Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What it feels like for a girl

Hello Homosapiens.... So for a while now I've been getting responses from women from all backgrounds, ethnic groups, ages and social backgrounds that I could get my question to. Some spoke to me in person, during meals and at parties, some emailed me, left a message on my phone or facebooked instant messaged me.
I've heard from the dawn of my sexual awareness, men don't like condoms and girls always want them. But then I've came across some girls that seem to think THE MAGICAL PILL is just as effective (No that just stops babies most of the time dudettes, not STIs), I always assumed they were under pressure to have unsafe sex, so I went in to dig a little deeper and feed my hungry mind. Girls, you shocked me. So my first girl, Tracey sent me an email, here it is:

Tracey, 26 year old

Condoms word association:
Gross. Unnatural. Mood killers. Stinky. Sticky. Saggy. Baggy. Delayers. Messy. The negative list is endless.
Basically, it's this. Uve liked this guy for ages. Had a bit of a flirtationship going on and FINALLY he's back at yours. You drink some wine. You giggle. The suspense is killing you. His hand brushes yours and you get those "fuck-me-now!!" fireworks in you belly. He senses it. Your eyes meet. He gives you that look then BAM you're kissing. Its better than you expected. Its sexy, sensual, erotic and you're instantly wet. Hands start wandering. Every touch is like electric. You find his cock and it's HUGE.... you know the rest. The amazing foreplay. The multiple orgasms. The sweat, the screams, the shakes. You want him in you right now and he wants to be in you too. Then he asks "you got a condom?" You rummage around in ur orgasm induced coma... both getting impatient... you find one (YES!)... you place it in his shaking hand... he's taking ages... the moment is slowly dying... you're getting cold and increasingly selfconscious about your naked body... now your not thinking about his huge hard cock, ur thinking of your lumps and bumps that he's had too long to analyse between the HOT-HOT-HOT foreplay... he's finally got it on and you can finally get that good hard fuck u needed do bad.
So he's in you and it's ok... he's got all the right moves, it should be great but the full sensation isn't there. He cums and ur not quite sure cos you can't feel it in you. His cock goes down and flops out of you, leaving the condom in you. So now you have a plastic bag in you, a dribble of cum down your thigh and ur feeling good but not 100% satisfied... then there's that awkward moment when he's gotta remove the saggy johnny from inside you. Least attractive moment ever.
Condoms... although they are potentially life savers, they fucking ruin EVERYTHING!!!!

And I obviously had to put this into video form so check it out!!!! xxxx Stay tuned  to hear more from other dudette readers and contributors, or even tell your own in the comments below.
What are your thoughts on condoms, girls? 

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  1. They are one of those things in life that might not be glamorous but will save your effen life. There are worse things.