Monday, 28 January 2013

28 days later, Dryathlon update

Hello Homosapiens...... So the month has been a cool one, we even had snow here in the UK which me and my Husky baby played with till, well when the arthritis in my hands kicked in. No seriously when it's cold my hand always seem to freeze in what ever position they're in (Good for a guy I'm helping out I suppose, shhh!)

So yeah.... I used the ticket. I'm such a bad person (But it's not like I'm Lance Armstrong, it was a couple of hours not bloody years), it was for a cause though that in my head was a perfect reason to add £15 out of my pocket for. Now I'm thinking maybe just 4 nights month I should have a drink (Yeah I drunk, drank, drink a lot) Or just special times. I mean it hasn't at all been hard and I may just keep on going. On no wait!!! I have a 40th Day Of Establishment party to go to and this is going to be big, on who the person is, (A friend of a friend, who I've become somewhat friendly with, not like that, I'm In a glass chamber waiting for the right one)

If you haven't noticed I been getting familiar with YOUTUBE lately, just something I thought would add a little more Marbazzle to you all. I really need to let you all know when a new word is going to pop your way.

TTFN and I STYS (speak to you soon)

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