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Top 7 Things to do and have when the winter chill sets upon us

Hello Homosapiens, Winter seems to be here almost in the UK, however the weather is all over the place with October and November seeing warm phases... Bi-Marbie-zar! So I have complied a list of my top 7 things I like to see and do in the colder months. Now I'm one of those Omega that will and does walk around in T-shirts and jeans as I will often more time than non, suffer for fashion, you don't have to.

At Number 7:
Bath and shower time

A lot of homosapiens I have spoke to talk about how they love hot baths and loads of bubbles. No sapiens, don't treat your skin so bad. Warm baths are the best thing for your skin as the winter chills, give you skin that harsh slap on the cheek. And not because your all covered up, does this mean this rule does not apply to you. Warm baths and showers with baby oil or essential oils mixed into your routine are fantastic and trust me your skin will love you for not allowing it to get grossly chapped (And I've seen bad chapped feet, especially those dudettes wearing their fuck-me-pumps in night clubs forgetting this one rule)

Do you really want you skin looking like this? Really?

At Number 6:
Moisturise you largest and smallest organs

Just because summer is over does not give you the right to slack off on your body (You work so hard for) and wreak it like the Titanic and then pass of the excuse "I'm just so tired and Christmas is coming. I'll start again in the new year." Your body need moisture no matter what, you did know that your body is 61.8 percent made up of water, so replenish it. Drink as much fluids as you can, WATER included. Don't go and buy those pricey moisturises for you outer body, high street brands do and I mean do work just as well. No one has said I look bad yet (Nor will they dare). Try and get moisturisers with a little SPF in it (I love my SPF) yes there is no obvious sun, but your skin still needs protection from the UVA and UVB rays, plus SPF helps the skin to stay looking younger (My current age is 16 and trust me I'm far gone from there) or add some of your left over Suncream to your daily moisturiser, that will do the trick.

At Number 5:
Add a little more moisture to your air.

Dry air can damage the home, your pets and yes you and your family (My Hubs, Cheatara and Pythonic in my case). If you have central heating the best thing and cheapest thing you can do is place small bowls the size of those bowl thingy-ma-gigs, Ramekins!!! That's what they're called (I'm so blonde at time) , so place these underneath your heater and this will add moisture to you air. If you want to go the more 'Don't want my cat drinking the water' route get warm mist humidifier, they're are great. Not only do they cleanse the air (No bacteria, keeping the lurgies away) they are great for Asthma suffers.

At Number 4:
Vitamins, Minerals, Vitamins 

Stock up on Fruits and vegetables, preferably the seasons best as this cuts cost having to ship from all over the world. Local shops mostly get their produce from within the area or just a few mile off, better to know where you stuff is coming from right. Some Superstore Tes(No-co names) ship produce from all over the world and will oftenly to you telling you your Angus beef is from Scotland when really it was raised and killed in Portugal. Get fisherman's friend for when you have the sniffles, cod liver oil (Not my fav but has to be done) Multi Vitamins to. (Note cold weather does not make you sick, what makes you sick is the un-hygienic homosapiens that don't catch it, bin it, kill it, the virus that is). And although there is no cure for the common cold, you can still try and fight it off my keeping your immune system up to scratch. (A cure to the common cold would also possibly mean a cure for Aids, come scientist!!!)

At Number 3
Don't get Comfortable

"Faye to do you want some Rumpy-pumpy?"
So many times from friends, they say they are in a new realtionship (Don't make me laugh). In my opinion this is how realtionships and seasons work. Summer: The lovers season: Is the time a lot of homosapiens are looking for that someone to have 'Rumby-pumpy' with, in the words of Aaron Allard-Morgan (Big Brother UK 2011) (What a tosser, excuse my Charbieness). Winter: The cuddles season: The time you settle down in theose colder months with that one person you found (Some who have found one out of many). This is where you may let loose. Just because they've seen you chocha on many occasions or played the drum with your stick, that doesn't mean, all that hard work of waxing and shaving should be undone. Fuck i don't want to be seeing no George of the Jungle tangled weeds down there on me, so I expect MY significant other to me trimmed too. Where am I going with this, I'm getting there.
Spring: The break-up season: A lot of so called couples break up just after Valetines (Ironic huh) and then the deadly meat feast cycle begins again, where every one begins to hunt for their next summer wet and wild partner. So don't get comfortable keep it stoom, keep it trimed, keep the body, your temple they way it looked in Summer and you keep that one person. That is of course you want to keep them (Beware the rumors....)

At Number 2
Home Check

Pretty self explanatory, check your furnaces, pipes (No cracks), draft proof you windows and doors if you not so fortunate in having double/triple glazing. Make sure your smoke and Carbon-monoxide dectors are work properly, if not you can always go to you local DIY shop and buy a few or even go to your local Fire station. (Carbon-monoxide is a silent, scentless killer so please look after your homes and selves.

At Number 2.5
Fake tan (my personal fav)
Keeps darker skinned homosapiens look more even skin toned and lighter well tanned.

At Number 1
Don't dress like me

Wrap up warm, but not overly, you can still dehydrate yourself even in winter and if you don't follow tip number six (Drinking plenty of water) Buy a pair of snow boots as you never know what will happen, global warming is now showing us what Scientist said it would. Gloves, scarfs and hats. And Most of all keep having fun, a lot of movies, threate shows and events happen (Cultural and non-cultural) Just because it's winter Life doesn't not stop till summer, you're a homosapiens not a hibernating mammel, but i guess if you want to be then so be it.

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