinding, lighted plane. Are lights meant to be this bright. Oh my god there’s a big T.V on the plane, headphones, oh and me and Tanny get handed this bags from one of those lipstick women to. I like planes I like them a lot.
“We going, Mac-mac Donalds?” Tanny looks up at Aunt V with the biggest smile on her face. Aunt V nods and says “Yes”.
I pull out my Gameboy and play, as there isn’t really any where I can go now. There’s no kids area, no snooker room, just toilets and chair, toilets and chairs and these lipstick women calling out “Any more teas? Coffee? Coffee? Teas?” 

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