Sunday, 19 December 2010

Unintentional writings from Marbie

Hello Homosapiens, It's Marbie (Rogue) again
So just thought let loose , and ramble and see what comes up. Like the liking of the sounds of words and not hearing what they mean but the tune they make as they tremble through your throat and pass your tonsils landing on your tongue to be ejected from you mouth.
I ramble and you do too, sense is not any sense unless sense can make sense to you, is this not true?
In most cases Marbie, that is me must seem out of the loop and not at all serious about anything. Well everything shouldn't be. 

Just thought, how pissed I am that i had started a piece a few days ago, just for my two hours of work not to be backed up and now is lost for all eternity. It was a good piece and although is was an unintentional writing it had so much intention.

The only Cute black Santa I could find.
Santa Claus, Father Christmas(yes the time is upon us now). But children really do say the funniest things. I guess it's official like everything else White skin is concurring once again. i say this just because, some children I know went to see Father Christmas and he was Black. HUH! Shock horror he was Black. they were so scared to walk towards him and some didn't even enter the little grotto (Hate that word it sounds so glum). They all left saying "I want to see the other Father Christmas, the white one." So Ok I guess if it were me and I saw some obese black guy all dressed in (Original colours, Green and Brown with some red) a Red suit with white trimmings coming down my chimney I would beat the crap out of him if I could, call the police and ask myself, "Who let this fucking nigga, out of Homerton hospital and allow him to climb and scale buildings?" I see how it can be a bit racist but when an image has been force fed into ones head, from birth, it's hard to fault the individual (I find it so fucking racist that the only pictures you see of Black Santa, are very scary to look at or are smoking pot or look as if they are going to kill you. Google needs to fix up as does the world). Jesus, some beg to say he was  (Pale) white, tall, handsome and shoulder length ed brown wavy hair.... Now In Africa or in the warmer countries, others fail to believe that he could be pale white and would have to have some colour, at least an olive tone if not Black. Yet again this shows that White skin has ruled over.
Who is the most powerful person in the world? My suggestion is for you to start looking at children books and toys. (I don't want to intentionally go here but I have Unintentionally got here so i will continue) The White Male is the most powerful person that we see and think of in the world. Fact is (Fact from where I come from and where you too may come from) all we see from birth till the time parents and children are able to seek out their own truths (ramble ramble) We see Bob the Builder (White), He-man (White) Dallas (White people) Disney at the beginning (White) UK television as this is where I am situated (White). The only Ethnic Group that dominates is the one that lives in the home your in. No where else.
Ethnic group? I love the way that there is White and then other Ethnic groups... Ethnic as a word to describe people who are not at all Caucasian (DUH!!! and more Ramble)
Boring now. (I may be wrong in saying what I say, but go into an area full of DIFFERING races, they will probably say it means the same thing too. Although me Know it means a group of people including Caucasians not excluding them.)

The snow in London is thick like the first time a boy ejaculates for the first time in his teenage years (sorry i had to put it like that but it's true and its there)
It has ruined all of my plans as yet but it has made me think, i should invest in clothes that cover they lengths of my arms and are at least more than 2mm thick. Well i like looking out of my window at times like this. They/it, reminds me of going to my Grand parent's home, North of London and having the best Christmas holidays ever. As time went on and they passed on Christmas became for me and not just me but for the world, a Big shopping spree of who will get the most grand gifts and the mosh lavish foods. I pray for the Christmas where it's simply family and good spirits again. This being a Christian country (not over run) over run with so many different religions now. Christmas is no longer that Religious time in my eyes as every, Hindu, Muslim, Pagen (That's me), Wiccan (Me again) non-believers celebrate the time. Doesn't seem very religious to me (unintentional writings can have so many intentions it's sick).
Snow layers under my window, seeing starving foxes, rummage through the bins. I want to feed them but Gods forbid they (yes Gods not god), That they attack another set of twins resting in their cots in a well populated area full of criminals and mentally unstable escapees from local hospitals, whilst having the back garden door wide open with BBQ cooling in the kitchen saying "Come and have a Buffet, why don't you? we invite the lovely world in." (Am I cynical? nah not me. I Marbie.)


I love my Pythonic Fireayra (Py-thon-ick Fi-air-ra) 

 She is too cute.

And then there is my beautiful pussy, Cheatara that friends and family mistake for a kitten and shes like 7 human years old. (Unfortunately due to my fucking APPLE MAC being beaten by the crashing monster, I now have lost her photographs and looking on my external drive is just too long to do)

How Free is speech these days amongst friends? I Got told a few hours ago that I offend people with some of the things I have opinions on. Well... If that is not a shock to me.
I understand that my unintentional rant about black vs white Santa may piss some people off (BECAUSE SANTA IS DEFIANTLY WHITE EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN'T EXISTS)(So they say) and me talking and enquiring about different religions but I'm not physically hurting any one. Mental maybe I am. But the way I see it, if your weak and pathetic enough to my scorned and burnt by my words then you really need to find another Biracial Marbie to fucking chat to. I'm not here to please any one in life but myself. Yes i have Family and Friends but my aim in life for them is to tell them the truth from my point of view not sugar coat my words with sprinkles and shit so they feel better about themselves.... Nah that's not me. Straight up I' ll tell you the truth when I see fit to, or I won't say anything at all. It's like saying "Nigga" (No it's not another rant of race but a point I'm going to make) If your not brave enough, honest enough, know where your coming from or just can't say the word in general like "Why do Black people say nigga?" opposed to "Why do black people use the N-word?" then maybe you shouldn't say it in your homes or in private, whispering conversations. I love when people say what they think. I have a friend who is not coloured in any sense (Did I just use the C word?) yet when we talk, he freely uses the word nigga and not as a derogatory way, but uses it as part of his vocabulary here and there like the words, CUNT and FUCK. Expression of words is what the human race does, so don't try and hold me back in the primordial soup of keep my mouth shut because you got offended Fuck that shit and fuck you.

This has become so intentional it's unintentionally becoming more focused. So as I've said in the past I want Christmas to come and go as quick as a middle aged premature ejaculater (I see a trend going on here, but seriously now as the time is closing on us like a claustrophobic in a unstable store room for Trainers in a run down JD sports, I really want Christmas to take hold of me and ride me as long as it could just like my husband does. This Christmas Came hard and at the moment my tree has only just got one fifth of the presents it needs to have under it. I have barely done all my shopping and still need to get like 5 people those special, jokey and sentimental gifts. DAMN!(Ramble ramble and I'm so warm in my dressing gown and socks)
Two large Cheddar cheeses
Two cups of plain flour
Finely chopped Onion
3 tablespoons of Black pepper
1 table spoon of chili powder
700g of dry macaroni
Some salt for taste
Sure I can do better than this. But it still looks nice as a Sunday dinner.

And the rest is simple. Can't wait to make my Macaroni Cheese for Christmas, ooh the fried chicken and Turkey, Lobster and Salmon with cranberry dressing. sage and onion stuffing, chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, pumpkin pie, truffles, mince pies, vodka, rum, Stella. Damn i can go on but from Friday the 24th December I'm gonna be eating stakes full till the last party of the year.

Until next time Homosapiens, Rogue Marbie Scott will have a good one (Can't belive I'm such a  cunting flake, I'm doing Christmas this year) And hope you have a great one too.


(PS not all the black Santa's are scary, they have just been duplicated.)

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