Monday, 10 December 2012

Good riddance to my pet allergy

As Christmas sets itself upon us, year in and out families and lovers seem to always want to get some furry animal as a gift to an other. Now I don't have any qualms with that but I do have to say as many have often said "A pet is for life not just for Christmas, Hanukkah, or a Birthday", yet pet shelters see animals coming in every January, February and so on. One of the top causes for this, allergies to the new family member.

Cheatara Monroe
So some years I adopted a kitten (In December) and she was the most beautiful kitten I've ever had, well probably just, maybe the only I've ever had. Anyway I was allergic to her, terribly allergic to tell her. My eyes would swell up and form a weird like-crustacean over both lids sealing them closed, hard and crusty. Not only did she have an affect on my eyes (I suffer from Asthma) my breathing became clouded by her furry love, when she touched me I developed rashes on the site of where ever her nose or cat-claw had got me. My GP said I'd have to get rid of her. So I decided this had to stop. What I did next is not to everyone's taste and if so should be done with extreme health caution.
 I hated the fact that I could not show her the love that she so wanted to share with me and took matters into my own hands. I purchased some antihistamines coming in oral and eye drop form and began the battle with my allergy to my love. I no longer kept my door closed in fear she may suffocate me in my sleep (I sleep deep, so much so I slept through two Hurricanes) and I allowed her to sleep on my bed or under the covers with me. It took time for my theory of 'Over exposure and the immune system will find a way, a loophole for me to win over the allergy' My methods were of course, idiotic and hazardous to my health, if she didn't suffocate me in my sleep, my asthma surely could have. Did I care? No. (The things we do for love) 

Pythonic Fireayra
10 years on my beautiful girl Cheatara Monroe, is alive and kicking (I'd like to say 'And so am I" but that's apparent), I have no problems with her in regards to my allergy, in fact I did get her a lil sister but they hated each other so she had to leave out of safety for the younger Cosmopolitan Monroe. She is the eldest of three, Pythonic Fireayra (My snake) is 3 years and Kiara Wilhelmina Biitch (my Husky) is 7 months going on 8.

Kiara Wilhelmina Biitch
I'm an extreme lover for animals and as stupid as it is, it's them before me, they're my children and I don't intend in putting them in the system.

So remember a pet is for life not a second in time.

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  1. I'm suffering from pet allergies in Fredericksburg but when someone becomes a part of your family you're not just going to get rid of them. Great post, I love your dog!