Monday, 21 January 2013

Mighty Morphing Power Marbie

Hello Homosapiens.... I had a lovely start to my weekends, dinner with Harley Quinn on Friday fro her day of Establishment and then dancing the night away on the Saturday getting her on stage at the Black Cap with Miss Loll Lasagne. But all ended so bad, Just metres away from her door step we were attacked by some drug crazed, mentally disturbed dude, (I'd like to call him something else but hey). I told her to run to safety, whilst I became this macho style Marbs, fending him off another one of our friends. He wouldn't back down, I still feel as if it was some sort of movie? Any way Police investigations  are out, apparently this guy has been doing this for weeks now, getting all the more brazen with his antics.
So my shoulder that got busted out it's socket a couple of months ago is busted again, my face is soar and beaten (So glad I'm not of the paler tone), jaw clicking, legs bruised, But guess what your Marbie did not go down, I fought him off and although I slightly battered, I've stood up and claimed my Mighty Morphing Power Marbie Medal. Never thought I'd have to fight for life, usually it's men doing that for me. (I guess watching dudes fight really helps, cause that round house and drop kick I gave him help a girl escape.)

Marbie's dudettes are safe and sound, the collective is stronger.

Now I just need to get back in to normal life and get some damn dewrinkling in.

(PS Thanks for the smile that almost came across my swollen fragile face with the video titled 'What gay boys do during sex' and showing your support, your sweet.)

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