Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sims Cakery (Have your cake and eat it too)

Hello Homosapiens..... I want to share with you a Marblicously Tasty little secert I have just come across,
Sims Cakery.
Now I love to have cake and eat it too, but the cakes that this growing comany are producing are flying off of the Marbie radar. Two weeks ago I ordered 30 novelty adult cup cakes, the theme "Cock n Ass".
Ms Simone Hollis has sheer talent, on arrival of picking up my order, the sweet smell of orange cream and chocolate was oh so welcomed to invade my senses through the air. The detail on these cupcakes were amazing (I didn't even want to eat them later on that evening). I ordered Chocolate and chocolate sponge cupcakes with orange butter cream with chocolate flavoured cocks and bums (The cocks came in many different variations as did the thongs on the cute little buttocks.)

One of the guests at the party I took them too said
"They were moist, chocolatley and fluffy, I only wished that the cocks could have squirted on biting them."
A bit on the graphic side, but you know me I welcome detail.
Very exquisite and I will me a returning customer now that she has planned to not only do cakes for functions and parties, but if I ever want some cakes to blow my socks off when at home chilling with Juggernaut then to her my orders will be made. No more Tesco or Waitrose for me just Sims Cakery, which I give 10/10.
This is why I love networking via various social networking sites, you find sparkling diamonds amongst rocks. Sims cakery, if you want a cake thats going to taste fanastic and will melt in your mouth, unlike those dry cakes you get buy in supermarkets, get your orders in to Ms Simone Hollis at Sims Cakery.

A few examples, more on Sims cakery via Facebook

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