Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Hair isn't always everything, get over it Blkflk!

So since I cut all my curls off and started just recenlty to re grow my hair without any colourings. A lot of people have been commiting on how my hair looks relax and to Black (Jet) to be natural. My fault no... my Mom and fathers fault for having a biracial child, like duh it happens. And a superfical this may sound, it really is annoying being dark skin, biracial and having fucking twats of African, Carribbean decent manily question what chemicals I put in my hair. Shappo and water Hater-homosapiens. Now get your nikes, on your bikes and keep on pedeling to some one else who has the fucking patience to answer your ignorrant fucking questions. The end! till  later on that is. Love ya Homosapiens!!! xx

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