Sunday, 12 September 2010

In the coming (Count down)

So glad now that I have no massive celebrations for a while now, meaning yeap you got it christams is coming.
So for a minute in the UK alone what has Christmas become in the last 20 years. A sham, a reason to gain riches from the poor and the rich to become even more richer. Economical exploits!
I'm not to sure why I still celebrate this fad of a celebration, but I know it's not how it used to be, for me in this subject.

I remember going to my garnd Parents up in the Country with my Mom, sister and younger brother. Up until they passed on and went where? Heaven apparently.
My partener love christmas and although we have no children of our own yet, he still insists on having a fucking plastic tree in a corner of the room, with presents and sweets hanging and laying under it. fairy lights are a fucking hazzard and trees in homes just look stupid. i remember i did have one AntiChristmas, the year of the Tsunami (2008). I proudly hung my plastic tree from my cealing light outlet and thought to myself "Christmas is ghoing to be ruined for a alot of people this year. It sure has been ruined for me many years pasted."

An example, mine had no deco.
I just felt that year, well I was so low that I wasn't working and friends I thought were friends had betrayed my trust. I was in a way feeling sorry for my self. However i had just recently moved into a new apartment which was lush (Before a lodger wrecked it, having me move to the lovely area of where i'm at now). So Chritmas this yeatr will not be filled with, Nintendo Wiis and Turkey with all the trimmings or even those stupid lil decoration familites love to hang up.

Why is Christmas in such a diversely cultural Country still the number one celebration any way. What happened to Eid, Hanukkah, Diwalli, Chienese New Year and all the rest in which i can't name right now or know of, my bad. Yes it's a christian country or what it used to be. But in this day and age we shout out loud diversity yet don't celebrate equality. I'm no matyr for the world and the people and for hell as sure I ain't putting my life on the line for anyone, like that supposedly caucasian man whom rose from the ashes and walked on water. My life is mine to live for not to die for those who want more.  And to fight still on the diversity front, equal opportunities is a "Big Must" in the UK yet, you barely see any equality going n any where. In the last 20 years I have seen less and less, Black, White and Orientals run corner shops, all the fastfood joints, seem to be all run my Asian folk who give false hope to the Muslims only eating Halal meats (because every good Muslim know that meat has to be HMC approved (Halal monitoring commitee) or Killed and blessed freshly, not killed already, bought from tesco then blessed thats stupid and defeats the purpose.
Supermarkets are full of ethnic (Majority lets get that straight). Enough of this race shit it's doingmy fucking head in and what i really probably need right now is to get laid, and get laid good.

So back on the topic of me having a personal and worldy count down. I can't wait for for Christmas to come and "BE GONE" for another year. so Glad it's once a year and not more than once like EID it would do my head in. (Happy Eid to all my lovley Muslim friends and family I love you all)

What is to come? I've heard that BIG BROTHER may be making a comeback, not so much of a comeback cause it's not been gone for years but.... it's said to have been picked up by channel 5 (UK). I want to audtion if the rumors around the net are true.
Big Brother could be watching me.

I so want to buy a Chaise before the end of October as well. I was going to make the purchase this month, however I over spent on things that only needs apply to the gay over 18s society, shoes and make up. I have no hair now so I have to replace the spending money on it on something else.

Playstation move for me or not to move me?
For months on end since the dawn of this year I have been speculating like the rest of the gaming world, as such weather or not I intend on getting the new revolutionary Wii inspired, Playstation move for the Playstation3 and Kinetic for the Xbox 360. yes I love to play console hardcore and softcore games in the land of my Rogueish-camped out-fabulis world.
Xbox 360's Kinetic

Playstation 3's Playstation move controller
Do I drain my pockets on the Kinetic that could buy me a weeks worth of grocerys or to I take the cheap path and get the Move which will probably need some updating in the future like the Wii controller did when Nintendo brought out the Wii plus remote due to unreliable sensor pick-up?
My Partner sees me getting the both. And as I'm a spoilt bitch I take it I will be getting both. but not before.... Did you hear the Eastenders duffduffs? CHRISTMAS. He's mean like that. Why not get it myself? Well i like to save my money for my looks and food to restore my looks. Plenty of Omega 3, barrels of Booze and daily fags (the ones you light with a flame and inhale and exhale smoke) keeps wrinkles away as well as the chubby monkey. By no means am I saying this will work for you, I have a genetic make-up that protects me and a regime that I follw. Okay so I'll get both and will inform you soon.