Wednesday, 12 December 2012

You're human, so they say but inside we're more Animal

Hi Homosapiens.. So couple of months ago I had to get my Husky Kiara spayed, due to the fact that I didn't really want a house full of puppies and nor did I really want her to bleeding all around my house and I was not going to have her wearing sanitary towel and also I don't actually trust any of the locals in the area in which I live  to have vaccinated their dogs. She was becoming of the age where she would've secreted that oh so lovely smell all horny dogs want a bitch to make, thus I had to give her the snip. You see that's how animals operate they give out a scent for the others to know that they're ready to procreate letting all those around them  know that they are ready to fuck. Sometimes animals give off another scent, to ward off other animals as a defence mechanism but the mechanism that I'm talking about is the mechanism of lust, the mechanism that she drives others crazy sexually. (Random thought, the only other  mammal known  other than man to have sex for enjoyment is the Dolphin, I'm sure apes do also as it has been recorded they masturbate in private or in groups, surely that's for sexual reasons I mean why else would they do it?)

Let's talk about pheromones, so I'm assuming that you know what pheromones are if not let me break it down for you, pheromones are a chemical secreted by animals especially in insects and yes  mammals too that influence the behaviour or development of  others of the same species, commonly used to attract the opposite sex however I'm sure it works the other way round also.

There has been huge debate about the existence of human pheromones, whether they work on humans, and how strong they are. I'm going to bat for the team that says pheromones are up on full force, simply for the fact that when one goes out and is feeling quite sexual I find I get a lot of attention and although body language may play a part in my feeling sexual and getting attention, I'm often with my friends laughing and drinking so the body language there is not saying "Come and get me boys" as if I was Nicole Kidman gliding down from centre-stage on a swing in the movie titled 'Moulin Rouge'.
So when one is seeking a partner and they're not wearing any fragrance (because we all know that fragrance/ odour can play a small part in the selection of a concubine or what have you), do they secrete these pheromones? I'm absolutely sure they do, because most chances are when seeking a partner they attract many partners often enough maybe not the partner they want but inevitably they got that attention. I find that when I'm out with my friends after a few drinks I often do feel quite sexual and want some harmless, flirtatious attention, then attention comes, from a greasy looking guy that I wouldn't go for or a girl who has obviously not caught on that I'm gay yet, so you just have to politely say "Sorry not interested"and depending on how I'm feeling and how annoying they're becoming it's a simple, turn my head away and continuing with my night for a proper suitor to come my way.

It is said if a dude and dudette are in a relationship and he is secreting enough pheromones he can have an effect on her menstrual cycle, which would accelerate and increase fertility leading to pregnancy in the likelihood that she is able to conceive. Whilst there is no say how a dudette's pheromones would affect a man, given the reputation of the male species of the homosapien race, it wouldn't matter anyway if they did have any effects, men are so-called more hornier and then females anyway (So not true I know so randy dudettes as I'm sure you do are are one yourself). There has been some studies set out to see if pheromones are sexual orientation based and whilst I can say the gaydar is possibly the best pheromone that domains I'm not too sure it is sexual orientation based, women talking to gay men sometimes assume a man is free, single and most of all not gay, not getting signals from him in the conversation or body language, but his pheromones. So his pheromones obviously are on but are not triggered for her, so I don't believe in the sexual orientational based pheromones, unless of course scientists come up with a reason to say in these circumstances the  human brain is now malfunctioning and scrambling  signals (Which is why we get fag hags).

So are we more alike and more in tune with our animal counterparts? Yes, we can sniff out the perfect partner (or partner for now) by sniffing out the genetics which we do obviously without knowing, just like the heart beating we are unaware what we are doing and when.  In my line of work when I don't know when an item of clothing belongs to someone i.e a child I sniff it, they all have they're own smells, not pheromones but (little piece) proof that we are closer animals than you'd think.

Apparently Dolphins enjoy threesomes also

Pheromone parties fancy that.

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